Does anyone know

  • I have just met another female with mars in scorpio. I have never met anotjher in my life. I am Virgo,she is Scorpio. We are both bi-sexual so that is not an issue. I am very attracted to her but curios if anyone knows just how deadly that will be?

  • Your Suns and your Sun and her Mars are generally compatible to each other. However, her Sun and your Mars being in the same sign, and your Mars signs being the same, creates an attraction but can also be quite volatile. You will meet with equal force when there is a battle of wills. How intense this is depends on the actual aspects of your charts.

    How well you relate with someone depends on so many aspects of your charts, it would be best to consult with a professional astrologer. However, in general, though the attraction is very strong here, it just might be too hot to handle.

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