Any horse lovers out there?

  • i would like to talk to anyone out there who would love to talk about horses. would love to meet you.

  • ME ME ME ME!!! I absolutely ADORE horses...=] lol sorry. I would love to talk about horses with you.


  • hello aquarianbeauty, glad to find someone who shares my love for horses, i have two ,one two yr old filly, and a six yr old tenn, walker mare, my two yr one is a palamineo. do you have any? i will send pics of them, i got them last summer, they were rescue horses, my name is donna whats yours?

  • I'm a horse lover as well.I have two horses , one quarter horse ( 14 years old) one half Arab ( 5 years old ).Love them both dearly ! The half Arab is a rescue that I've had for 3 years now and she is my baby.

  • I don't have any horses. -cries- I was promised a horse, but never got it. You guys are so lucky to have and own horses. =[ My name Is Elizabeth, or Liz for short. You should see my bedroom. lol. It is completely filled with horse stuff! You guys are luckier than me though. I would say.

  • It's great that you love horses, they are wonderful, spiritual creatures, and a lot of work ! lol. If you want to be around horses Liz, would it be possible to visit a farm or stable near you ?

  • It's possible, but I dont have money to do that. and when I am told that I am gonna go to a stable. It doesn't happen.

  • i was 3 when i got my first pony----a shetland that was born out of season on my bd--11/13--susie and i were always together until my stupid parents(my opinon at the time) moved us from kansas to (EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK) colo---then when i turned 13 on fri the 13th and got my first full sized horse (17 hands of palamino jumper) i was in heaven

    my fav horse tho was half irish hunter and half arab---black stallion at 18 hands

    i loved belladonna and havent had a horse since he got sick and had to be gently eased in the long goodnight---yes i still cry for him

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  • Wow, guess I am getting old! It took me several minutes to figure out how to use this site! I am 56, F, and trained horses for years. I had a daughter late in life, she was born handicapped, but not severely. She had surgery for her rocker bottom feet, they are not sure they can help with the curved fingers. But none of it is freaky. She is a warmhearted loving nine year old. We moved from the country to the city. Takes some getting used to. For all you horse lovers lucky enough to have your own horse, they take lots of TLC, be proud of your animal! For those of you that I read don't have one, I find they love them just as deeply. I bred and raised half arabs. I have many pictures I can share, provided I can figure out how to send them. I have such funny stories of the animals!! HOrses are a luxury few can afford. I can afford it. But chose not to. My immediate devotion is to my daughter-who finds my horse-real live stories amazingly funny. Don't hesitate to reach me via at Sunglow2U or through this forum. (I had to look up to realize what this is called!) Let me say in advance how happy I am to meet any of you! And I look forward to it. Maybe you need training advice....or want to share a story? Lets talk. ~Sun~

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  • Hello Carolyn,

    I love the saying about nothing softer than a horses nose .... I would go to your nearest tack store or feed store and ask the people there , they may have a bulletin board with ads.I live on the west coast of Canada, nowhere near you , but that's where I would start.Working with horses for over 30 years you have lots of experience..time to get back in the saddle girl !

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