Plane Terror Attack

  • I recently had a weird series of events that I wondered if anyone could help me make sense of, It started with my beautiful girlfriend missing me and seeing a version of me as if i was actually there speaking to her and she concluded it was something called a 'doppelganger'.

    The next event was my ex girlfriend ringing me up and telling me that something bad was going to happen soon and she was being badly affected by it, I then while having a shower felt bad and my body filled with adrenaline and a sudden specific thought of being on a plane involving terrorists. After that i checked on my girlfriend and told her vaguely about it (that i was feeling bad and i had a bad thought about terrorists on my plane) who began to explain a dream of something occurring bad to me what was the exact same thing that I thought when I had my bad feelings.

    Basically I'm heading to America on a plane again soon (few weeks maybe), most likely to PHL airport. The dream went with this but it involved several terrorists with small knives starting to take over the plane and that I attempted to defend the plane with trying to disarm one of the terrorists initially but eventually the plane was blown up or something along that. My girlfriend went into detail about the stewardess serving drinks, her being knocked over and such and it has just been a bad feeling all around for us for no logical reasoning to me.

    Could anyone help make sense of this with me?

  • Have all your bad dreams always come true? I don't pick up a near future event. I know that at this time of year there is a global conciesness that holds the menory of the 9-11 attack. It is a strong vibration that can be picked up. Have you had anxieties in the past that just passed and were nothing but a fearful thought? Are your intuitions usually right on? Did your x girlfriend have the dream first? Or did you? Have you ever had fears of flying before? If indeed you are getting a warning and it is not your time I think something more concrete will interfere. I'm very psychic and do not hear a warning screaming out as I read your post but understand how afraid you must be so I have asked the questions to see if something more is happening that is hidden. Was your x emotional in the past--attracted to drama? Fearful? Or was she more calm and usually right about things? If you had the dream first--describe that dream including the feelings so I can connect better with that message without the interfearence of picking up two others.

  • My girlfriend has always had her vivid dreams come true as she tells me, she has always been very spiritual because she is highly religious where as I am quite the opposite.

    My ex girlfriend had very bad feelings along with shakes as she told me, we also have two children together so that is why she contacted me and shortly after that for no reason I felt so bad mentally and filled with adrenalin what doesn't usually occur from being told such things. My thoughts immediately went to a plane terrorist attack and i reenacted it in my mind without thinking and later my girlfriend recalled in every manner I thought about the event without me saying a single word to her.

    Only my girlfriend had the dream, me and my ex were overcome with bad feelings, mentally and physically which my ex said that she kept feeling like she was going to cry and it was the same type of feeling as other bad things have happened in the past without her knowing. My ex has a family of people who have such things occurring on regular occurrences, usually to do with family pregnancies and deaths as I am told.

    The ex girlfriend has always had strange feelings surrounding me and seemed to know when something was wrong concerning me and my current girlfriend has a strange connection with me where we seem to think the same on to many occasions, type the same, talk the same, feel the same in such consistency that it gives me such a strange feeling.

    I've never once had a fear of flying or of such events occurring because of my occupation and I have no doubt that I will in a few weeks board that plane and arrive safely at Philadelphia airport

    Unfortunately I did not keep the log from when my girlfriend mentioned the dream to show you but she had occasions that it was hard to recall then i asked her to continue and she would get more out but she seemed distressed from her usual attitude which was visible, she even asked me to travel by boat 😛 she ended it with talking about there was just nothing at the end, no explosion but that is what I thought, it just ended with nothing, darkness, the end.

    Thank you for the assistance in this, I really appreciate your help.

  • E***** *****: I already know how my feelings are...I'm terrified

    E***** *****: I'm scared

    E***** *****: I feel warned

    E***** *****: But deeper than a nightmare

    Ian Kett: I'm not scared one bit

    E***** *****: Something that chills through my bones

    E***** *****: Because it's happened before

  • E***** *****: I was trying to tell you

    Ian Kett: What?

    E***** *****: When I was younger

    E***** *****: And my friend from church was going to be going on a missions trip

    E***** *****: I didn't ever talk to her much

    E***** *****: But I had a bad dream not as detailed but the feelings were the same

    E***** *****: And i told her about it

    Ian Kett: What happened

    E***** *****: But she went anyway

    E***** *****: And ended up falling off a jetty

    E***** *****: And almost died

    E***** *****: She was badly wounded and casted up

    E***** *****: And got stuck in the water kept pushing her back into it

  • Few transcripts of our conversation we just had.

  • E***** *****: And another time I was at an amusement park with my friends from church and we were going to go on this one ride but i suddenly was overcome with a bad feeling and told them I thought we should go on a different one

    E***** *****: And that one ended up getting stuck mid-ride

    E***** *****: No one died

    E***** *****: But it was still weird

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