Intercepted Planets?

  • Hi!=D

    I have intercepted houses and signs my 5th house(now ruled by libra) has scorpio intercepted and my 11th(now ruled by aries) has taurus intercepted. My 6th and 7th houses are sag duplicated my 11th and 12th houses are Gemini duplicated.

    Does anyone know what influence the planets in the intercepted houses have or what influence the intercepted houses/signs have on the planets?

  • Do you mean the 12th and 1st are duplicated?

    Pluto would co-rule your 5th house along with Venus. Venus would co-rule your 11th house along with Mars. Look to see where Pluto and Venus are in your chart because it may be more difficult to release that energy. Planets within the intercepted signs may feel fenced in or held back until you learn the full power of those planets. If it’s the Sun, Moon, ruler of the Ascendant or ruler of the intercepted sign then there can be a delay in getting that area in your life started in the right direction. If a planet is intercepted then look to see what house that planet rules for the release point. Also consider the aspects to these planets.

    Hope this helps… What planets are intercepted?

  • Thank you AquaBubbles!=D

    The advice you've given so far has been really helpful, this is something I didn't know and it's going to be very useful.=D

    However I'll rewrite it and add some of the information you requested.:-)

    Lol! I think I confused myself.

    Once again,, I appreciate your looking at this.:-)

    Ok. Here it goes. scorpio and taurus are missing in my 5th and 11th houses and replaced by libra and aries while saggittarius and Gemini 29'05 degrees are duplicated in my 6/7 and 1/12th houses.

    So far so good.:-) I think.

    Um, ok. My sun,mars,mercury, uranus(in a critical degree),vertex and north node all sit in my 5th house and in scorpio. my sun through mercury form a stellium and uranus and NN are conjunct..

    Jupiter in Taurus Rx, chiron in aries and my south node in taurus sits in my 11th house.

    Chiron Rx and Jupiter are conjunct one another.

    This sounds complex. No wonder I'm so weird. lol!

    Pluto in libra is in my 4th house and is a singleton .

    Venus in Capricorn(out of bounds) is in my 7th house and conjunct my descendant.

    I'm sorry for the huge mess and possible repeats, there's a lot here. Wow!

    Sun (Sco 23°53') Venus (Cap 02°01') wax. app.

    novile (40°00') orb: 1°52'

    Sun (Sco 23°53') Mars (Sco 26°32') app.

    conjunction (0°00') orb: 2°39'

    Sun (Sco 23°53') Jupiter (Tau 26°26') app.

    opposition (180°00') orb: 2°33'

    Sun (Sco 23°53') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wax. sep.

    novile (40°00') orb: 0°44'

    Sun (Sco 23°53') Chiron (Ari 28°29') wan. app.

    triseptile (154°17') orb: 0°19'

    Sun (Sco 23°53') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wan. app.

    biquintile (144°00') orb: 0°48'

    Sun (Sco 23°53') Vertex (Sco 17°03') app.

    conjunction (0°00') orb: 6°51'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') Venus (Cap 02°01') wan. sep. trine

    (120°00') orb: 6°35'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') Jupiter (Tau 26°26') wax. app.

    biseptile (102°51') orb: 0°41'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') Uranus (Sco 08°30') wan. sep.

    sextile (60°00') orb: 0°07'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wan. sep.

    decile (36°00') orb: 1°28'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') North Node (Sco 03°23') wan. sep.

    sextile (60°00') orb: 5°13'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') South Node (Tau 03°23') wax. sep. trine

    (120°00') orb: 5°13'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wan. sep.

    quintile (72°00') orb: 2°28'

    Moon (Vir 08°36') Vertex (Sco 17°03') wax. app.

    quintile (72°00') orb: 3°34'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') Venus (Cap 02°01') wan. app.

    undecile (32°44') orb: 0°21'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') Mars (Sco 26°32') sep.

    conjunction (0°00') orb: 2°25'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') Jupiter (Tau 26°26') sep.

