Leo/Virgo relationship

  • Hi,

    I was just wondering what are the pros and cons of a Leo/Virgo love match. I'm a Leo and my bf is a Virgo. Sometimes we seem to mesh and other times our relationship seems pointless; it's like we're from different planets. We've been together 3 1/2 yrs, have a 2 yr old son, and we were engaged. Is this kind of match always doomed? Here's our birthdays in case that matters: 8/7/85, 9/16/83.

  • Hey Sas8785,

    I've been dating a virgo for the past year and I know how you feel. I'm also a virgo (my bday is in august, his is in sept) and to be honest, that gives me absolutely no advantage. I don't know what your exact issues are with him but I can say that the virgo man is one of complete mystery. Their words and behaviour are so out sync. They send mixed messages all the time and never seem clear about what they want. At lease my guy has been that way. I think the virgo man is very mental and spends 95% of their time (as it pertains to relationships) in their head, thinking things through.

    As a virgo I can attest to this type of mental excercising. Most of the time virgos appear to be moody or cold is because we're debating our situation in our minds. Not sure if any of this makes sense. But overall, I think you've made it further than most women have with your virguy -- you're engaged!! If you give more details maybe we can share experiences and sort things through??

  • Thanx for replying. I don't think virgo men are that complicated. They're not very emotionally expressive, you have to pay close attention when they actually do open up. They won't say how they feel directly, but you can discern how they really feel through their facial expressions and sarcasm. Also, once you've disappointed them you might as well give up because they'll never view you as they once did. Furthermore, they love routine, home cooked meals, and keeping busy. You might always feel as if you're giving more emotionally then you'll get, but, they Virgo men are very good providers.

  • Hey there Sas, you're right. I've also learned that you have to give virgo guys tons of space while they sort things through. My guy is always on the go, owns his own business and has three children so me becoming priority 1 is not a spot I'm looking to attain anytime soon. But with your guy, how were things in the communication department? Like, is he cold sometimes? My guy is, not because I disapppointed him or anything, but because I think when he's busy, he's busy. I'm not sure if you're open to sharing but i'd like to hear more about your situation. Also, there is a reader on this site, (not sure if its male or female), but look for The Captain. I got some really good advice there. That might be a road to take if you're still having issues. Talk to you soon!

  • Hey orchid,

    Sorry it took so long to post. But we definitely have communication issues. A Virgo has to feel really comfortable with you in order to open up. Most of the time they just want to move on and not talk about things, they don't like to dwell on things they deem counterproductive. Basically it's a waiting game and you may get what you want and you may not. But I would just keep it simple for now. No pressure, no drama, only trust. If he sees that you can give him that then he may eventually open up.

  • Sas,

    Virgos are kind of loners in life. I'm a Leo but, have a lot of Virgo in my birth chart. Moon, Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto all in Virgo. Have you considered having any astrology reports done on you and your Virgo? If you have'nt done so, may I suggest birth charts, compatability, and personal moon reports. These reports can be essential to your understanding of yourself and your Virgo.

    Any relationship combination astrologically speaking can either bloom or be doomed. It depends on each individual and how we deal with ourselves in our relationships with others. Relationships are more about learning things about ourselves. We can't change other people to fit us, but we can change ourselves for the better and be happy. If your not happy in your relationship, maybe it's better for you to focus on you rather than the other person.

  • Genuine,

    I agree with you. But there's a lot more to our relationship than what Ive posted here. We each have our ways of dealing with things and what I'm trying to convey is that you have to pay attention your significant other and approach each others differences with understanding. Knowing the general attributes of a certain sign helps you approach things in way in which you will get the results you want.

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