Cancer man/Scorpio woman - typical???

  • OK, so I'm sure you all have seen this situation so many times. I just need some kind of clarification. It's a long story for such a short period of time, so please be patient.

    I'm a scorpio female and my male suitor is a cancer. He lives "nearby" to me and he would keep looking at me at the pool. About 3 weeks ago, I saw we had a mutual friend of Facebook so I sent him a funny little message on FB saying "Hey, you look familiar". Well he immediately replied and requested me as a friend. So that weekend I saw him at a local bar and we hit it off immediately. He's been separated for a year and divorce isn't final because of scheduling issues. Anywho, well, we went back to his place (his suggestion) for a drink or two. Well, we kissed and it was fantastic. He's a really "deep" person like me (Scorpio hahaha). He admitted that he looked at me at the pool for "validation" that I was interested. So the next day at the pool, I went over to him and we talked but I could tell he was "distant" so I went back inside but he invited me over that evening to watch a movie. So I did but he was really "distant". So after that I didn't really hear from him for a few days. Then the next Saturday, he was at the pool and struck up a convo with me and even introduced me to his kids (they are teens). We all hit it off well. He asked if I would like some company that evening. I agreed. So he came over and we hung out. He started asking me what I was looking for and I told him that I was just looking to see where things go. He said basically the same but that he wasn't looking for a relationship or dating because he wasn't "ready". I was cool with that. He even admitted he was afraid of getting hurt. So the next day at the pool, he didn't even come speak to me. I went and spoke to him but friendly. I had invited him to go some friends of mine this past Sat night for a cookout and he was all for it. So Friday night, I stopped by his condo to say hey (he told me the first night we met that I could stop in anytime). We had a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG talk about us and general stuff. Long story short, he says he doesn't want to hurt me because he doesn't want to feel my pain. He even asked me how I would feel if when I had come over if he was on a date with someone else. I was like ????...I just told him I would be disappointed because he hasn't even taken me on a date. He understood that. Then I asked him how he would feel if I said that I couldn't take the confusing mixed signals anymore and walked out and never come back...he said that he would be extremely hurt but would respect that. He also told me that he goes into his "shell" and it has nothing to do with me and nothing to do with his interest level in me because he is really interested in me. So Sat rolls around, we go to the cookout and we had a great time. Except for the fact that he was talking to this girl that he had only known for 5 min and she was talking to all of us and he was very "open" with her, more than he had been with me in 3 weeks! I was dumfounded. But yet he would still grab my hand and kiss me occassionally. I even asked him how he would feel if I dated another man and he said he would be extremely jealous but wouldn't have the right to say anything.

    Ok, there's much more detail to this story than I'm putting but I just hit the "highlights". So here's the jist of it...

    1. ALL THE MIXED SIGNALS!!! He says he doesn't want a relationship or dating BUT 50% of his actions match with his words and the other 50% don't match.

    2. He's made it clear to me on several occassions that he's a member of a dating site to get "validation". Am I not validation enough????

    3. I am typical Scorpio and take some of his "shellness" to blame. Because when he does come out of his shell, I go right into deep discussions. I don't do it intenionally or disrespectfully but I am a Scorpio. HAHAHA

    So what's the advise?? Ask any questions that you must to get clarification. Thanks

  • Hi Scorpiosc i read what you wrote and i feel very sorry for us im scorpio too i love acancer man too but he keeps giving me mixed signals like you said but i didnt tell him (i love you) some times i feel he is interested and other time i feel he dont want even talk to me ......ooh god help us to deal with them my birthday 19 november1983 and his 14 july 1983 ...... what about your birthday and your cancer man ..... i hope for you and me luck with our cancer men......

  • Hi Koky, is it draining or what??? I try to remain calm and clear about it. Like I said, he's told me not to take his "needing space and quietness" as an indicator as he's not interested BUT how can I not?! LOL It's only been about 2 weeks and we've only hung out 5 times, of which I initiated 3 of those times to hang out. I haven't chased him at all. I don't have any intentions on contacting him this week at all. I'm going to pursue other options and see where it goes. I'm sure once he sees pics posted on FB of me, my friends and other guys out, he will become infuriated. Trust me, I'm not doing it to make him jealous. I'm just not going to keep myself so readily available to him. My birthday is November 13, 1972 and his is June 28, 1970. I feel sometimes like I'm in the middle of doing the line dance, the cupid shuffle. One step forward, two steps back, one step to the right, one step to the left. GOOD GRIEF!! LOL

  • Hi ScorpiSc i think this is very good idea try it and tell me the news up to date ...........and this for you......

