Help HANS!!!

  • quenkath,

    Are you trying to give me a message from this beautiful poem? No.



  • Angela168,

    If I get this job, do you see me in it for the long haul? No.

    This man is supposed to be under my power but hasn't said anything yet to me? No. But you do not know it.

    Why is that? Because unless his throat is cleared he cannot express his originality.

    Is it better to just move on with my life? Yes.

    born May 19, 1960: he will feel and be encouraged to elevate his thinking, speaking and acting to a higher level. He may also decide to make some sort of personal sacrifice. In any case, this does bring a strong dose of higher, spiritual love into his life and will encourage him to do things from a higher motive than usual.

    Do you see me getting healed of my sexual hang-ups? No.

    How then? You have had enough, you are now through with it.

    It is no hang-up, it is just foolishness.

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  • Heaps of thanks again Hans! I'm trying my very best to move on and make things right in my life but sometimes my fears control me and those hang-ups seem very real to me since my childhood days. I agree, have been foolish and selfish but those traumas keep haunting me and sabotage my relationships simply because I believe I don't deserve to be loved unconditionally. My self-worth is synonymous with sex, without the latter, I don't feel loved and connected with my partner. I've been trying to get past that stage and I'm glad you confirmed it which motivates me to nurture my other spiritual gifts as an empowered woman. Just wondering why I can't seem to achieve fulfillment in my sexual relationship, something always amiss? Is it me or my partner? If I'm done with it, you mean I will be sexually dormant for good? Oh nooooo.....please!

  • Hello Hanswolfgang... I was wondering if you could give me some indepth on my current love relationship. He says he loves me but does things that make me question it, he is affectionate and very giving but seems as if he's holding back a little. Help... My b-day is 7/21/57 and his is 7/9/66. Thanks so much, Claire

  • quenkath,

    Are you trying to tell me I have squandered my youth and fortune? Yes.

    Because you needed a friend.

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  • Angela168,

    why I can't seem to achieve fulfillment in my sexual relationship, something always amiss? because love is missing, but you want to give your heart.

    Is it me or my partner? Neither nor.

    If I'm done with it, you mean I will be sexually dormant for good? Yes.

    Don't try to hide anything. You are here to become

    absolutely true, authentic, nude and naked -- that is

    the only way to become pure and innocent again.

  • Ragtopcaligal,

    give me some indepth on my current love relationship: you are following your gut feelings trusting your energy. has nothing to do with his very being.

    My b-day is 7/21/57: This is a sign of protection in love, marriage and family. It represents your marriage and the foundation of love upon which a family and life can be built. This is usually considered a good influence, especially for a happy family and social life. You may even turn down offers of love at those times when you are feeling so fulfilled in the areas of friendship and romance. It is a strong indicator of marriage. This can also speak about your home and family and things going on in these areas. It represents, at its most basic level, the foundation of love upon which all of your other relationships are built. It is the home of the heart.

    If it hits and something clicks in your

    heart and love becomes your path, then forget

    whatsoever your mind is saying, then you need not reconsider

    again and again.

  • Hans,

    Seems bad news for me but I guess, I have to seek love instead for myself before able to find it outside of me! Yeah, been in denial far too long and has to stop these games and welcome it back into my life. Past is past and just need to move on and forgive myself for all the mistakes of the past! Thanks again and hope to have some good news for you after quite a while of soul-searching...continue sharing your gifts and have more patience for those who continue to challenge your wits about you out of desperation...enlightenment comes to those who humbly seek it, persevere until can no longer be is really the answer and can heal so many ills among men! More power to you!

  • quenkath,

    what is this I have squandered? Your supreme good fortune.

    It is very easy, when life is going comfortably, to

    thank God. That thankfulness means nothing.

  • Angela168,

    and when you are just a witness, the body will

    complete immediately whatsoever, has to be completed.

  • Thank you Hanswolfgang, that was great insight... he is the man I want to be with for the rest of my days and if he is of the same mind then all will be well. He is a man who knows what he wants, I'm guessing its me, lol Thanks, Claire

  • Ragtopcaligal,

    Moishe is employed as a groom working in the Czar's

    stables. One day the crown prince comes rushing into

    the stable. "Moishe," he calls, "get the finest

    carriage ready. The princess is coming home, I just

    received a telegram ... The best harness with the bells

    and feathers."

    While he is getting everything ready, Moishe notices

    that one of the horses has an erection. "Hey!" he says

    to the horse. "Who had the telegram, you or the


  • Dear hans

    I hope you are well. I don't even know what question to ask any more .....


  • Ultrablondbird,

    I answer even that.

    Love transcends sex.

  • Oh, I forgot.....

    Love transcends s e x .

  • Hanswolfgang, your answers on love and truth are making me cry. truly

  • Thank you hans. Your answer hit the spot as always



  • Kmuse,

    to me what is important is not that you decide for; what is important to me is that you decide on your own. It may be against it, it does not matter – but the decision should come from your own being.

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