Help with Cancer Ex PLEASE?

  • Hello. I have been in an off and relationship with a cancer for a long time now. We have just recently (about a month or two) broken up. He contacts me saying he wants to be together. I'm very confused because I am sure he has already talked to tons of girls. Is he getting revenge? Planning something to hurt me? Are the new girls not paying him attention and now he expects some from me? Very confused!

  • Some Cancer guys ARE so confusing. As a clearheaded and intellectual Aqua, you have a hard time understanding his mood changes. It's just because he's a Cancer. He undoubtedly has intense feelings for you and misses you when you are apart. I doubt he is planning to hurt you...unless you did something that really hurt him (just as an example, infidelity? This is something Cancers have a hard time forgiving, and never forget about. But I don't think this was the case). Your basic natures are very different. Yours is the humanitarian sign, the sign with love for humankind (the sign of "brotherly love"). You are interested in helping the world. You value having a certain amount of independence in a relationship, and your Cancer has a hard time understanding this, and may take it to mean you are not interested. His sign is centered around "family love", and less concerned about the world as a whole. Your differences, however, can complement each other in a relationship. If you get back together, communication is key. Make sure to tell him how much you like having him around--as a Cancer, he needs reassurance. This way, he'll be more understanding of your need for a certain amount of time for yourself in a relationship. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Thank you very much!

  • You're welcome!

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