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  • hi mary

    I would love you to help me and my partner split up is this the end and am i

    just heading for heartache and does he really love me we been together 16 years but right now im getting mixed signals.

    I know you are busy with requests, but would really appreciate a reading.

    It is so lovely of you to offer a free service and ahare your talent

    MY d.o.b 29.06.1968 his 18.09.1969

    THAANKYOU crystalkiss

  • Mary thanks for this offering, ,a general reading would be nice.thank you.

  • Hi Mary. Thanks for the offer. Could you do a general reading for me? dob 12/08/1955

  • Hi Mary, could you do a general reading for me DOB 24/04/1955. Thank-you so much.

  • Dear Mary,

    If you get this far....a reading as to what's ahead for me in love would make me very happy 🙂

    Thank YOU!

    December Girl


  • Hi Mary,

    I ended a relationship 2 years ago with someone of 18 years. I still love him very much. I haven't dated because I really wanted him to realize I was important and do what he needed to do. Well, He hates me. I went back to school to better my job. Like a leap of faith. Have I made the right decision with letting my love go and going back to school? Will I find love soon?





  • Thank you Mary. I would appreciate a free reading. Thank you again.

  • WOW

    So many who could use to go and read the thread called LACK OF RESPECT.

    man im ashamed i even asked polite when so many others not alone jump the line but assume a newbie can do all this like snap!

    my my my

    bbrrrr n YIKES!

  • Mary

    I thought it was curious to hear a cats--screeching and howling so followed the post. Got my attention! You didn't ask for advice but this is a place of intuitive free flowing comment and as always if you don't care for the comment please ignore. You are generouse to offer free readings. There's something about that free word that brings a stampede. AND mostly as a new comer you probably haven't noticed yet that pretty much EVERYONE here would like a reading! Every psychic has their own method for giving without being overlloaded.. This seems to be an issue this last week as I check in to see if anything jumps out at me. What I see is it's 99 degrees out and it's a long line to the E-ride in the park--people get impatient--some down right testy. Mary you need boundries first before you open that offer OR instead just wander through the park and see what you get and tap on the person's shoulder and give them that reading. I have issues with too many rules--it keeps order yet is not always "spirit friendly". My two cents worth says announce free readings and expect a running crowd--no fault of the crowd unless they start complaining. I've seen some pyschics do this but with boundries--like saying up front I have time for a few readings and when they are done they say that. Personally if someone beats on the door after it's closed that's their problem and I tune that out. I am very psychic, intuitive but not all knowing which means I only go where I am attracted and can hear spirit comments. I do not feel obligated to help where I have no true connection to do so as I would be forcing it just to feel better. Psychis have issues with "pleasing" if they are not careful with boundries and detachment. I do not get offended by posts that pop up when I am engaged in a connection--I do not take it personal or consider it rude. If I did I would be cutting myself off from divine intervention--as sometimes these interuptions are relavent to me. I feel ask if you want it's your free will and it is mine as well to answer or not. I think mostly everyone is patient here--I've passed on many requests and never felt a backlash so for me this order works . I prefer rules as a self governing tool meant for the good of all. Meaning every psychic has their method for giving freely yet maintaining personal boundries. Feelings of obligation can taint a psychic's perception. Generousety must balance with the limitts of energy. Ego screams please but spirit says stop. A healthy psychic hears the difference in these two voices. Blessings.

  • If you are still doing the free readings I would to participate, I have had a very difficult love relationship since 11/2008, and unemployed since 07/30/2009, please let me know.

  • Mary,

    i would love to take you up on your offer. thankyou so much for your generosity. my birthday is 08/24/1982 if you need it.

  • Mary, I would love a reading. My birthday is 10/11/50 also. Thanks again.


  • Hi Mary! I would like a reading as well. I don't know what information you need but my bday is 9-26-87. Thank you!

  • If you have time, would it be possible to have a quick reading? I am teetering on the brink of being homeless at age 66 and I am scared to death. I have been unemployed for almost two years now and live in Las Vegas with all my family living in the Pacific Northwest. It's a constant choice between buying food, meds or paying utilities and buying gas.

    The stress has been unbelievable just trying to keep life and limb together.

    I would appreciate any words you might be able to give me.



    July 2, 1944

    Fresno, CA

    11:20 PM

  • Yes please, I would love a reading. My birthday is 17th March 1967. Many thanks

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi,

    I would also like a reading with a focus on anything that stands out from now until the end of 2010 in my work, family, financial, and romantic life.

    DOB is 05/13/1975.

    Thanks for the offer!


  • Hi Mary:

    I would like to know about a new man I have met. Since Ive been single for two years and Im ready to venture out again but feel a bit scared and guarded. Im wondering what he is like as a person, does he have good intentions, does the relationship show promise.

  • Hi Mary,

    God bless you for offering your services! Last year I moved to a city to take advantage of opportunities but family responsibilities necessitate that I move back to the very small town that I left. I'd like to bring a new love into my life & get re-established in this small town again. When do you see these things happening for me?

    Thanks you again for any insight you can give.

    DOB: 04-09-65

  • PS: Place of birth Kansas City, MO

    Time of birth 0600

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