The captain or mikoy your opinions, I did this for myself

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    I did a reading for myself about two men that I am attracted to, but there are some issues, alot of them and that is why I did the reading. I used the cosmic tarot deck. I am planning on doing a reading every month to see what the situation looks like, warnings, trouble, difficulties I must overcome, what to do ect but I want to do it on the right person so it would be nice to get a second opionion from someone, would you please?

    What are my chances with X


    Luck after unluck, rebirth, good news, a new selfconfident

    princess pentacles

    News of maternal IALL nature, pure gossip genomic alterations, including trips particular related to work and study

    6 pentacles upside down

    true generosity, kindness volunteering work, charity

    What are my chances with Y

    7 sword

    to refuse, to be independent, to go against the convention, sometimes also break ups and conflicts

    6 wand

    great fame, unexpected success, but rarely lasting

    the sun

    overwon difficulties, big plans, success, happniess, richness

    What must I do when it comes to:


    King sword upside down

    a violent man prepared to go over limits


    bond between people, closeness, understanding, tolerance, openness to others, love

    wheel of fortune

    the unexpected, karma, cosmic balance, changing circumstances


    7 pentacles

    to feel a failure, unemployment, hopelessness, economic problems

    prince cups

    a person who seeks the next unattainable, a deeply religious may also be deep love

    star upside down

    prejudice, false hopes

    Will it happen if I do those things?



    bond between people, closeness, understanding, tolerance, openness to others, love

    moon upside down

    self-righteousness, violence, intrigue

    ace sword

    shocking news of any kind, it is probably a direct result of own actions


    two sword upside down

    constant change, imbalance, chaos

    the hanged

    selflessness, sacrifice gives wisdom, compassion, non-violence

    9 pentacles

    completing a well having achieved something, sometimes foreshadows pregnancy

    Are we meant to be together for life?


    queen wand upside down

    an agressive or mean woman, passionated if she wants to, never gives up, dominant

    5 wand upside down

    to be forced to something you don´t want to, chronic disease

    10 cups

    to imagine and perhaps reach their dreams, to realize what you deep down strive for


    queen pentacles

    a warm motherly woman with a good heart, with an open mind to think about household chores or own business

    2 sword

    right now is balance but there is room for change

    the fool

    innocence, positive energy, ill-considered decisions, lack of reflection and caution

    I would apperciate it alot, love is complicated as you know

  • I don't interpret tarot cards but there are many here who do.

  • Can you give me a name?

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