HansWolfgang: Please, any future here?

  • redleo73,

    Hoping you would give me a try as well: the world has disappointed you.

    hoping you could give me your insight: if you are content in frugality and simplicity: the highest success. If you are following your ego, you will fall down.

    Is this normal for this sign? Yes.

    Should I be concerned? No.

    I am like ???? No.

    I want to know if this really is a relationship or if I am just wasting my time: Neither nor.

    Can you tell I have trust issues? No, you have not.

    Can you give me any advice/insight? You are suppressing your natural being.

    Am I going crazy or is this normal for the Cancer sign? Neither nor.

    Do I wait to hear from him or tell him how I am feeling? Tell him how you are feeling.

    I reaaly appreciate any help you can give me is great appreciated: meet with close friends and celebrate.

    Knowing this, you can do two things: either you can

    become a poet or you can go into silence. And my

    suggestion is that to go into silence is negative. The

    positive is to become a poet. Knowing this -- that

    words cannot say much -- try to say through some other

    means. Poetry is that. What prose cannot say, poetry

    tries to say.

  • secretlygone,

    I was wondering if you would perhaps be gracious enough to do one for me now? Clear your mind.

    wondering if you could give me any insight or wisdom on it? be a part of existence which always radiates calmness.

    i'm curious to see if the cards would echo my thoughts and feelings about it: you love to argue.

    if there is anything about future people coming into my life or past ones coming back or anything: no.

    Or even a general reading would be great: defend your position. Keep your integrity and remain among the oppressed.

    It'd be nice to know if i'm ever going to get myself out of this debt: No.

    Thank you so much if you choose to do a reading for me: be playful in the here and now.

    I am just curious to what they would have to say about things 7 months after my last one: collect all your energy for your great hope.

    Be a rebellious person.

    Who is a rebellious person? The rebellious person is

    one who does not bother about the society at all -- she

    simply lives through her innermost core -- who follows

    her Tao. If society fits with that inner Tao, good, she

    goes with the society; she is not reactionary. If the

    society does not fit with her inner Tao, she goes alone.

    She is not a traditional. conventional, straight person.

    Her criterion is her inner soul.

  • sagibaby,

    Once again thank you so much for your thoughtful insights and guidance: You are dominated by the mind of a man.

    Did he tried to pursue her: yes.

    and got shot down? yes.

    So now he's trying to come back to me knowing that i may still have feelings for him? Yes.

    And then leave me once he finds another girl that interests him? Yes.

    Basically is he just trying to reach out to me for the moment so he's not bored? No.

    Tomorrow remains unknown. You have to take the risk.

  • Joyful50,

    I am a virgo 9/6/58: You have your share of challenges and your share of gifts. You dislike routine and abhor anything that pretends to limit your freedom. You can be a perpetual wanderer, never settling down for anything long enough to make it pay off. This includes your work and relationships. You have an inner restlessness, but you truly want to accomplish something of value and stability in your life. You are inherently spiritual and know what is of true value. The challenge comes in practicing what you know. You come into this life with a certain amount of karma which often takes considerable hard work to discharge. If your are lazy, there will be many problems. You must practice what you know and do what it takes to get the job done without shirking responsibility. You make a great sales woman Your inner truth is your guiding light.

    I have an art exhibit in September and am Hoping for a breakthrough with my finances - see anything? Yes, certainly, you are going on your way.

    I dont know if I should trust: No.

    • is this my issue? No.

    See someone new or do I give Leo a chance? Neither nor.

    You managed to see. In the

    right perspective, even mountains are moving, even

    stars are moving, because everything is in a flux. The

    river is moving so fast that you can see it, but that

    which you can see is not a great realization... until

    you start seeing that which is happening that you are

    not aware of.

  • tonib3741,

    What do you see for my health? Live natural and you remain healthy. Relax your rectum.

