A quick question!

  • hello all!

    are the readings on the website spellspace.com accurate at all? I'm just having a hard time believing some of the stuff said on there.

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  • What kind of insight are you seeking?

    You wrote yourself that things have been crazy lately and your intuition is clouded...there you go, Dr. Jovi, your intuition just gave you an answer. Things have been crazy lately = clouded intuition.

    We all go through dry spells and at those times we just have to trust The Universe to bring us through them intact, which IT always does, not always in ways that we expect, but we come through those "dry spells" nonetheless as richer, more mature human beings.

    You have great gifts: highly advanced deja vu and dream premonitions. They haven't gone anywhere; they're just "clouded" right now by more mundane things going on in your life. Trust your process, because you have to trust it in order to complete it.

    Learn to embrace these times of "lack of insight" for often times contained within them are the seeds of even greater insight. The well empties and then fills again. It's all cyclical. And by all means keep posting and sharing with us.

    I think of times like these as "trips to the desert". What does the emptiness, barrenness, and starkness have to teach you? What lies beneath the surface of the temporary disappearance of your gifts? What needs to change? What needs to remain the same?

    A famous 13th century monk, St. Romuauld, once wrote to his fellow monks when he was novice master: "Sit in your cell and your cell will teach you everything." And as you probably are aware, a monk's cell was pretty bare! Remember this saying during times like these, Dr. Jovi.

    And remember: there are two important things to keep in mind about insight/intuition/instinct. They're either dead right or they're dead wrong. So make sure you talk with trusted others about your experiences as you feel led.

    Nothing external matters here except as it shows you its inner reflection. This is your mantra for times like these.

    Blessings to you on the Path.

  • thanks again gwalchmai60! your very kind and helpful with my spiritual dilemma here.

    I need an insight with just my life as a whole especially with my med school program. its like i feel like i used to be able to make wise decisions that were beneficial to me ( with my intuition/gut feeling) but ever since I met my now ex boyfriend it just went down hill from there. So my soul and spirit has been on a major drain and my ex just keeps popping up and drift in and out of my life and i just want to be able to have my intuition back and i want my spirit and soul to be whole again because right now it sure feels like its in shambles.

  • Trust your process.

    One day at a time.

    Easy does it.

    This too shall pass.

    Blessed be.

    Keep it simple.

    You have many allies, seen and unseen, and I am one of them.

    Peace be with you.

  • thanks so much. thats exactly what im going to do: take it one say at a time. thanks so much for the encouragement.

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