Cancer confusion persists-Birdiebee help

  • So if you remember last was that I met this guy, Cancer, texts me all the time but never actually says anything. We made out, it was great, soft and sweet...and finally we did the deed. I told him that I did like him, and he grabbed me and kissed me harder....but never said anything....hmmm. Then after a couple of times of getting together, I asked him whether he was seeing anyone, he says no, and whether he wants to be exclusive, he says, 'Sure'. Again no expression of emotion, NADA. Then one day in bed I tell him the things I lijke about him, but that i wish he would be more expressive about how he is feeling....he is quiet for a while then says, 'He is a man of few words' I once asked why he likes me, he says my freckles are cute and he likes my accent.......I practically beat this out of him. So last week I wrote him off (u didnt tell him about it). I was teasing him in text and said he was moody, about an hour later he writes back "Guess its good thing you left me"....2 min later "Uh. ignore last text" ... so now Im feeling like I know nothing about him, NOTHING. Except for the sweet little things he does. But is he using me to get over someone? Or does he really care and is just THAT shy? i think i know the asnwer I just need someone to snap me out of this. It'll be 2 months with this guy...I dont want to waste a year wondering about it.

  • Shy, yes, but also he's probably still 'feeling' you out and being watchful. Cancers will do that until it just 'clicks' then a Cancer can let loose and show you their true insides, plus a big heart. It sounds like he has a crush on you already, but a crush is just the beginning to a Cancer, he needs to be sure you're safe and beautiful on the inside, too. And patient. A Cancer believes if a partner is right for them, then time isn't an issue and patience is natural. I think this isn't gender specific, it can go for either male or female, I'm pretty sure.

  • I just realized you'd specifically asked Birdiebee. My apologies for jumping in here, hope it's .ok., had I noticed I would have patiently waited before commenting until it became a discussion inviting us Cancer types to chime in too. lol.

  • Thank you for responding. It is pretty much to anyone, but birdiebee once responded to me with the same issue.

    you were very helpful too!!! I rarely see him for exactly the reason that he may be shy, I dont want to rush him or scare him off. I once told him that I missed him, he couldnt or didnt even say I miss you too. I dont know, he is just so confusing, but I like him so much. I asked whether he wanted to see a movie tonight, of course he is always up for it. I guess just enjoy the company so far? thanks again!

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