    My birthday is 10/11/50: Creative or dishonest? Which is which? As you can imagine, those who are the most creative can also be the most dishonest and vice versa. There is mental and financial creativity and you are no lazy bone. Your brilliant mind is far ahead of the common person and society. You are one of the people of the Aquarian Age. You dislike pettiness and tend to be somewhat impatient with the failings of others. You need respect and a position that allows your brilliant mind free reign to create and explore. You are never at a loss for ideas, some of which will bring you huge financial returns. On the negative side, you can be irresponsible and in some cases, dishonest. You can see things from so many levels that nothing is really "wrong" - it is just another way of looking at things. You don't get away with much in that regard though. Saturn's your dealings.

    Toni, the only victory worth calling victory is to become

    absolutely blissful. Not even a trace of misery should

    be left, because if even a trace of misery is left it

    will grow again. It is like cancer: if even a small

    piece of some canceric growth remains inside you it

    will start growing again. It has to be totally removed.

    And misery is cancer of the soul. Bliss is the health

    of the soul. Just as there is a well-being of the body,

    there is a well-being of the soul.

  • this is really crazy, now they censure even: r e c t u m

  • hi hans I just created a post, but see you on here so this is a copy of a request to you for insight

    Hello again Hans, I got some input from you last year about the direction my life would take..... at the time, your advice was the opposite of the way things appeared to be going, but it turns out you were right.... You don't know how opposite it was at the time my love life was looking grand my work life dismal, but you predicted I would have a turnaround in both areas and were right. I have moved forward at work and since broken up with the man in question.... Here's the new question I like someone new I've "known" him (at work from a distance) for over 5 years, until recently , a friendship just sprang up then he got a promotion and left, but not before telling me he wanted to come up and visit me on weekends and help me with my math and get to know eachother, I developed a little crush on him as we got closer and wonder what (if any) potential you see with this fella and what advice can you offeron the best course of action. I know you are busy and thank you in advanced for your imput and time.

  • sexygem,

    what (if any) potential you see with this fella: just being playful in the here and now.

    and what advice can you offeron the best course of action: pool your energy for your great hope.

    Be like innocent children.

  • Dear Hans,

    Beautiful poem and great insight - Thank You and Bless You!

  • Hans,

    Hmm... yeah i do agree about taking risks and have seen how things can be a certain way at times and situations could totally change as the different factors that surrounds us keep evolving. I guess something like this i would question or wonder then... would it even be worth taking the risk? And if so... why yes or why not? Hmm... im thinking about it. We still haven't had that "talk" that he said he wanted to have. Then again, i think he just got back from Cali this weekend so who knows. He def seems to be somewhat fickle at times. Would we actually have that talk about my letter that he said he wanted to have? Or did he change his mind once again?

  • Thank you Hans, I am a really honest person though.


  • Joyful50,

    Don't rush, don't go on rushing. Sit silently, watch

    that which is. Don't hanker for that which should be.

    Just watch that which is. Tao is hidden in that which

    is, Tao is not a direction.

  • sagibaby,

    would it even be worth taking the risk? yes.

    And if so... why yes or why not? Because you are confidently and sincerely seeking union. His devotion to you and to truth makes this alliance correct.

    Would we actually have that talk about my letter that he said he wanted to have? No.

    Or did he change his mind once again? No.

    You do not commit new mistakes everyday, you repeat

    the same mistakes again and again for which you have

    already repented thousands of times. What is the cause

    of this? In fact, you have two different minds, one

    that acts and the other that decides. They have no

    information of each other. There is no communication

    even between them. When you resolve 'I shall not be

    angry any more now' it is decided by a part of your

    mind which resolved this. For an illustration, let us

    say 'A' decides not to be angry, and then the next day

    she becomes angry with her man, then it is 'B' who is

    angry. As soon as 'B' disappears, 'A' returns and

    repents that inspite of resolving not to be angry, why

    did I become angry? Again it happens that somebody's

    foot injury touches you a little, and 'B' at once turns

    up in front of you and shows his temper immediately; at

    that time 'A' recedes to the background. Every moment

    change goes on taking place in your mind just as spokes

    on a cycle wheel go on revolving up and down. There are

    many such minds in your body.

