Women and men after divorce

  • Hello all, i have been divorced for a year now and have really suffered during this period .I had very low self esstem no confidence ,after being married for 25 years having 4 beautiful children i thought my life had come to an end. Then i woke up one morning and said to myself its not the end of the world , i am now learning to love myself again and live a normal life . I know out there some men and women are going through the same thing i want to send this message always hold your head up high and try to be happy.

  • Good for you! Many of us have been thru the same thing. Stick around here and you will find a lot of us. :0) It is the most difficult thing to experience but I know for myself, I'm a much better person for it and wouldn't change a thing if I had to do it over again. Blessings to you!

  • Hi AuntBuck thank you for replying , yes i look forward to hearing from other people .I do know there are many out there suffering just like we did ,i will be here for anyone who needs to talk may god bless us all ,

  • Hello everyone! I was married 32 years. I went from a vibrant, pretty young woman to an overweight, unhappy, depressed, no self-esteem frump. Not anymore! This woman is happy, compassionate, funny and loves people. Presently, I am President of a group of women. We have 3 functions a year to raise money for well-deserved charities in our local community. We donate 100% of what we collect. I have the confidence and passion to stand in front of a group anywhere from 30 - 250. I am looking forward to having a passionate relationship with a good, kind man that looks after my best interests. (I have not found him yet, but I believe he is coming).

    I say all this to give someone hope. I believe there are relationships that are just unhealthy-physically, mentally, spiritually, you name it. If you feel you are dying in a relationship and your heart of hearts tells you to leave it. Do it for your sake. Don't give a darn what anyone may think. The only people that know their relationship are the two in it. I let my family, friends, co-workers, etc., believe things were fine. By doing this, I dug myself in a really big hole. This might be a good example of: pride comes before the fall. I have some signs I made up and put them in strategic places that read: To Thine Ownself Be True. This has really helped me.

    I do need to find employment, have not yet, but I know what ever I do, I will do it with a passion.

    It really feels good to be able to express yourself and have a yest for living. My best to you all and keep your faith in yourself! Love ya!

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