Offering readings from a newbie

  • Mikeme

    If you can can you da reading for me and LWC my dob is 11/5


  • thanks eveyone for the response. I'd like to freeze this thread at sportclips reading. I think that is 11 or 12 lol. Let me do these and get feedback and then I'll do some more.



  • i would also like a reading please.


  • Thanks MM - I think that is very accurate 🙂 There is a big something going on - making smarter choices is the way to go and hopefully it will all work out...

  • pilot007 here is your reading:

    you asked: "Will a situation occur this month, where my Exboyfriend will need my help with something?"

    1. Situation: Ace of Swords reversed

    someone is the bully and someone is the victim here.

    2. Advice: Knight of Pentacles reversed

    watch your money, there are some bad or dishonest dealings going on

    3. Outcome: King of Cups reversed

    beware of advice from a suave older man.

    This is a tough reading for me, pilot007. There are financial crisis in the cards. The court cards indicate it's in a relatively close time frame, so within the month is indicated. The question is, does he need your help or will helping him drag you down? If he needs your help financically, be careful.

    I hope this helps. Please give me some feedback. If you would like some clarification, I'd be more than happy to offer it.



  • healingways here is your reading

    you wanted a general reading

    Current - 7 of Wands

    you've had some struggles but you're on top now

    Advice - 5 swords

    no time to relax, keep going!

    Outcome - The Moon

    dont let the struggles cloud your thinking. you held firm, you came out on top, end of story.

    the 9 of swords popped out while I was shuffling, saying "dont stay up all night hashing out past struggles and victories." sleep well and let the moon bring you some fantastic dreams for your future.

    Lemme know how that works for you 🙂



  • Hi Mikeme I would really appreciate a reading. I had a relationship with this man for 4 years. He broke it off last October. We still communicate a little by email. Is there a chance that we might get back together in the 'greater' future? Would be happy to give you feedback, regardless of what you say!

    Thanking you


  • Mike,

    I would appreciate to see your insight/reading regarding my school, job and love situation please. My dob is 12/18/84. Thanks! 🙂

  • millca90, here is your reading

    you asked, "are there any travel plans in the cards for me?"

    Current - 4 of Swords

    you need to take a break

    Advice - The Hierophant

    take a spiritual retreat

    Outcome - 9 of Wands reversed

    take a break now, you need to recharge, how much longer can you go?

    Feedback is more than welcome.



  • Hello Mike.

    If you are still willing to do readings I would love one when you get a chance. I would love to know what you see happening with my love life. My dob is 5/17/1987. Thank you so much in advance.

  • Mike, If you are still up for another shot, I would love to be one of your practice persons...12/1/1966

    1. current relationship 2. long distance move in future 3. financial outlook

    if you are able, i would be most appreciative.

    blessings and strength

  • THANKs Mikeme:)

    Yes, when you are finished with the rest of these lovely people on your current waiting list; I would like for you to look further.

    He is currently the victim now. The employees have all turned on him. One employee in particular has filed a false Sexual Harassment case against him.

    I use to be his employee, (he is the President of the company) so helping him financially would be impossible. So I am wondering he going to have me work for him for free or will I be dragged into this Sexual Harassment Lawsuit??

    Thanks Again 😉

  • thanks eveyone for the response. I'd like to freeze this thread at sportclips reading. I think that is 11 or 12 lol. Let me do these and get feedback and then I'll do some more.



  • Hi Mikeme. I would like to know what is ahead on my carreer front.? DOB 12/8/1955 Thanks

  • Hi Mikeme:

    Thanks for the generous offer......

    I am Leo 07/26/59....he is Capricorn 01/19/66......Any future....

    Thanks.....looking forward to your reading...

    Be good to yourself....

  • stclaire here is your reading.

    you asked for a general reading:

    current - 10 of swords

    i may be down, but it's only up from here.

    advice - the magician

    your confidence and mastery comes from within you, not from falseness or fakery

    outcome - 5 of swords

    things are turning for the better

    a page of swords popped out while shuffling

    telling: keep your chin up, refuse to be discouraged, keep a firm resolve

    I just read an affirmation this morning that fits your reading:

    "I am a piece of God and need no human-made device to confirm it. I trust who I am and will act from this perspective."

    looking forward to hearing your thougths.



  • hi everyone! the response has been great. thanks for allowing me to read for you. i'm looking forward and appreciate all the feedback.

    work is kinda crazy this week, i have opalten, lilacross and pampau in my notebook and will do their readings sometime today or tonight. thanks also for your patience.



  • Hi Mike,

    your reading was spot on!! thank you, this is a very needy timely reminder about the struggles, I do feel I am keeping on track with it all again 🙂 and the lack of quality sleep!! can you believe that just these past couple of night's I have been trying to focus and ask for "things" to be shown to me in my dreams and then to have the ability to understand it's message 🙂 ....

    once again, thank you...

    joy and peace to you.


  • Hi Mike, thank you for the time given to do this was very much speaking to things as they are and by the grace given to me by God i am able to keep my chin up, at times faltering but getitng right back up to fight the good fight, thanks for the affirmation you gave me! Take care.

  • Hi Again Mike

    Again it as dead on B UT the second half u skipped. i hope not on purpose lol

    it was the cancer fireman or writer libra guy q lolol so if u have time ......................

    cwb twiddling her thumbs in hopefullness LOL

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