Offering readings from a newbie

  • Mike, yes, I agree!! I really need to spread my wings and fly away!! I feel stiflled! Need some freash air! I would love to take a retreat.. Ahhhh. Maybe soon I hope!! Thanks again and blessing to you.

  • Looking forward to your next waiting list for a reading. Thanks for offering to do this! 🙂

  • Mikeme,

    thank you so much for your offer.

    I know people are greatly appreciated of your insight.

    I would love to have a reading when you get the time..

    My dob is February 19th, 1994 Born in Memphis, TN at 11:14 AM

  • Hi Mikeme

    I hope you're taking care of yourself as you do all of these readings! I know everyone is anxious but we all do understand.

  • Hi there, I'm back from a busy busy work week. Sorry for the delays in getting to your readings. Thanks for your support.

    opalten, here is your reading

    you asked about your boyfriends job and finances

    Card 1 - Current - 9 of cups

    the wish card, "Your wish is granted"

    Card 2 - Advice - Ace of wands

    Since you're firing on all cylinders, put the pedal down! Go for it!

    Card 3 - Outcome - 8 of Pentacles

    "You are getting better and better" Isn't it great when you love your work, that is when satisfaction is greatest. It doesnt feel like work.

    Lemme know what you think.



  • lilacross, here is your reading:

    You asked about your husbands job: Will it improve in the near future?

    Current Card - Empress

    Dont be discouraged, trust your instincts as you are loved and guided by the Empress. She has your back

    Advice Card - 7 of Cups

    Your options are limitless. Perseverence is the key.

    Outcome Card - 2 of Wands reversed

    your key to success is in your boldness, but dont mistake boldness for bluff and bluster. make truthful and intentional choices to avoid landmines.

    looking forward to feedback



  • sampau, here is your reading:

    you asked about employment prospects and finances in the near future

    Current Card - 4 of Pentacles

    you definately are a good money manager. very helpful at this time, I'm sure

    Advice Card - 2 of swords reversed

    now that a roadblock is cleared, time to move forward. you have a green light to pursue that very good job

    Outcome Card - Tower reversed

    a pleasant but shocking surprise is in store for you.

    lemme hear from you!



  • Dear Mikeme,

    Thankyou so much for doing a reading for me ,things are currantly at a standstill with my husbands job situation they want him to resign due to an accident that happend at home because he had to take some time off. You where spot on when you said perserverance is the key because thats what he has been doing, not giving in to them they know they cant sack him so they are giving him hell ,we feel more hopeful now that you have told us that our options are limitless if he continues to perservere . Thanks again love&blessings Lilac

  • Dear sweet mikeme, still love ya name lol

    ahm my initial request contained 2 q´s to wit u replied sufficiently to the back q, BUT i never got any on the cancer fireman or libra writer q. I hope u can find the time sometime to help me with that one. I am very appreciative for the read u have given so far. Vey grateful here.

    Blessings n NAMASTE Mikeme!

    cwb blushing humbly n feels kinda stupid for asking AGAIN! LOL

  • Hi CWB, no I havent forgotten you. This is kinda new territory for me, these 3 card readings are very helpful for me and my growth as a reader, and I appreciate the feedback.

    Since a 3 card reading is very narrow, just one question is really all it addresses. I hope you understand, when I asked for 10 readings, I am now over 20 requests (which I will do, thanks for your encouragement!)

    Since I kinda froze the list at sportclip a few days ago, I still need to get to that reading and ScorpVirgo and watergirlie as well. Then I would feel good about coming back to your second question, CWB.

    So let me quit writing and start reading! Again, thanks for your support and encouragement!



  • scorpvirgo, here is your reading:

    you asked about your career in 6 months and your love life.

    I think this reading deals more with your love life, but you tell me...

    Current - Temperance

    there is a balance in your life right now that is kinda comfy. you know what you can compromise on. enjoy the power that that knowledge brings.

    Advice - The Lovers

    above all: stay true to yourself. dont let the ends justify the means.

    Outcome - 4 of Pentacle reversed

    beware of being miserly with your feelings or your treasure. holding on too tight will only allow things to slip away from you easier.

    I'm curious to find out how this reading fits, please let me know.



  • watergirlie, this reading is for you:

    you wanted a general reading

    Current - 10 of Swords

    it may seem very dark and scary right now, but the situation might not be as bad as you imagine.

    Advice - 7 of Cups reversed

    you have value and dont need to take a backseat to anyone. now is the time to rise up and act decisively.

    Outcome - 6 of Pentacles

    what lies in the balance is your choice: taking care of yourself or being taken care of. either may be valid for you, but you need to make a conscious choice.

    also when i was shuffling, a couple of cards popped out

    Knight of Wands indicates a sense of urgency in your situation.

    Ace of Cups asks you to trust your inner voice.

    I welcome your feedback.



  • sportclip, here is your reading:

    you asked about you and lwc

    Current - 2 of Wands

    a reconciliation or reunion has happened.

    Advice - 2 of Pentacles reversed

    dont fight what life throws at you, a "go with the flow" attitude will allow you to relax into all the balls you are juggling.

    Outcome - Page of Swords

    directness is the key. be truthful and accept responsibility.

    lemme hear from you!



  • cwb, here is your reading

    you asked whether it was the cancer fireman or the libra writer

    I hope this helps, I'm not sure who this is, but it is one of them. perhaps this will illuminate your choice better.

    Current - 6 of Pentacles reversed

    there is a loss of money due to carelessness

    Advice - Strength reversed

    before he can move ahead, some inner demons need to be dealt with.

    Outcome - The Hermit reversed

    a lack of ability to look inward for solutions will be a downfall.

    thanks for your patience. tell me how that fits.



  • Thanx Mike ill let u know asap. Right now i have a hunch, but ill consult with a good pal of mine for us BOTH to b abselutely certain. For now thanx so ver very very much.


  • Thanks Mike. So what I am understanding from your reading of the cards is... be patient or patience is needed,

  • sportclip, yes patience is one way to look at it. my way of reading it was relaxing and not struggling with what life is presenting you. you still have to deal with what life throws at you, just deal, dont stress.

  • hello mikeme could u do a general reading for me ? thank u for ur time kathy

  • Mikeme, my pal whom i mentioned confirmed my hunch. My hunch is cancerfireman lol

    Sothank u so ever very highly over the top much.

    I owe ya. Mwaaahhhh thanx

    cwb happy happy even though it is MONday LMAO

  • CWB, glad I could provide some insight!

    Ok, so here's where I am for the readings. I am going to stop this thread after the last of the requests are done, And they are:











    I'd like to stop this thread after that and then re-open a new one a bit later.

    Thanks for your wonderful feedback, I'm glad I can provide some illumination and this has been incredibly helpful in my growth as a reader.

    Thanks again, stay tuned for the above readings.



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