Scorpio girl will not talk ! how shall l deal with it Part 1.

  • This scorpio girl wanted a sexual connection to go further with me , but l could not have it just feared pain, lm assuming she wanted a fling Bi experience .. Don't know ,but l had one back in 98 with a Russian Taurus girl who went crazy on me so left that madness behind which l told her about.

    So l find history repeating it self this time a this scorpio girl , cannot believe it , she was a work friend in Management Younger than me 8 yrs., but attractive again , we were friends sort of but struggled because we have a sexual chemistry! Me being a concern her a scorpio ... dynamics different but energy as you know with scorpios and cancer are always intense , due to our strong intuition..

    Anyway l decided l would not go through another episode of what happened with the Taurus girl and make this Scorpio girl my friend ,and told her this ,once we confessed our feelings back in March! l even said l would not talk some times but not to be offended by it ,as it was only when l found my emotions to hard to handle, but she wasn't having it .. the flirting just kept coming stares ... dressing to impress touching when walking by and hugging when greeting any chance she got, but l loved it also, so i was torn up till my holiday . I went to Egypt end of May were this Russian girl lives but the fling needed 2 yrs. back and l haven't spoke about it to the scorpio or anyone for at-least a i had been back three times prior, Anyway l came back from Egypt 10 June .. and i heard her trainer who was a friend but also my Manager WHO is Gay had become close to her and they were now always together daily , as the scorpio is no longer working she is bored and does not have anyone during the day because her guy is working, so this gay girl who l confided in as wormed her way into the scorpios friendship via my friendship..

  • Part 2

    So now these two are very close apparently because they both have been having issues with their partners. Only problem was the Scorpio girl still was showing intense signs she liked me still , up till Sunday morning , she felt it and so did l when she hugged me in front of this lesbian and l ignored the lesbian friend because she befriended the scorpio but never told me they were hanging out , but was still listening to my feelings about her and telling her, so sneaky , l felt betrayed .

    Now l think the Lesbian sensed how much this girl still wanted me , on sunday,even though she was spending every day with her, so destroyed the trust between me and the Scorpio by telling her l talked about her. SHOCKER!! ;0( not all true and taken out of context! )i said she was a flirt and would need to try harder to get me. Out loud to make the lesbian jealous and also to show my displeasure towards them for hiding their friendship , l was hurting so bad.

    So now the scorpio is on a mission to destroy me emotionally and is flirting with the gay girl like crazy giving her lift's home etc , smoking again although she stopped years ago , and even had the cheek !!! To get the Lesbian to collect some flowers from the office to bring to her that l had bought for her to collect to say sorry with a letter on a card inside. What hurts most is lm not sure if they have been intimate! So if you scorpios can tell me if a scorpio has been pinning for someone for over a year would they just sleep with someone close to hurt you for not showing your full attention?

    Next morning she replied with thank u for the beautiful flowers! by text , but only after l asked her why she would not talk.really cold, no Kisses, then continued by saying she heard that l was slagging her off! but her friend told me that she was told by someone , so it does not add up! plus l know in my heart l never said nothing that was bad so i do not feel any guilt ! she then went on to say g how much this lesbian girl is my friend and how she always defends me ( reverse mind games on the lesbos part im sure) talk nice to scorpio about me ,but to my face she told me to move on nothing happend! etc and lm the one with a problem..Gob Smacked ...;0(

    l don't trust easy and l told the scorpio this again only on Thursday the previous week ,and this Scorpio just seems to have lost patience with me, and now wants to hurt me for no reason. I've cryed my self silly alone !!! More because im disappointed she could not confront me face to face and believes this other girl she has known her 3 months over our friendship of 3 years..

    She broke down in tears and cried on my shoulders once in the office, early this year in may l panicked , because l thought she was going to tell everyone how she felt ,because i hadn't spoke to her for two weeks prior to that moment because i was hurting for her , but did not know how to move forward with the friendship side, in the end she just wiped her eyes and said to everyone while l sat back down that it was nothing and looked at me intensely.

    My question to you is , lm l right in the fact she must have loved me badly and feels that l have betrayed her.. although she will not ask me out right ,and also

    2. shall l lay low . and wait to see if she is using the lesbian to hurt me and will soon get tied of her and try to contact me. which she said to a college she would do once she worked out what to say

    3. . what reaction should I expect and how should l deal with it. as im assuming it will be cold and bitter anyway

    4. will she call or will she be to coward and just appear at my work floating around her friend to see if i approach her as she as done many times before

    Im reluctant ,because everyone knows of the situation , but not the feelings involved.!

    ?? I do miss her but we are both straight girls who seem to be unlucky in the sense we wanted each other , but did not know how to move it forward without the sex and emotion.

    I really want her back But need you to advise me accordingly! I will not beg , but will not let go either , but shall not tell her this, as she has always seen me as strong, three days of begging and since wednesday , l have stopped because l date a scorpio guy too and we split for 6 months , and once l stopped calling it seemed to make things easier.

    She told a friend should would call once she worked out what she wanted to say! So childish and stubborn as the distance only makes things worse .!

    Sorry to go on but thought detail would clarify the whole story. , Cancers need that. x

  • I'm a scorpio woman and when I feel like someone has betrayed me, I feel like getting revenge on the person who I felt betrayed me,but I won't.

    That's me though.

    However,from what I've read scorpio men and women will go out of there way to get revenge or be obstinate, however you want to see it.=-)

    Scorpio's can be proud, sort of like Leo's.

    Also if a scorpio woman has been hurt, she generally won't speak to you as much if at all. At least I wouldn't.

    Generally scorpio's don't "play games" in relationships unless it's for the sake of revenge and then it's not a game.

    From what I understand in your letter, you may have lost your Scorpio woman.

    Then again, friends who butt in and try to play head games can put a damper on the

    It's hard to tell.

    I wish I could be of more help.

    I wish you good luck=-)

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