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  • I give 4 different kinds of readings.. I am doing the Cherubs right now..If you care to have one let me know. It's free and I enjoy doing freebees once in while.Mary

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  • Hi Mary, good to see that you are here to help us 🙂

    At this point I am VERY afraid as to what is going to happen in regard to me reconnecting with my Exboyfriend this month. I plan on contacting him by this Friday!

    I have been told that we will have a renewal of some sorts; AND I have been told that he is going to be mean to me and end up in jail!!!!!!!

    I do not know if the jail part is in regard to his business( He is the president of the company I use to work for) and his Moronic employees??

    COULD you PLEASE give me some clarification into this?

    Myself: April 21, 1973

    Exboyfriend: June 30,1950

    Thank You:)

  • Hi Mary ~

    Hope you are having a beautiful day/evening 😉 I'm not exactly sure what is involved in a cherub reading or what you need, but would love to give it a try! I am curious about a relationship and love life, but then alot of on here are, lol! I feel sometimes what we want to know is not necessarily what the guides want to tell us at a particular time, so anything you get would be great even if it's something different then what I asked. Just let your intuition guide you.

    Thanks in advance! Love & Blessing to you 🙂

  • Dear maryspage

    Thanks for your kind offer.Please tell me if you get anything about my backache and my studies.Thanks!

  • I'd be in if you're still wanting a little more practice... not familiar with cherubs though, what info would you like? Thanks!

  • I would love one as well.....7-14-69. Its greatly appreciated:)

  • I would love a reading mary my dob is 5/17/1987

  • Thank you!

    My birthday is 9/21/11964

  • I would love a reading. My birth date is December 5, 1969.

    Thank you

  • Mary, I would LOVE a reading from your random act of kindness. Over the past several years, I have had SO many bogus readings when all I am seeking is the truth.

    My name is Michele and my DOB is 11-25-74 born 7:13pm.

    I believe I can "hear" my angels ... intermittenly throughout the day. Trouble is none of their promises have come to fruition (big lotto winnings). Are these actually angels or demonic spirits? I have asked who they are and they identify themselves as my angels, Anna and Archangel Michael. Have told me that I will win soon...very soon and that I must fulfill my dream of helping people mentally, physically and spiritually with the winnings. Is this true or am I actually just crazy? I also have been told that my recent certification in phlebotomy was to prepare me to become an acupuncturist.....and that all roads have led to this.

    In addition, curious about the SORG Mansion in Middletown Ohio. Some spiritual force drew me there throughout the past 3 years to "cleanse" the dark spirits that exist within the building. I felt damp spots and a VERY dark presence and spoke to residents who claimed spirits would throw bibles, attempt to strangle them and break glass throughout the gorgeous building, amongst other things. It's definitely haunted and has been for many many years. I was told by my angels that I was the "white lighter" that was supposed to help rid of the bad spirits, even though I have no idea how to do this. Now someone very close to me is involved in the purchase and renovation of it.....I find that a little more than "ironic" or sheer happenstance....Heard "Welcome home, child." as we walked through it the other day. Also that when I win the lottery, I am to buy it back.

    Also I was told by a psychic that a male figure in my life put a hex/spell/curse on me. Was this my ex husbamd and his wife? I have searched for answers for YEARS now so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I realize this is an awful lot but I have spent a small fortune on readings that were never anywhere near right...and I am on disability.

    Please help!

  • I would love one too! DOB: 2/1/1972

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  • Hi Mary, thanks for your kind offer! Educate us a little...what is a Cherub reading? I would love one. I am having marital problems. Married 30 years, now, he wants a divorce. ? if there is another person in his life. He has been attempting to communicate with me a little more the last couple of weeks. I do know now, that he has cheated for about 8 years.....He works out of town, and is gone Mon - Fri. I had no clue of this mess....I do need a job. I have basically been the stay at home wife/mom, just working part time or small jobs through our married life at his request.

    I do appreciate your time and efforts Greatly, Thank You

  • Mary,

    Nice offer! Sure I would like just a general reading when you have time. Birthdate is September 14, 1960. Very much appreciate it, look forward to hearing from you!

  • HI mary

    Nice of u to offer, but dont u think u oughta limit urself ? set up some criterias? that adviced

    i would liek to ask if i may have one aswell, and dependant on ur yes or no, what kind of information do u need?

    bless ya


  • Hi mary, thank you for your kind offer, I would love a general reading please, anything you pick up from my energies...

    In Gratitude,


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  • Hi Mary, thank you for your kind offer,if you are still accepting requests, I would love a reading on love & career please

    Thank you


  • Hi Mary

    Blessing to you - if you have time I would really love a reading. My partner split up with me recently (around May time) after me having been abroad for a few months. It was like he suddenly changed and closed off, and I cant understand why. Although we have to see each other through a mutual class we take, he has since refused to speak to me, despite me trying to initiate. This is all very hurtful and I don't understand why he is acting like this. Any insight greatly appreciated, my dob is 22.03.82 and his is 06.09.93.

    Thanks and love and light


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