• Hi everyone, I am going to try my hand at giving readings. I have had my own deck of cards for years and read for myself and a few friends. However, I want to get better at this and truthfully, have a chance to give back to everyone that has given so much to me here. Please, please, please be aware that I am a textbook card reader and still learning how to put the whole picture together and the only way to do this is to get experience. So, if you would like me to do a card reading for you, please ask one question and I will see what the cards say. Please leave me feedback so that I know whether I am on or off with my readings. :0)

    Blessings....Aunt Buck

  • Hi Auntie Bucky.

    Word of advice babes. Post a LIMIT! Crietria as for HOW MANY, bc if u dont WOOM u´ll be swamped by posters, like snap 17 pages of requests and u´ll b OOHH NOOOO.

    And since ya is new, plxz plz plz sweetie, limit urself to so n so many.

    That said may i ask for one, n before the yes or no ill await the yes or no.


  • ps , the idea of mine was say 10 or 15 first who lists, n when the list is full its closed n first then u spread ya deck n read. TRUST ME, this is the BEST way to go unless u wanna be overrun like other newbies has been. luv ya n bless ya.


  • Yes may post a question and you are right. Thank you for pointing that out!!!

    Everyone reading this...because I am so new....I will take the FIRST 15 ONLY who list their question and then close the thread. When I am done with those I will open a new thread. I am new at this and seriously just trying to test my skills. :0)

    Charmed is #1. When you post your question, please list what number you are in line. That will make it easier to see where the list is. Thanks everyone!!!

  • Hi AuntBuck, this is great news!!...I'm sure you are going to be an excellent reader,

    1 on the list. 🙂

    my question is probably what everyone has seen before, but as our energies change often it might pick up something different for me 🙂

    Will I be buying or renting a new home? and if possible could you see a time line for me?

    thanks so much for doing these AuntBuck!!

    love, joy and peace to you...


  • Hi Auntie Bucky lol


    My q is actually 2, i hope u dont mind.

    1. which man, cancer fireman or libra writer? (ye u all may GROAN BUT all i can developement has changed the entire picture again. opposed to a mere fortnight ago i got in touch with fireman BY phone n the tendency is rolling more n more to frequently talks. which is very new a a change thats WHOA!"

    2. my back, struggling with 2 whiplash traumas, accidentback lower spine, off n on severe lumbagos, and ontop sciatic nerve pitch in as well. Question will my back EVER be okay again?

    Thanx Auntie Bucky.


  • Oooops!! sorry AuntBuck, I really didn't want to mess this up 😞

    so peeps I'm # 2


  • healingways ahm :

    Charmed is #1. When you post your question, please list what number you are in line. That will make it easier to see where the list is. Thanks everyone!!!

    aunt bucks OWN post so that makes u nr. 2 not 1. sorry lol

  • Aawww healingways, denise sweetie, you´re so cute. all is ok sweetie lol juss messing with ya.

    im certain auntie bucky will read ya babes.

    we´re among the first 2 and hello first 15 will get a shot. so all is cool. how can it not be on a day like this. oh by god wt is in my coffee ?? i feel sooo optimistic n ye lol

    Hmm can it b i get my fireman on the phone againt today LOLOLOL

    NOT A Q; juss a hypothetically LOUD thinking outside my head LOL

    ill flyyyyyyyy wiiithh yoooouuuuuuuuu ooouuuuuuuuuu

  • LOL... thanks CBW.....and just want to say "I LOVE your energies!!"...

    much love and joy to you!!...(oh, can I have a cup of your coffee 🙂 sounds like good stuff to me LOL


  • ---- sends hands denise a cup of her coffee ...... thanx lol

  • I'd like a reading please 🙂 That makes me #3 I think.

    I feel a strong need lately to be around creative people: artists, musicians, writers. As I don't have any experience in searching out such individuals, do you see me getting involved in the creative communities and will this be happening for me any time soon?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • #5

    Thanks for the offer Aunt Buck! My question is will the new e-store I opened online yesterday eventually bring me the financial security for my kids and I that I am looking for? I appreciate your insight! Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Dear Aunt Buck

    Please include me as #6 on your list!

    Please do a general near future reading for me...really , anything that comes up in the cards.

    Thanks and best wishes

  • Dear Aunt Buck

    That makes me # 7

    Anything you pull out of the universe for me will be greatly appreciated.

    Peace and love

  • number 8 here

    Which one of Bill or Tom the one I am fated to spend the rest of my life with?

    my birthdate is 11th of august 1989, theirs 1st of september(they are twins)¨

    My name is Gabriella

  • #9....#9 Sweet! Hi Aunt Buck, Nice of you to offer these readings. Um, I am in need of a career change, or more acurately, I need to create some kind of income. My current "job" is no longer working for me, and after nearly 30 years in that business, I'm ready for a change. I would like to know if you can see an area, or field of work that I should direct my focus on. It would be really nice if it turns out to be my life purpose, but I am willing to settle for something close! (Or maybe a transitional filler?) Anyway, What would be the best way for me to get financially stable?

    1. HI Aunt Buck. Thank you so much for providing this service. I am in dire need of finding a new job. I left my job last year and have not been able to find anything stable since then and the reserve that I have is slowly but surely running out. I need to know if I will be able to find a job anytime soon or will I be financially ruined. I know that I would love to keep pursuing a career in publishing but if I dont know if I am meant to actually have a career in this field. Thanks again.

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