Hi Captain!

  • Hi Captain, can u help? I've been seeing a virgo man for the past year and as of late his words and actions have been totally confused. In summary, he's been sending mixed messages and has been sort of distant. Its been about 2 weeks since we last communicated. He did say he's been a little stressed. But I just want to know if based on our numbers (dob's) should I wait or has he moved on?

    My DOB: 8-27-82

    His DOB: 9-21-74

    Thanks so much!!

  • Hang in there, Orchid. Things are about to get better. On your birthday, you will move into a better relationship cycle and - from your partner's birthday - he will move into a more stable time and one of the best periods for marriage or long term relationships. At the moment he is going through upheavals and change so you must be patient with him if you want to have a future together. Your partner likes to be in control of his life so all this turmoil is very hard for him to handle. Your relationship can also be full of spontaneity and accidental or coincidental surprises which can throw both of you off. Ecstatic peak experiences can emerge here in your love affair, which can dazzle both of you. Marriage will not dull this richness unless you two feel too much need to structure it, perhaps fearing that you might act too irresponsibly if you don't. Don't fall into a too rigidly routine way of life.

  • Hi Captain. This is my firsts time here so i wasn't sure how to address my topic or if i had to put someone specific. I wrote a post earlier called "Extremely Sad about Cancer Man". I would really appreciate if you could please look into it and give me your insight and/or reading. Thank you very much!

  • Wow! Thank you soooo much Captain! I almost gave up. I'll continue to be paitient as I felt he is going through a really tough time. Your insight has tremendously. In the meantime, should I drop a line every now and then letting him know I'm there for him or should I not communicate until he's ready to come back around. Again, thank you so much for insight 🙂

  • Yes, drop him a line to show your support but don't come across as too needy or he will feel you are pressuring him. "Love and miss you but I gotta go do some chores now" sort of thing.

  • Okay I'll try that. But I probably won't drop too many lines without ever receiving a response from. I think that could be considered stalking, no? The last email I sent him was on this past Saturday, and that was after not hearing from him for two weeks. I said in the email: "Hey babe, how are you, hope all is well and you're not super stressed out :(. Write back when you can. Kisses!" I hope that didn't come off as needy b/c I haven't heard back yet. So maybe I'll drop a line next week. Not sure what I'll say especially if I never get a response to my last email. I don't know, my spirit is telling me to be paitient, so I will. I really like him :).

  • Captain, just wanted to give you an update. I heard from him this morning. But as you said in your earlier assessment, there are going to be things that are going to throw us off. Well there was and has been. It's my sister. Since the inception of the relation/friendship with my guy she has been in the middle of it. I'm pretty certain she has a crush on him and is very attracted to him. In any event, I got a call from her this morning about something my guy said to her. It made me feel uneasy so I mentioned it to him. But now I'm just a little upset because it feels like I waited an eternity to hear from him and when given the opportunity to be supportive I instead mentioned some drama related issue. Have I totally screwed things up? I feel he may go back into his shell. Ugh! This is so frustrating. How can I fix this?

    Seperately, here is my sisters bday: 5-18-75. Perhaps you can give me some insight into her as it pertains to him because I just feel there is something up. Thanks again!

  • Trust your BF, not your sister. She is trying to throw a spanner into the works to break you up. Your sister thinks she can seduce anyone and your BF is a real challenge for her. But she quickly loses interest in people. Those two would never work well together. It's more like a parent-child relationship there. You are the one who is going to screw up your own relationship by being suspicious and needy. Your BF is someone who likes to feel free and hates the thought of anyone trying to control him. He often isolates himself in order to sort out his problems. If you can't handle this, then you should get out now.

  • You're right. I'm actually attracted to his independence because that's a trait I have within myself and I also HATE to be controlled in any way. My first instinct when my sister mentioned what he said to her was to NOT TRUST HER, I never had a doubt she was trying to spin me and my guys situation. In fact, when I mentioned it to him I prefaced it with: "my sister is crazy so I'm sure she misunderstood what you said to her..." then he asked what she thought he meant and I followed up with: "not sure but she's a spinner so there's always a little bit of falsehood and drama to any sotry she tells..." his response: "oh well" -- to which I didn't respond. So at the end of the day I hope my mentioning it was not perceieved as controlling because that wasn't my intent at all. Based on the conversation he and I had (which was via email, btw), do you think what I said could be percieved as needy/controlling?

    I know if its a universal truth that virgo men are tough to communicate with but until he and I get more comfortable with our communication styles I think it may be a slight challange getting to a level playing field with him. Because while I want a break-through in our communication, meaning, I want to not feel like I'm walking on eggshells, I will be paitient because there's really no need to rush.

  • Your guy wondered why you mentioned your sister at all and does think you are suspicious of him.

  • Okay, lesson learned. Now that I have some insight as to where my sister is coming from, I'll be sure to look out for her sneakiness. With regard to my guy, hopefully I didn't turn him off too much. I think I need to learn how to be less reactive and more insightful and use self reflection to understand how I feel before I respond to a certain situation. At the end of the day, either he and I are meant to be together or we're not. The more carefree I am about my relationship with him, the less I think so deep into every single thing that he says, the better off I will be. With that said, thank you so much for all of your advice. Many blessings. Orchid 😉

  • Exactly! 🙂

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