Cancer ex can I win him back?

  • Hi Guys

    I'm new to posting here, but I love your insight. I am a Virgo and need some advice re my ex Cancer man. My story with him is kind of long so I will cut it as short as I can. My questions are, do you think there is chance he will come back? and what is my best course of action?

    I first met this guy 35 years ago when we were 5. You could say he was my first boyfriend (if you can call it that at that age) We sat next to each other in class for the next 2 years until he moved away with his parents. That was the last I heard of him until.....

    Almost 2 years ago I had an email from him out of the blue. He had fund me on line and decided to contact me. I was married (very unhappily I might add) and he had been divorced for many years. At first we just emailed maybe weekly, then more frequently. He was very charming and friendly, he wanted to know everything about me. Our emails soon developed into daily online chats, and we decided to meet up. He had settled over 100 miles way but had family closer to me whom he saw on a regular basis.

    Things intensified quite quickly after this and he asked me to leave my husband to be with him. However I found it difficult to do this for many reasons, the main one being guilt at hurting my husband. My marriage had been pretty much over for a long time but my husband was very dependant on me. I needed time to get my head together and sort myself out A couple of times throughout our year long relationship we both agreed to call it quits. I didn't want to make him wait around for me and he said that he didn't want to add to the pressure I was already under at home. Both times however he contacted me within a week or two saying that he didn't want to be without me in his life.

    We continued like this until I foolishly said to him one day that we were making each other miserable and that I couldn't do this anymore. I regretted it from the moment I said it, but it was too late.He logged off and that was that! I waited for the text or the email but it never came. He logged in to his messenger now and again but never spoke. I waited a while then tried to apologise, things were frosty but we were kind of speaking. Then just as we were going to get together to talk things through my husband had an accident that meant he needed looking after for a while. The next time we spoke my Cancer man said that the decision had been made for us. I saw him once a month or so after this. He said he was “no longer there”. That was 8 months ago and I miss him terribly.

    I have cut a long story very short but do you think there any chance for us?? What should I do?

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