Confused and Frustrated by an Aries Man..Please Help!!

  • Hi! I'm in serious like (love?) with an Aries man....4/5/1985. We have known each other only for a month. During the first two weeks, he initiated the contact, told me he loved me, said he could see a future with me, and paid a lot of attention to me. Then one day out of the blue, he did a disappearing act. I didn't talk or see him for a full week. When he contacted me again, he said it was because we were getting too serious too fast. Which, I agreed with. We are taking it slow now, but I, being a Capricorn, am having thoughts that he is playing me. Sometimes we talk all day, but we don't talk at night and on weekends. There is a reason for this, I would rather not say it though. We see each other often at work, he will come to my office and see me. But there are times when he just disappears. I won't talk to him or see him for at least a day. I have learned to give him his space during these times and not chase after him. What I'm confused about is, does he still like (love?) me? Exactly what are these disappearances about? I miss him and think about him like crazy most times. Does he think that way too? We have a strong chemistry and I would really like to see where this goes. I just need some insight about Aries! Please Help!!! 🙂

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