    Scorpio + Cancer

    Water + Water = Deluge

    When people are born under the same element, they generally feel comfortable with and attracted to each other. You and Cancer fall into this category, as both of you are water signs. Astrologically, Cancer is one of your best matches by far.

    You are both sensitive, emotional and caring, but Cancer’s way of expressing love is very different from yours. Your love is demanding, and asks a lot more in return than Cancer can give.

    Cancer will feel they’re showering you with love and kisses, but somehow it’s never enough. You have to make them feel precious if you want the relationship to work.

    Cancer will handle your possessiveness better than most signs, because they are a pretty adaptable member of the zodiac, but you’ll have to learn to curb your desire to dominate sensitive Cancer with your unrealistic demands, both practical and emotional. You do tend to use that power of yours to gain your own ends.

    Although Scorpio and Cancer are well suited elementally, there are differences sexually. You are driven by the purely sensual and sexual aspects of a relationship. You need a lot more passion than Cancer. Cancer needs love and bonding before they can express unbridled passion.

    Cancer will find you a sort of ‘cause’ they can dedicate themselves to emotionally. Although your strength is off-putting to some signs, Cancer tends to be able to connect directly with your soul. This can unnerve you, but at the same time endear them to you. You’ll have a long and loving relationship with them if you open up your heart.

    Cancers born between 22 June and 3 July are highly sensitive but a little weak, in your opinion. Even so, they will be able to bring out the emotional side of your character. Both of you will finally realise that you have a destiny together in some sort of humanitarian work. You could work to help other people or simply to solve your own families’ crises.

    Cancers born between 4 July and 13 July also have a strong attraction for you — and to you. They will easily satisfy your complex needs. Both of you will be immediately drawn to each other, and your magnetic and sexual compatibility will be evident from the start.

    You can expect lots of fun times with Cancers born between 14 July and 22 July. This group is strongly ruled by the Moon, and a relationship with them is a pretty good bet, especially if you consider yourself a party animal. You can kick up your heels and let down your guard with them.

  • Chinese compatibility :

    Male Dog with Female Rat

    Both the male Dog and the female Rat share a deep desire for privacy, and will respect this urge when it manifests in their mate. They make an excellent couple precisely because they don't smother each other with displays of affection. They know that they get along fine, and that is enough for their prosaic appreciation of romance.

    The male Dog will find the female Rat a fount of useful advice that will help him overcome his material problems and allays his fears regarding the future, while she in turn has in him a grand well-wisher and her own private applause meter. These two Signs work well to bolster each other's confidence, and the relationship should proceed smoothly.

    good luck

  • Ok, to catch you up with the last 48 hours of information. Yesterday, he posted several times on my fb, which he's NEVER done before!!! Plus, he stopped in front of my complex building while i was on the balcony, we live in the same complex, and rolled down his window to wave at me and spoke to me for a few min. He's never done EITHER of these things. Again, his words of not wanting a relationship, dating, etc., just don't seem to match up completely with his actions.

  • WoooooW, this is very good i think he felt that he will lose you so he trying to surround you thats very good im very happy for you keep going ........ about me my cancer man his birthday is today i will go to say happy birthday and give him a chocolate pray for me to make him say lovely words .......wish to me luck

  • Awww, Happy Birthday to him!!!!! What you need to do is, and I hope you get this before you go, go to his door, give him the chocolate (or something you made from scratch!), tell him Happy BIrthday and hope he has a good evening, then leave! LOL!!!

    Yea, he was even posting yesterday on FB too!! Even sent me a private message on there hoping that I was having a good week and basically detailed everything that I had posted on FB! LOL I wish I could text him but he turns his cell phone off at work (Don't ask, I have no idea! but has hinted around about calling him at work or emailing him at work but I want him to come for me not the other way around). I'm just kind of confused right now because I want to see him but I don't want to continue being the one who initiates the time we spend together.

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