• Hi Captain, "nope not about me,thanks for being there for all of us,"

    Me and my SO took my 10 year old daughter to a beautiful place with a creek and waterfall, the hiking trail is (maybe 10 minutes at the most) to the creek, we have been there before… She was so excited to go because we have finally gotten our summer

    “Lots of rocks to climb and play with…” We get there and the creek was very cold, that was not the problem, the problem was that there were bugs, but also beautiful butterflies, they were landing on me and I felt so peaceful…Then BAMM, she freaked out because one of them landed on her and you would honestly think that she was being attack. I have NEVER seen her that distraught, she was literally shaking smacking her body as if they were all over her.

    I took her to Niagara Falls, Ontario over 3 years ago and we went into the butterfly conservatory, “she was frightened then but nothing like this.”

    I told her how lucky she was to see such beautiful butterflies and that one had landed on her…NO WAY! She did not want to listen. There were some small flies and other bugs. It was not like there was a swarm of them. She just kept screaming and hitting her body, we packed up our belongings and that ended our tranquility of one of God’s many beautiful creations. How can I help her with this fear, I am working on my caterpillar fear, and I have never showed ANY OF MY CHILDREN MY FEAR OF BUGS, “OKAY THE CATERPILLAR ONE.” I AM AT A LOSS HERE, BECAUSE I LOVE THE NATURE, "ITS ALL NEW TO ME AND I GET SO MUCH PEACE."

    Thanks again Captain

    Hugs, light, love and Laughter


  • Does she also have a problem with birds? I am getting it is the flapping of wings more than the creatures themselves that freaks her out.

  • Thanks for responding Captain, No, she loves the Birdies:) We had two of them before and she always puts her hands out to try and feed them.


  • What about if you shake a sheet or cloth or flag at her? There is something about the flapping aspect that is at the root of this fear.

  • And what about bugs that crawl and do not fly?

  • Yes, only if they crawl on her, like for example an she sees one on the ground she moves away from them.Its weird captain she used to pick up caterpillars lady bugs etc. when she was younger, this is why i am totally confused...I really can't explain the terror she felt yesterday..


  • again thanks.


  • This is more to this than meets the eye. Is she afraid of being bitten? I guess if they can fly, they can get much closer to her than if they're on the ground.

  • Can you post a photo of her - i am getting that there is more than one issue here?

  • Sure Captain,

  • i'll shrink it if i remember,

    thanks for this, its really bothering me also.

  • ok here we go

  • ok

  • Sorry Captain

    oh my gosh,patients Sheila,patience

  • Shatz there is two things that come to mind with most women and girls and allot of men and boys is has she ever had a June bug or grasshopper fly own her ? Its their legs they really sticky and i have seen women and men go spastic when one flies own them .They are kinda scary if you have had one land own you the best way is to get familiar with them handle them let her get use to them now the grasshoppers will bite so you have to watch that but the June bug just craws but its legs are real sticky and scratchy hope this might help Tooter

  • Oh dear, I am getting a past lifetime from her where she was stung to death by a host of flying insects. Oh I can feel the awful pain of her death. She was warned not to go near the insects but ignored the warning. I think she wanted the honey. No wonder she fears flying insects. Does she know about reincarnation? If you explain that this happened in another life, in the past, she may lose the fear. But there is also some reason for her remembering this now, something concerning what sort of person she was in that lifetime - not a very nice person. Her karma is to look before she leaps and to not ignore good advice this time around.

  • Yes, Captain,she knows allot about reincarnation,spirit guides,healing powers,God, Angels, psychic abilities...all of it.I have taught her and my children this since they were all small.I told her just the other day, I said "k, i remember you told me you were a worm when you were two, in your past life...and I said that I believed her, because she asked me what did i say to her".I did believe her.

    I took her to the park tonight and talk about her fears, she is most definitely afraid of something...She has been glued to me more than ever lately...When we walk by a homeless person she grabs for my hand instantly and squeezes it so tightly..This is not her...I think you know me Captain and I think I'm a compassionate person.I have always taught the kids no mater what color we are, we all bleed and have sadness.We are all put here on earth to fulfill goodness, its a funny thought ,but my kids were not aloud to use the word HATE they think its a bad word, my son's were better at not using this word but my daughter is so different:)

    Every night I say Angels around you sweetie, then when she's a sleep I always ask the Angels, if she enters out of her body to gently let her out and gently bring her back...I'm just wondering what I can do, she knows that I am corresponding with you now, I told her you are my guide, and i truly believe that Captain...Thank you again, if you are low on energy we can finish this another time and I will talk to Krista about this.

    Hugs Sheila

  • Delbertc, thanks for your post, i had to think about this, there was a time like i told captain that she used to pick up bugs and caterpillars, no June bugs or Grasshopper, but there was a caterpillar, that she was keeping and she said he bit her that was along time ago, she had picked up her bugs after that and i have bought her even butterfly nets...we didn't ever catch one though. She loved them and used to think they were so beautiful.

    Hugs Sheila

  • Yes there sure is a lot going on with your little girl. Not only is she being bothered by past life memories but she is empathically picking up all the fears and past history of those around her. Spirit is telling me that in this life she has chosen to heal by absorbing people's accumulated pain, refining it, and sending it back to them in a positive form. But this means she picks up the 'garbage' from people. She is a spiritual recycling unit. Spirit is also saying that once she gets used to what she does, she will settle down and lose those extra fears of others she is taking on.

    Wow, she is going through a whole lot of things at the moment but she is an old soul and can handle it. It will just take her a while to adapt to the changes in herself. What a great healer she will be!

    Spirit is telling me she needs to drink lots of milk at the moment.

  • Will do Captain,thank you.thank you

    Hugs Sheila

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