New start

  • For the eclips and new moon tomorrow I am going to burn old memories and say good bye. Its time for me to get rid of the painful feelings the pic. letters and cards are giving me. I am ready to move forward and say good bye to this part of my past. I feel this will help me say "NO MORE" and forgive myself for allowing another to repeatedly hurt and use me....I love myself...and I am worthy of recieving happiness 100%!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and THANK YOU to everyone who has replied or even read any of my posts on here.....Your time is valued to me and I thank you for sharing it WITH ME:)

    hugs and loves to all

  • I wish you the best of luck!

  • Thank you:)

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  • I did mine lastnight as well....I went to the woods where my ex and I had "SPECIAL" memories and went often...I re-read the old letter and it was sooooooo weird I had very little emotion and yet when I recieved them I got so MUCH emotion reading them they kept me going. He has been in Jail/prison since last Sept. and they were our way of working things out....well things ended in May....and I just needed to rid my life space and self of them all...I built a big fire and burnt was wonderful....pic. and all.....and a lot of memories have been flooding my mind today but I really really feel a huge weight lifted off was very rewarding and I am glad I did it....I hope you feel the same:) hugs

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