Hi, Captain!

  • Hi, Captain! I wanted to know which are your thoughts about my marriage.

    His DOB: April 17

    Mine: November 9

    Thank you!

  • I think you are two very different people - your husband is 'water' (emotions) which can put out your 'fire' (creativity and inspiration). There is uncertainty and instability here. Your husband is patient, long-suffering and watchful while you are generally impatient and in a hurry to move on to new things - differences in tempo, style and feeling will cause problems. Power struggles can arise if your hubby resents your leadership qualities and he may see you as inflexible and dictatorial. A struggle can emerge over where the authority in the relationship lies. This can involve finances or rules or just general dominance issues. Probably the best way to achieve harmony is to leave each other alone periodically.

    Love between you will feature storm and struggle. Your husband will tend to repress his emotions and may work to make you manifest repressed feelings of jealousy, anger or rage that he himself has hammered down deep inside. You for your part may be taken aback by the emotion you expose in this relationship, since you try to project a cool image and avoid messy scenes. His depression or moodiness will irritate you and make you impatient with him.

    On the positive side, you being the pioneering type can learn from your hubby that the greatest challenges you can face may be internal, and that exploring your own self may be the most daunting yet rewarding venture you could undertake. In return, you may awaken your husband from his lethargy and inspire him to take part in the world around him. You have much to teach each other.

    It's not an easy relationship but it can be good for both friendship and marriage if both parties are willing to work at it. Learn when to care and when to back off. Avoid power struggles and work on understanding. Accept common authority.

  • Hi, Captain! Your description was very accurate. We have our ups and downs but have learned how to make our marriage work and to appreciate our mutual qualities. (Well, we still enervate each other from time to time...)

    I intend to apply for a job abroad at the end of the year. Which would be the outcome of that action? My husband says that he would go with me and come back to our country from time to time to see the house and flee the winter days.

    If I don't get the job I'll try to enter civil service. Would I be approved this time?

    Sorry for all the questions, I know they are too conjectural right now, but I want to study my options.

    Thank you again!

  • Hi captain i have been divorced for 14 months will i ever be happy again ,going through my divorced i was devistated and also my self confindence had reached rock bottom i am now learning to love myself again i would be extremly greatful if you could do a reading for me thank you .

    My D O B is 3-12-61

  • Mollykolly, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic' button at the top of the page.

  • Alenbrz, I think going abroad with your husband would be very good for you and seems likely to happen unless something life-changing comes along in the meantime. I don't feel you will go into the civil service, at least where you are now.

  • Thank you, Captain! I hope you don't mind if I ask the same questions again at the end of the year. 😉

  • Hi Captain! Hope you are doing great! I'm writing because I'm feeling a bit down today. It happens from time to time when I think about how my life sometimes seems to have staled. I'm studying and trying to focus on the plans I want to put into practice next year, but they are so foggy, will my efforts pay off in the end? I don't want next year to be like the last three ones.

    It is nice to have you here. Thanks!

  • There's a bit of a nasty planetary configuration around at the moment, Alenbrz. It will pass by next week and you should feel better. Yes, your efforts will pay off in the future.

  • Hi Captain! How are you doing? (Happy New Year by the way!)

    Well, the Japan idea is not on the table anymore, i've given it some thought and i've got to the conclusion that the timing is not ok anymore, but i'm still studying an intend to take the civil service exam.

    What do you see in store for me this year?

    Thank you!

  • What do you want to be in store for you?

  • Hi TheCaptain

    I really really want to be approved in the exams for which i've been studying and get my dream job. That's my wish, that's what i want to achieve this year. Am I ready to get it?

  • Well, are you? Have you put in the necessary work and focus?

  • I hope so, i've been studying for the last 2 years. 🙂

    Whatever happens is ok, but i would like to be approved this time.

    Have a nice day, TheCaptain!

  • This is all an issue of how much you believe in yourself, Alenabrz. To the extent that you trust your own strength, intuition and good sense, you will succeed in whatever you do. Any lack of belief in your abilities will hold you back. Even if you go down a road that eventually leads nowhere, your time and effort has not been wasted as you have learned valuable lessons and can now close that particular door forever. There is always time to start over again so don't be afraid to try new things.

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