• I'm not sure if new members get readings here...

    Can I ask for a reading? Can I get one? Please! I don't have a particular question, maybe you could just give me a general reading.


  • Go to, Site Map, and click on Free Readings.

  • Sounds good, but how do you get to the site map???

  • Hi Pyaa, I do the I-Ching out of curiosity because I don't know anything about Tarot etc. I did an I-Ching for you asking for a general reading. What I got was "Receptive." It said it was totally feminine-yin. Said to be receptive like the ocean-letting the river come to you. I guess don't do anything too bold. It said that grass doesn't worry about growing in the Springtime, it just does etc. Maybe this will offer some insight for you. I like the I-Ching.

  • In the upper right hand corner of your screen the words are written kind of small but it says:

    About us

    Site Map


    Click once on Site Map and off you go!!!

  • Thank you Dalia.

    Can I ask for a specific reading?

    I need to know about a house move and job. Thanks.

  • I mean, will i get a great job and is there a relocation to a different place.

    Also, if not a new job right now will i find a nice new house.


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