A ticklish reading :)

  • First of all, what are you doing a three card spread for? Your question is about as mundane as they get. One card would have sufficed.

    Secondly, you're (perhaps unknowingly) "testing" the Oracle. You were already tickling the guy's feet. Why would you ask such a simplistic, almost idiotic, question to one of the most powerful Oracles on the planet?

    The Tarot doesn't work like that. It's not a fortune telling device. It's not an 8 ball. Save your energy for the BIG things, the things that matter. You're entering dangerous waters when you attempt to "test" the Tarot.

    The Tarot is not a prognosticator. It only shows how things look aspected at a given time. An oracle always resonates to the time in which it's consulted, and one always has the power to change the way things look aspected. A Tarot reading is not something set in stone. Life is about choices and we always have the power to change how our future looks whether for good or ill.

    If I were you, I'd toss your reading for Dan out the window and ask The Universe for guidance and maturity in using the deck in the correct manner.

    Sorry if this sounds like a verbal spanking. It's just the comments of someone who's been at this for quite awhile and wants to see you succeed (if you're serious) as a Tarotist.


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