Help please new adventure on rise

  • At this Solar Eclipse, most powerful as we all know, I've not had work for 7 mos and am heading to San Francisco accepting the generosity of friends allowing me to begin a new career as a producer in native film. The project in hand is SO powerful, a book to film, and this is so very new yet I'm feeling this is an amazing opportunity. Not having any funds, literally, at this moment to pay for readings, I would appreciate a view and guidance. At 56, (06.23.54) I've always made it through tough times eeking it out and it is so tough. Nnd now, this is scary and feeling way alone as this project is politically charged, nothing that I've ever done before and well....all eggs are in this basket. I'll be presenting the project to cable networks as a series....aiiigh need help ! Thank you and in full gratitude of friends and you here. Blessings.

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