Offering readings from a newbie

  • Hi there, I'm a beginner reader and I would like to offer my services for readings. SInce I am still in the beginning stage, I would like to offer 3 card readings for your questions. The reading offers insight on your current situation, an advice card and an outcome card. As a learner I would only ask that you give your feedback on your reading. Let me know if I am on track.

    Let's say we start with the first 10 people who respond and I will post your reading in turn. I look forward to sharing some illumination with you and recieving it back from you.



  • Hi Mikeme - that is a generous offer - thanks 🙂

    I am wondering about my job situation?

    Can you give me a reading on my worklife and if I will be made permanent in the government soon?

  • Hi Mikeme

    Love ya name. I knew a few called Mike LOL

    cancer fireman or libra writer for me as the one?

    My back issues, i wonder are they chronic or will it ever b okay again, i suffered 2 whiplashtraumas, one downhill accident hitting lowerback 4 to 5 times hard bleedings, n by chiropractor i was diagnosed with a crooked spine starting by the tailbone n upward. i also have had 2 times lumbagos severe ones and my sciatic nerve is also messing in.

    thanx ;-D

  • Hi Mikeme,

    Generous offer! Sure I would like a reading. I think just a general reading would be fine. Typical questions that everyone has, finances, health, lovelife. Whatever you see. Thanks in advance and I will give you feedback.

  • hiprincess:

    you asked: "I am wondering about my job situation?

    Can you give me a reading on my worklife and if I will be made permanent in the government soon? "

    Card 1, current situation, queen of cups reversed

    there is something clouding your judgement

    Card 2, advice card, 10 of wands reversed

    your burdon is eased when you work smarter not harder.

    Card 3, outcome, knight of swords reversed

    for now, follow your head and not your heart.

    It seems you have a generous heart, and your need to please is clouding your judgement and making you less effective. For work, use your head and work smarter, logically, you dont have to say yes and please everyone.. Making choices that are logical and smart will create a favorable outcome.

    I welcome your feedback.


  • Hello Mikeme,

    Nice of you to offer your services.

    My question is in regard to trying to renew a connection with my Exboyfriend this month.

    A lot has been going on with his life professionally and personally as well. There has been a lot of Chaos and Drama in his company!!!

    I had a reading awhile back, and I was told that there will be a situation where he is going to have to compromise with me.

    My question is: Will a situation occur this month, where my Exboyfriend will need my help with something?

    Exboyfrien: June 30,1950

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • CWB

    you asked: "My back issues, i wonder are they chronic or will it ever b okay again,"

    Card 1, current situation, strength reversed

    your illness continues to test you.

    Card 2, advice card, the hermit

    find your resolve to push through by going within. meditate. you have the strength to find peace, you have to look within.

    Card 3, outcome, death reversed

    dont resist your therapy even though you dont see immediate results. dont quit. you may not be as good as you were, but you will find peace with your situation. finish your therapy. that is the means to dealing with your pain.

    Feedback? Lemme know.


  • RedPetals:

    You asked: "I think just a general reading would be fine."

    when I was shuffling, 3 cards popped out on three separate occasions, 2 cups, lovers, 3 cups. This led me to believe that I was doing a reading on your relationships specifically.

    Card 1, current, page of cups reversed

    you feel you are in a fading relationship

    Card 2, advice, page of pentacles reversed

    find ways to honor this relation, express gratitude

    Card 3, outcome, 4 cups reversed

    the advice given above will lead to a renewed joy in your relationship. look for ways to celebrate your love.

    I would appreciate your feedback.



  • LOL thanx Mike

    U sound like my fireman mike. he´d go "learn to live with it!" LOLOL

    ahm what about the fireman or writer q LOLOL


  • This is wonderful, so many dear people offering to all!!

    I too would love a reading please, anything in general that is picked up on my energies would be great....

    thank you!!


    (I think I'm # 5...just to let others know so you don't get bombarded for request on your thread 🙂

  • The above I wrote should read..... "so many dear people offering readings to all!!)...

    (embarrassed grin from me)

  • Mikeme, Thank You for your offer. I am interested to know if theres any travel plans in my cards? Many blessings to you.

  • Hi Mike me, thanks for offering, as for me a general reading would be great and i will post feedback....Have a great week!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Mikeme,

    Thank you for your generous offer. So very nice of you.

    I would like to know about my exboyfriend, job situation and finances if that is possible. Actually I would be interested in anything you tell me. Me 10/13/50 and my ex is 6/25/58.

    I hope your offer is not too over whelming for you as everyone is seeking answers. I appreciate you very much. Thanks.

  • Hi mikeme Thankyou for your kind offer i would love a reading if you can find the time.could you please tell me if my husbands job situation will improve in the near future . thanks again Lilac

  • Thank you for your generous offer Mikeme. . . I was wondering about my employment prospects in the future and if the financial situation will improve in the near future. DOB Sept. 1 '57. Thanks again. Sandy

  • Hi mikeme! I'll take a reading if you are offering. thanks so much for all you do!

    Can you tell me what my career looks like in the next 6 months? what about my love life? Please let me know when you can.

    thanks again!

  • Hi mikeme,,,,,how thoughtful.....I would love a reading. DOB july 9, 1973.....thanks kindly

  • oh my dob is 11/2/83...oops! I always forget to put my dob! lol

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