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  • PPS: Sorry, forgot to include that I want to know if I will meet my new love interest in or around the small town I have to relocate to. Thanks!

  • Hi Mary!

    If your still offering, and not too swamped with requests, then I'd love a reading. I'm not familiar with the Cherub readings, so not sure if you need a question, but I will include one just in case.

    My DOB jan03/63

    SO.DOB Mar05/61

    What can you tell me about our marriage, where it is heading, I want to leave, but not sure if it is the right thing to do at this time for me.

    Thank you!!



  • Hi Mary, I would love a reading. Thank-you for the offer. I have asked for a reading many times and so far no-one has given me one.I have been married many years, out of the blue my husband left me. In the last 2yrs, we have dated,spend the nights together,been together as a family. I know he has been confused and I have been told its midlife for him. Through this time he has said he loves me, then the next he filed for a divorce, then stoped it, Now he has pulled away from me and says its over. He loves me, but not enough to stay married. Is it really over for us? will we get back together? He was a wonderful husband and father before all this. I dont know what has happened to him? I know he is my soul mate, Thank-you for any thing you may be able to share. Blessing Cathi56

  • I think Mary got scared at the volume n the magnitude of people taking her offer. I think Mary thought a few would accept n not this avalance, n by it she has mayb retreated n retracted her offer. Wise iยดd say. Mary should u read this, next time limit urself say 10 or 15 first, read those n if u feel fine by it a new list on a new thread. as u can see offering gets u caught in a tsunami n its scary. take it from one who has been there, done that n SEEN it more than once.

    Bless u dear sweetie.


  • Hello I would like a reading when you have the time my dob 07/16/60 regarding career and finances. thank you

  • Hello! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My birthday is December 18, 1984 and had questions regarding my love life and the guy that i was dating up until 2 months ago. His birthday is July 5, 1984. Will he be coming back to my life in the future or is he gone for good? If so, do we have a chance to start over or we will just become friends? At this point how does he see me as and does he care about me or feels anything? His birthday came up recently and i sent him a birthday card along with an enclosed letter. Did he read the letter and what were his thoughts/reaction after? I also have a post under love & relationships called "Extremely Sad about Cancer Man :(" with more info. Thank you very much for your time!


    DOB - AUGUST 12/83

  • Whenever there is an offer for free readings the poster gets bombarded. Hope your ok Mary.

  • Hi CWB,

    Don't want to be a burden to anyone. Thanks for posting what you did.


  • Dear Mary,

    If you can't or don't want to do a reading for me, that's OK. I have faith that I will be working again real soon and I can pay someone for the information I seek.

    Have a great day and God bless!


  • Mary, Mary, Mary, I'm not sure what a cherub reading is but I would love a reading from you. I think other people are too busy and it looks like you will be too as you are so good at it. My birthdate is 3/27/1935 born in Hyannis Mass near the Kennedys. I would like to have a reading about financial security if possible or whatever you want to do will be fine. Janet

  • Hi Mary, I would love to have a reading on my love life and when I might be meeting the man I will marry. I was once told by this summer, but I am just curious if this is still the case...Please and THank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ My dob is April 11, 1980. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • oh Mary Mary, quite Contrary....where did you go?

  • I am desparate for help!!!!!! Can anyone do a reading for me regarding my relationship? I have had relationship up and downs for over 4 years with this man and he's driving me nuts. Everytime I walk away he ends up coming back and we start right back up. He's secretive about things he has no reason to be secretive about. About 2 months he called me and told me he loved me (we had never said that before), said he wanted to be with me and then after 6 weeks just pulled away. I got mad and we had a HUGE fight (the first that ever happend) and then I thought we had cleared up our differences. 12 days ago things were fine and then last week he tells me that I'm too "clingy" and that we tried it and it just didn't work between us. So I said I understood that we were finished. A couple minutes later he asks me if I truly believe that we are finished and says that I know more than he does cause he can't say that we are truly done. WHAT GIVES????? My birthdate is 3/13/56 and his is 11/7/69. Thanks!

  • I have never gotten a reading before and am curious if you could read me?

  • This post is deleted!

  • What is the deal on this sight? People ask for a reading, I know first hand how the reader can become stressed out with so many people wanting a reading. BUT not only is it rude, but VERY disappointing to those who never get a reply........ If one is to busy or doesnt want to give free readings, it doesnt take to long to post your NO-Longer giving readings or to busy. One can-not build on your gift or be a TRUE psychic treating people this way. A real gifted psychic would know this is no way to use your gifts..... I just wanted to share my feelings. cathi56

  • Mary oh Mary, Are you coming back to us or should we move on to other pastures ? Janet

  • Hi Mary, how are you? great I hope.......I was wondering if you could give me a reading about my love life and if it is by chance possible tell me if i will ever get married...will I ever find my husband???????...well whatever info you have to offer is great with me....


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