  • tonib3741,

    Toni, all our education starts with 'don'ts' and we go on

    thrusting more and more of don'ts down the throats of

    helpless children. Ultimately the whole creative

    energy, the whole capacity to act, gets dissipated

    under the crushing load of 'don'ts.' Either that person

    stealthily indulges in that activity from which he had

    been stopped or he suffers from mental conflict or

    tension. There are only two options open to her: either

    to become a hypocrite or go mad. If she is a sincere and

    honest girl and fights with her conscience, then the

    inescapable consequence will be that she will go mad.

    And if, on the contrary, she is clever and cunning, she

    will take to hypocrisy. She will manage to have a

    back-door to her house through which she can indulge in

    any activity of her choice without any inhibitions, so

    that on the front door she can very well display all the

    don'ts and the Ten Commandments. She will always stand

    there pretending all innocence, as if she is not doing

    anything unworthy of herself, though she may be very

    well steeped in the other world of inhibited activity.

  • Hans,

    Yes, even though my defense mechanism does try to get in front so i don't get hurt or foolish make the same mistakes, deep down inside i know that i still do care about him and do want us to eventually be closer and have harmony. Guess is just my ego trying to be prideful too saying, "well why should i even try if he went after another girl and since he didn't got his way, his trying to come back now? Grrr". Who knows when we will talk. In the meantime im still doing no contact and not pursuing him. If he wants to reach me, i guess he knows how to find me. And yes, while inside i may be wondering when will we talk again? When will i see him again? Would it be weird out first encounter? Despite those questions that do run through my head, im still trying to practice some patience and self-restrain. I know that in the past with any type of situations i've been at times impulsive but like they say, patience is a virtue.

  • sagibaby,

    that which comes and goes is the guest,

    and that which remains is the host.

  • Ya that is true. I guess i may not be as crazy as i thought ah then? hehe. At times i was getting worried if maybe im somewhat bipolar sicne i have all these thoughts/ideas that come and go sometimes. But i guess they're just drawn out of my own fears and insecurities. We'll see what happens... in the meantime i'll just finish the final exams that i have this week and close the "summer 2010" chapter. Lol. Well, nah i won't fool myself. Probably not really close it. Instead just patiently see how things evolve while i go out and pursue those interest (school/job hunting again) that will benefit me. I know at times this may be easier said that done, but since all this crazy nonsense drama started almost 2 months ago with him, i've decided to if needed force myself to break the vicious cycle that i've been stuck on for so many years and make changes where it needs to happen. 🙂

  • Hello Hans, This is my first reading with you, my date of birth 23/09/75

    I have had alot go on in the last 4-6mths on the home front breakdown of a 20yr life partner(09/07/74) in April 2010, stresses with our kids dealing with this, my own jounery,angst,hurt and mistakes also his actions/inactions, so hear are my questions if I could get answered please.

    Why cant we get along for the kids sake?

    Why cant I get past and out the way of my own hurt?

    Why do I still have part of me that has hope for us?

    When will I accept and move on from this pain/sadness?

    Do you see us comming to some common ground soon?

    Why do I feel so hurt that he is in another relationship already with someone when he clearly said to me we have no future together ever again?

    Has he been lying to me for awhile about us and how he feels?

    Will he ever have a moment where he will be disappointed in himself for not trying to work it out?

    I have been alot of work on myself (ego, my spirit soul) am I on the right road to discovery and healing?

    Thankyou so much for sharing your gift Hans

    Love and light

  • Hi, Hans! It's me again! Thanks again for all your insight. I would like to know if i will be happy with the decision I am making. I feel it is the right one but I would like your insight on it. Also I would like to know if there will be any new relationships in the future for me or if I will be alone after making this decision? I feel strongly about a person and feel he is a special person in my life. Do you see this as being true? Thanks again, Hans!

  • sagibaby,

    I guess i may not be as crazy as i thought ah then? No.

    There is no possibility of communication. When all possibilities of communication open, but there is nothing to communicate; hence the drama of dialogue.

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