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  • Hey Captain

    Your work is impressive. I was just wandering if you could help me out a tad, cos theres someone whos now moved away and I wish I could see them again, I thought we were close,- enough - anyway, its not that hard to travel a little to keep in touch, but I just cant work out if they want that too, or if i am they want to see me again?, I feel confused about their perspective on our connection. What you reckon there anything special here between us? I think they were born Nov 1969, the 11th I think. Im wandering if you need my date of birth, its Nov 28, 1975. Itd be wicked to hear from you...regarding my above post with a question. Ei Ei Captain!

  • Hello Captain,

    thank you so much for this. my birthday is 06/20/1971. for the last couple of years i have been seeing orbs and ghost. i have moved several times and now i am seeing them again but only in my bedroom. there is one that comes every now and again and i can feel an evil presence, my 3 yr

    old daughter will start to scream and will turn on every light in my bedroom before going into my bathroom or downstairs. as of present she does not want to go into her bedroom under any circumstances and she keeps saying that we need a new home. also, my uncle passed and i can sometimes feel him surrounding me, on the other hand a cousin of mine that i barely knew was killed but before hand we had a really bad disagreement and i was wondering if he could be the negative force in my home. thank you very much for your time.

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