    opposition (180°00') orb: 2°32'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wax. sep.

    semisquare (45°00') orb: 0°48'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') North Node (Sco 03°23') wax. sep.

    quindecile (24°00') orb: 1°34'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') South Node (Tau 03°23') wan. app.

    triseptile (154°17') orb: 0°09'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') Chiron (Ari 28°29') wan. sep.

    inconjunction (150°00') orb: 0°28'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wan. sep.

    inconjunction (150°00') orb: 0°07'

    Mercury (Sco 28°57') Midheaven (Pis 11°21') wax. app.

    biseptile (102°51') orb: 0°28'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') Mars (Sco 26°32') wax. app.

    decile (36°00') orb: 0°30'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') Jupiter (Tau 26°26') wan. app.

    biquintile (144°00') orb: 0°24'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') Saturn (Leo 16°45') wax. sep.

    sesquisquare (135°00') orb: 0°16'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') Neptune (Sag 12°58') wax. sep.

    vigintile (18°00') orb: 1°04'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') North Node (Sco 03°23') wax. app.

    sextile (60°00') orb: 1°22'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') South Node (Tau 03°23') wan. app. trine

    (120°00') orb: 1°22'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') Chiron (Ari 28°29') wan. sep. trine

    (120°00') orb: 3°32'

    Venus (Cap 02°01') Vertex (Sco 17°03') wan. sep.

    semisquare (45°00') orb: 0°01'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Jupiter (Tau 26°26') sep.

    opposition (180°00') orb: 0°06'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Uranus (Sco 08°30') wax. sep.

    vigintile (18°00') orb: 0°02'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Neptune (Sag 12°58') wan. sep.

    vigintile (18°00') orb: 1°34'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wax. app.

    semisquare (45°00') orb: 1°37'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') North Node (Sco 03°23') wax. app.

    quindecile (24°00') orb: 0°52'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Chiron (Ari 28°29') wan. app.

    inconjunction (150°00') orb: 1°57'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wan. sep.

    inconjunction (150°00') orb: 2°33'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Midheaven (Pis 11°21') wax. sep.

    biseptile (102°51') orb: 1°57'

    Mars (Sco 26°32') Vertex (Sco 17°03') app.

    conjunction (0°00') orb: 9°29'

    Jupiter (Tau 26°26') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wan. sep.

    sesquisquare (135°00') orb: 1°43'

    Jupiter (Tau 26°26') South Node (Tau 03°23') wax. sep.

    quindecile (24°00') orb: 0°58'

    Jupiter (Tau 26°26') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wax. app.

    undecile (32°44') orb: 0°05'

    Jupiter (Tau 26°26') Midheaven (Pis 11°21') wan. app.

    quintile (72°00') orb: 3°05'

    Jupiter (Tau 26°26') Vertex (Sco 17°03') app.

    opposition (180°00') orb: 9°23'

    Jupiter (Tau 26°26') East Point (Gem 14°08') wax. app.

    vigintile (18°00') orb: 0°17'

    Saturn (Leo 16°45') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wan. sep.

    sextile (60°00') orb: 3°36'

    Saturn (Leo 16°45') North Node (Sco 03°23') wax. sep.

    quintile (72°00') orb: 4°38'

    Saturn (Leo 16°45') South Node (Tau 03°23') wan. app.

    biseptile (102°51') orb: 0°30'

    Saturn (Leo 16°45') Chiron (Ari 28°29') wax. sep.

    tridecile (108°00') orb: 0°16'

    Saturn (Leo 16°45') Vertex (Sco 17°03') wax. sep.

    square (90°00') orb: 0°18'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') Neptune (Sag 12°58') wan. sep.

    decile (36°00') orb: 1°32'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wax. sep.

    quindecile (24°00') orb: 1°21'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') North Node (Sco 03°23') app.

    conjunction (0°00') orb: 5°06'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') South Node (Tau 03°23') app.

