Offering readings from a newbie

  • tonib3741, here is your reading:

    you asked for a general reading

    Current - Queen of Swords

    Advice - 6 of Wands reversed

    Outcome - 10 of Swords

    you have great insight. but this knowlege comes with a high price. information is a double edged sword. there is a saying that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." dont be tempted to abuse your situation. if you do, it will lead to ruin.

    I welcome your feedback.



  • If u like will i help remind poeple on ur limited list ?

  • italiangirl, here is your reading

    you asked about your ex boyfriend from 4 years ago, is there a chance we may get back together?

    Current - 5 of Cups

    time to move on

    Advice - 8 of Cups reversed

    REALLY! it's time to move on!

    Outcome - 8 of Pentacles

    letting go will free you to concentrate on your gifts and skills, and that will lead to fufillment.

    love to hear back about this.



  • thank you for the reading mikeme! I appreciate it! I agree, it sounds like it's geared more towards my love life than my career. I'll let you know how things turn out! 🙂

  • mike, thank you for the reading. Ineed ending one chapter of life and beginning a new one is fearful but I know I'm urgently needing to transition to avoid "stuckness". You are accurate in the dilemma of self security or being taken care of and the inner voice is loud and clear and I'm slowly working towards that and I know I will get there but I need to pick up the pace. In kind, watergirlie

  • Dear Mikeme,

    Thank You for the reading. It is always appreciated someone else's insight! As far as the situation goes I am keeping an open mind until I know for certain what the score is, There is a huge connection there, and we are still in contact, so I will see... Will let you know in time what the outcome is, in total. Thanking You once again for the Time, Effort and Care.

    WIshing you the best.

    Kind regards


  • Thank you, thank you for the reading Mikeme. I will keep you posted on what happens!! All the best wishes to you!


  • Hello Mike,


    You asked: "I think just a general reading would be fine."

    when I was shuffling, 3 cards popped out on three separate occasions, 2 cups, lovers, 3 cups. This led me to believe that I was doing a reading on your relationships specifically.

    Card 1, current, page of cups reversed

    you feel you are in a fading relationship

    Card 2, advice, page of pentacles reversed

    find ways to honor this relation, express gratitude

    Card 3, outcome, 4 cups reverse the advice given above will lead to a renewed joy in your relationship. look for ways to celebrate your love.

    I would appreciate your feedback.


    Mike )*

    Dear Mikeme,

    Thank you for the reading, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to give you some feedback. I am not currently in a personal relationship but I think the advice given can also pertain to friends or family in which case it would make sense. Would you agree with that? I know you are overwhelmed so you really don't need to answer, just wanted to get back to you. Thanks again Mike, take your time giving readings to all who have asked.

  • Mike... If you could spare me your guidance I would really appreciate it. Everything in my life is collapsing before my eyes. I want to die =(

    3 september 1989

    inititals: LG

    Thank you!!

  • Thank you Mikeme for the reading.



    MY DOB IS AUG 12 1983...


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