My job will be ending in November

  • Hello Captain,

    I have never written to you before but I need some insite with my future. My job is currently finished November 11, 2010 and I was wondering with the position I am holding now, will they offer me a job after November? I am at a stand still to whether look for a job now or wait and see if they are going to offer me a job. I really like what I am doing, but I need help with what is going to happen to my future in a few months. Birthdate April 1, 1958 born 8:20pm in Detroit Michigan. I was hoping you would give me an answer to the direction I should go in, wait or start looking for a job now. Thank-you I am spinning...

  • I know you didn't really ask for my advice, and I have none to give you from an astrological/psychic standpoint. This is just practical advice from someone who works in the unemployment office. Start looking now. The more proactive you are, the better your chances of finding a job will be whether they offer you a position in November or not. If they do, then you have choices, and you can certainly choose to stay where you are if you like. If they don't, you're not scrambling to get the job-search process under way once you really don't have a job. Even if all you do is start to update your resume a bit, any preparation you do will help you now come what may and you still have the luxury of time on your side. Start researching and networking, even if you aren't actively seeking a new job. It's much easier to find a job while you still have one and the longer you go between jobs, the harder they are to get. I talk to so many people who don't fully grasp how serious this recession is until the moment they don't have a job. You are lucky to have several months notice. I would use it to prepare as much as you can.

    Again, I am sorry to throw my advice in here without an invite to do so, but I hope it helps some. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you lots of luck with the transitions ahead.

    • Andi

  • Thank-you Andi, your advice was very good advice. I am just in the world of the unknown, never have been in this situation before, guess I am just looking for answers. Thank-you again, advice well taken. ~Doreen

  • Happybutlonely, I feel you are here to show or remind others about the beauty of life. You would make an excellent counsellor or teacher, educating those who are lost or have fallen into substance abuse or depression. Your gifts of charm and persuasion would see you excel in PR or human relations. Your innate creativity would shine in the arts, the theatre, film, poetry, writing and music. You have healing hands and could be a very good massage therapist, physio, or Reiki healer for instance. Interior or fashion design, landscaping, or architecture where you can exhibit your love and understanding of beauty are also good choices.

  • Of course, stay with your present occupation if it suits you. But I think you should start looking around for a position outside your present company.

  • Thank-you Captain for the reply. I actuall do marketing - public relations for an athletic department for an University and my contract is up in November and I know they really want me, but will they find money in their tight budget to continue to keep me on their payroll. I have never been in this predicament before so that is why I was concerned. My current position is quite fun and I would like t do it for another year or two, then maybe look for another job. I just did not know how soon or if I needed to look immediately. Working with the public is facinating to me and to make them feel like they are special to our school is what it is all about. Thank-you again, I just wanted to put my mind at ease because the bottom line is, I need a job.

  • I think the Universe wants you to move much quicker to find a job that is more than just fun.

  • Thank-you Captain, I guess I need to get out of my comfort zone, they have always told me that I need to take chances to get ahead. After 22 years I need a push. I will keep you updated about my job search...Thank-you again.

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