• Hi everyone...due to everyone being so gracious about following the rules on my last 2 threads, I have decided to open a 3rd thread for Tarot card readings. I am still new at this so I request that you limit yourself to ONE QUESTION. I WILL ACCEPT ANOTHER 15 PEOPLE ON THIS THREAD. Please assign your place in line when you ask your question so that everyone can keep track of where the list is at. ALSO, please check the thread and make sure that you haven't posted at the same time as someone else, if you have, please adjust your number accordingly.

    I have already assigned the first two people to this thread. The next person responding will be #3.

    1. Witchywoman

    2. Poetic555

    Witchy, I have your question already. Poetic....please post a question or let me know if you just want a general reading.

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING THE RULES. It really helps to keep me from being overwhelmed. Also, I have discovered that in order to read, I need to be in the right frame of mind. Please allow time in order to get your reading. I would rather take the time and feel confident that I have connected than rush thru something just to get it done and give you a reading that isn't what it could be!!

    Love and blessings to all....

  • hello auntbuck i would like a general reading please i guess im #3 thank u for the offer

  • #4


    Glad to see that everyone is working with you to make this a success. Thank you for the offer -- I would like a general reading with regards to my love life. No one in particular just curious whether anyone will be coming into my life soon.

    Thanks so much and many blessings to you!


  • Thanks Aunt Buck! I don't remember if I asked a question already I'm brain dead today!

    Am I on the right path for me now? 11/20/65. Take care and don't work to hard! You are going to get a Huge reward from the Universe! 🙂

  • #5, Hi auntbuck, new you could get through this, you are truly blessed, my question is will my finances ever change do to my disability and bring up my 10 and a half year old,i am at at loss on what to do.If you need more from me just let me know or I'm sure cwb will be on my heels ha ha

    hugs to you ,and thank you for all that you are Aunt B


    and if I'm not doing this in the right way please except My apologies a head of time:0

  • ok maybe i'm number 6 now help lol

  • #7. Hi auntbuck, can I have a general reading regarding my love life please.

  • #8???? cwb, i know i was juuussss read BUT i have a dire q that is freaking me out.

    I was offered a flat ground floor cheaper in rent BUT last time i was lucky i got a turkey home.

    n i more than ANYTHING want to relocate to usa n i SO not sure wetehr to say jay or nay to this flat. ............................................. im BEGGING here truely HONESTLY BEGGING .......

    ill b over on the whine weep cry in wine thread wwaaahhh

    oh maaaaannn aaaiii wwweeejjjhhhh

  • Hello AuntBuck,

    I think I made it in as #9 yay. If you would be so kind as to provide me with a relationship reading about the current relationship I am involved in it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Actually Shatz is we're actually going onto #9 next. I'll readjust the numbers when I start doing the readings!

    NEXT #9

  • #9 Thank you so much for the opportunity. I have had alot of changes in the last 6 months which seem to both good and bad. I'm wondering what my future has in store. Thank you, much respect

  • Hi I am posting # 3 - I am just looking for a general reading right now.

    Thank you!

  • are #10....

    5 MORE SPOT LEFT!!! 🙂

  • Hello AuntBuck I am number # 11 my name is Illona

    have a question because I just had a free tarot reading for me for my birthday on the 12th of this month. But I do not understand the cards can you please help me.

    Card 1. The Magician - The Situation

    Card 2. Two of Swords- Self

    Card 3. Eight of Swords Challenges/opportunities

    Card 4. Ten of Coins-Foundatin

    Card 5. Justice-recent past

    Card 6. Seven of Cups - Higher Power

    Card 7. Death- Near Future

    Card 8. Ace of Coins - Blocks & Inhibitions

    Card 9. Ten of Swords- Allies

    Card 10. Knight of cups - Advice

    Card 11. Page of coins - Long term potential

    This was the Celtic Cross can you please help me understand what they are saying

    AuntBuck this was done on the internet. It was done with a live person. It was the 11 Celtic Cross spread. I have asked for help with understanding what the cards are saying and nobody has not help me. So since you read the cards I was hoping maybe you could help me. This was about money. A general question about my money situation. Would it get better.

    Thank You so much Illona

  • #12

    AuntBuck could you please give insight in regards to my relationship with my aquarius boyfriend. I am a libra.

  • Auntbuck I just wanted to thank you in advance, i pushed the button to fast earlier.

  • Congratulations Aunt Buck! I am so happy for you that this is working out so well! Seems everyone is playing along nicely. 🙂

    As my Dad used to always say, "Go get 'em Tiger!"

    God bless


  • Auntie Buck ~

    #13 ??

    Wow! You are doing a fantastic job 🙂 I asked for a reading on your first thread and if it's okay I'd like to make a request on this one? I feel kinda selfish to ask since you were kind enough to read for me on the first thread. If you would prefer I wait then would you put me on a later thread? My question this time for this thread or a later one is: I'd like to request a relationship reading...there has been a development in a relationship and I would like to know if it will lead into something or if it's just a dead end?

    Thanks so much for your consideration and for giving of your time to be of service to others! May the Angels watch over, guide and protect you!

    Much Love and many blessings to you!

  • #13 (good number!)

    What direction should I take with my creative work?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I guess I was slow on the Submit Post button, LOL! Make me #14...

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