    opposition (180°00') orb: 5°06'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') Midheaven (Pis 11°21') wax. sep. trine

    (120°00') orb: 2°51'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') Part of Fortune (Ari 13°48') wax. sep.

    triseptile (154°17') orb: 1°01'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') Vertex (Sco 17°03') sep.

    conjunction (0°00') orb: 8°33'

    Uranus (Sco 08°30') East Point (Gem 14°08') wan. app.

    biquintile (144°00') orb: 0°22'

    Neptune (Sag 12°58') Pluto (Lib 13°09') wax. app.

    sextile (60°00') orb: 0°11'

    Neptune (Sag 12°58') North Node (Sco 03°23') wan. sep.

    novile (40°00') orb: 0°26'

    Neptune (Sag 12°58') Chiron (Ari 28°29') wax. app.

    sesquisquare (135°00') orb: 0°32'

    Neptune (Sag 12°58') Vertex (Sco 17°03') wan. app.

    quindecile (24°00') orb: 1°55'

    Pluto (Lib 13°09') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wan. app.

    biseptile (102°51') orb: 1°13'

    Pluto (Lib 13°09') Midheaven (Pis 11°21') wax. app.

    inconjunction (150°00') orb: 1°48'

    Pluto (Lib 13°09') Part of Fortune (Ari 13°48') sep.

    opposition (180°00') orb: 0°39'

    Pluto (Lib 13°09') Vertex (Sco 17°03') wax. sep.

    undecile (32°44') orb: 1°10'

    Pluto (Lib 13°09') East Point (Gem 14°08') wan. sep. trine

    (120°00') orb: 0°59'

    North Node (Sco 03°23') Chiron (Ari 28°29') sep.

    opposition (180°00') orb: 4°54'

    North Node (Sco 03°23') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wan. app. trine

    (120°00') orb: 4°19'

    North Node (Sco 03°23') Midheaven (Pis 11°21') wax. sep. trine

    (120°00') orb: 7°57'

    South Node (Tau 03°23') Chiron (Ari 28°29') sep.

    conjunction (0°00') orb: 4°54'

    South Node (Tau 03°23') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wax. app.

    sextile (60°00') orb: 4°19'

    South Node (Tau 03°23') Midheaven (Pis 11°21') wan. app.

    septile (51°26') orb: 0°37'

    South Node (Tau 03°23') Part of Fortune (Ari 13°48') wan. app.

    vigintile (18°00') orb: 1°36'

    South Node (Tau 03°23') East Point (Gem 14°08') wax. sep.

    novile (40°00') orb: 0°45'

    Chiron (Ari 28°29') Ascendant (Gem 29°05') wax. sep.

    sextile (60°00') orb: 0°35'

    Chiron (Ari 28°29') East Point (Gem 14°08') wax. sep.

    semisquare (45°00') orb: 0°39'

    Ascendant (Gem 29°05') Vertex (Sco 17°03') sep.

    sesquisquare (135°00') orb: 2°58'

    Midheaven (Pis 11°21') Vertex (Sco 17°03') sep. trine

    (120°00') orb: 5°42'

    Vertex (Sco 17°03') East Point (Gem 14°08') app.

    inconjunction (150°00') orb: 2°54'

    Sun (Sco) Con (Sco) Mars | 2:38' a | 26.83 |

    2: Mercury (Sco) Con (Sco) Mars | 2:25' s | 23.05 |

    3: Sun (Sco) Con (Sco) Mercury | 5:04' s | 19.07 |

    4: Neptune (Sag) Sex (Lib) Pluto | 0:11' a | 18.45 |

    5: Mars (Sco) Opp [Tau] Jupiter | 0:06' s | 17.40 |

    6: Sun (Sco) Opp [Tau] Jupiter | 2:32' a | 15.73 |

    7: Venus (Cap) Con (Sag) Descendant | 2:56' a | 15.64 |

    8: Venus (Cap) Opp (Gem) Ascendant

    Mercury (Sco) Opp [Tau] Jupiter | 2:31' s |

    Mercury (Sco) SSx (Sag) Descendant | 0:07' s |

    Mercury (Sco) SSx (Sag) Descendant | 0:07' s | 7.83 |

    20: Venus (Cap) Tri [Tau] South Node | 0:17' a | 7.09 |

    21: Pluto (Lib) Tri (Gem) East Point | 0:59' s | 7.01 |

    22: Venus (Cap) Sex [Sco] North Node | 0:17' a | 7.00 |

    23: Uranus (Sco) Tri (Pis) Midheaven | 2:51' s

    Sun (Sco) Con (Sco) Vertex | 6:50' a | 5.42 |

    27: Uranus (Sco) Sex (Vir) IC | 2:51' s | 5.29 |

    28: Moon (Vir) Tri (Cap) Venus

    Mercury (Sco) SSq (Lib) Pluto | 0:48' s | 4.82 |

    31: Saturn (Leo) Squ (Sco) Vertex

    Sun (Sco) Qui (Vir) IC | 0:31' a |

    Sun (Sco) BQn (Gem) Ascendant | 0:48' a

    Venus (Cap) BQn [Tau] Jupiter | 0:24' a | 3.83 |

    40: Saturn (Leo) Sex (Lib) Pluto | 3:36' a | 3.78 |

    41: Pluto (Lib) Inc (Pis) Midheaven | 1:47' a | 3.74 |

    42: Pluto (Lib) SSx (Vir) IC | 1:47' a |

    Uranus (Sco) Con [Sco] North Node | 6:10' s | 3.50 |

    47: Sun (Sco) Qui (Vir) Moon | 3:16' a |

    North Node [Sco] Tri (Gem) Ascendant | 3:14' a |

    Pluto (Lib) SSx (Vir) Part Fortune | 1:12' s |

    Sun (Sco) Nov (Lib) Pluto | 0:44' s | 2.88 |

    57: Sun (Sco) Squ (Leo) Saturn | 7:08' s |

    South Node [Tau] Tri (Sag) Descendant | 3:14' a |

    Venus (Cap) SSq (Sco) Vertex | 0:01' s |

    South Node [Tau] Sex (Gem) Ascendant | 3:14' a

    North Node [Sco] Sex (Sag) Descendant | 3:14' a

    Sun (Sco) SQn (Sag) Descendant | 0:48' a |

    Uranus (Sco) BQn (Gem) East Point | 0:21' a

    Mars (Sco) Qui (Vir) IC | 3:10' a |

    Sun (Sco) QNv (Gem) East Point | 0:15' s

    Mars (Sco) SSx (Sag) Descendant | 2:32' s

    Sun (Sco) SQn (Cap) Venus | 2:08' s

    Uranus (Sco) Sep (Sag) Descendant | 0:50' a | 0.96 |

    94: Pluto (Lib) Qui (Sag) Descendant | 3:55' s

    Neptune (Sag) Nov [Sco] North Node | 0:38' s | 0.74 |

    99: Pluto (Lib) QNv [Tau] South Node | 0:49' s |

    Jupiter [Tau] Inc (Sag) Descendant | 2:39' s

    Moon (Vir) Sex [Sco] North Node | 6:17' s

    Sun (Sco) QNv [Tau] South Node | 1:34' s

    South Node [Tau] Sep (Pis) Midheaven | 0:27' s |

    North Node [Sco] Sep (Vir) IC | 0:27' s

    Vertex (Sco) Sex (Vir) IC | 5:41' a

    Saturn (Leo) Ses (Sag) Descendant | 2:40' a

    Part Fortune (Vir) BSp (Sag) Descendant | 1:51' s

    Vertex (Sco) SSq (Sag) Descendant | 2:57' a

    Sun parallel of declination Mar (orb: 0°48’)

    Sun contraparallel of declination Jup (orb: 0°30’)

    Mer parallel of declination Mar (orb: 1°12’)

    Mer parallel of declination Nep (orb: 0°10’)

    Mar contraparallel of declination Jup (orb: 1°18’)

    Mar parallel of declination Nep (orb: 1°22’)

    Jup parallel of declination Sat (orb: 1°43’)

  • I'll have a look's late here

  • Thank you AquaBubbles, 🙂

    I hope I didn't go overboard, I have a tendency to be an extremist.

    Please don't be shy in letting me know:-)

    Have a good night!

  • Robin, quick this sidereal or tropical ? I'm not familiar with sidereal....I wouldn't want to lead you astray...

  • This is Tropical. Thank you for the consideration=D

  • Hey Robin,

    I had a quick look but life has been a little crazy right now. If you want, we can discuss as we go along. I am only looking at the major planets and major aspects because it gets very confusing otherwise.

    You may not be a person that takes the initiative. Having said that the majority of your planets are fixed and in succedent houses therefore it lends quite a bit of rigidity to your character. As indicated by the intercepted Sun and Jupiter, during your early years did you feel restrained and that your natural enthusiasm was bottled up somehow? Your sense of self may have been inhibited and your creative self wasn’t given full reins. However, an intercepted Mars indicates an intense power and energy, especially so in Scorpio. Do you have a specialized goal in mind or have you already achieved it? You need to find a special field or place in life to feel comfortable. You have a lot of energy which you can channel into and you possess the ability to make whatever you do a personal triumph. Your thought process is very original and unique as indicated by the intercepted Mercury which is also your chart ruler.

    I will continue looking as I get a chance. Does this describe you so far?

  • I appreciate it AquaBubbles, =D

    You're really kind for going to all the trouble.

    If things are hectic for you, you don't have to continue.

    You've really been a lot of help.=-)

    I have trouble getting things started it's true,but I've gotten better over the years.

    I have a tendency to be stubborn,but I'm a lot more flexible in my character than I used to be. I keep a sense of humor. I remember to be compassionate towards others.

    Once I get going it's hard for me to!

    I've always lacked confidence and opportunities to express my creativity so I guess that would be considered feeling restrained. I also did lack drive and enthusiasm for things for many years. I was always depressed and frustrated as a teenager and some of my 20's. It's also true I've only started to discover myself and my capabilities over the last, I'd say 5 years or so. I feel like I'm only beginning life and like I never had the chance to live it (all I felt really inclined to do was have fun)and yet there seems to be so little time now that I've started. It's true my thought processes are unique, I don't seem to think like a lot of other people. I hear all the time how people don't understand me. Even when I explain myself.

    My art teacher told me I should "keep doing whatever it is that I do".

    Yes I do have a specialized goal in mind, I feel a lack of confidence and uncertainty about it as I do everything I pursue. 😃

    It's Art that I'm pursuing. Some people I've talked to think I should be a healer(if they use placidus) and that I should follow that path while other's think I should be an artist(if you use equal house or koch) . I get straight A's in art and almost straight A's in health related fields.

    Yes, it is fairly accurate. =D

    Intercepted planets have a lot of impact. It's amazing. Know wonder I've had such a difficult time.

  • No problem Robin. My chart is actually somewhat boring (in my eyes) so I do enjoy learning how certain placements, aspects and configurations play out. Thank you for sharing. I can tell that you have a good knowledge of astrology and i would enjoy exchanging more thoughts and concepts with you, if not now then hopefully in the future.

  • In my opinion, no chart is boring,=-) but because it's your chart I can understand how you might see it as such.

    I think my chart is a!

    I like learning about how placements, aspects and configurations play out too. It's fascinating how they work out.

    Thank you for helping me learn more about my own chart.=-) I appreciate it. There's so much too learn!=D

    It would be very nice to exchange thoughts and concepts wtih you,thank you for mentioning it. Hopefully sooner than!=D

    Success and Good luck!

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