Friend, lover, or walk away? Tarot Cards reading...

  • Ok, I'm going to give you a little back ground on him and I. We both had very bad rocky relationship in our past. His a Sagittarius/Dragon where I'm a Virgo/ Boar (Pig). His older. We meet at work, and last month we "agreed" to be friends for now and see where it takes us, but just saterday another girl came in to the sence, or at lest that's when I found out about her. I'm torn between standing my ground and telling him that I think I'm falling in love with him or letting him go comletly so he can see where things go with this other girl and save me form yet another heart acke.

    I asked the tarot cards should I walk away from him and here's what it said......


    Page of coins

    Challanges/ Opportity: Adive:

    Seven of Wands Wheel of Forure

    Daily Lesson: Near Future:

    Death Ace of Cup

    I know what the cards mean on there own, but I'm having problems see them as a whole. Can someone help shin some light on this??

  • Sorry the order of cards ran together.

    Challanges/opportity= Seven Of wands

    adive= wheel of forture

    Daily Lesson = Death

    Near Future= ace of cup

  • Seven's always represent questioning and in your case the Seven of wands means you are questioning what action you should take.

    The wheel of fortune respresents life as a whole is in constant motion, sometimes your luck is incredible and life is unbeleivable, then as always you will hit a low as the wheel is always turning.

    Death means change is inevitable and you can not fight it. But, change is not always bad sometimes the death of one situation brings the birth of another.

    Ace of cups, Aces always mean a fresh start and the Ace of cups references a new start in emotions and spirituality.

    OK, so My take on your situation is this:

    With the seven in the challenges and opportunities position I think you need to tell him how you feel as scary as that is. If it is meant to be it will be.

    Next the wheel represents whatever comes of this connection today must be put in perspective, regardless of how this situation works out for you it will change, you will have up's and downs so enjoy the good times while they last.

    Death is again linked to the last card (the wheel), change is inevitable and use this knowledge to your advantage. You know that once you talk to this man things will change, he will either want to explore a relationship with you or pursue this other girl. In any event change in the situation you both created as friends is definite. With this information prepare yourself for whatever comes from the discussion you have with him.

    Finally the Ace of cups, A new beginning in emotion and spirituality, it's a beautful thing. This is a positve card and I beleive that it will be your near future if you are brave enough to face this situation head on and prepare yourself for whatever the outcome.

  • After seeing your reading you might want to ask yourself a few questions. Why do you think you are falling in love with this person? What kind of relationship are you looking for? Is it one of loyalty? Do you feel this person can give that to the relationship? What is he loking for? The Death card is asking YOU to let go of something that no longer serves you in this situation. Ask yourself what you think that is.

  • Thank you, I have talked it over with him. It was a very scary thing to do, but I know it was the right choise for me. We are closer than before, and getting closer every time we talk. He even wants me to stick around Monday night after work, and ride home with him insteed of my normal ride.

    He apologized, and told me that she has been bugging him and keep asking him out for weeks, he was just pulling her chain and seeing that I was the one the put up the "just friends" bounders it didn't even cross he's mind that it would upset me. Then he begged me not to distent myself form him and told me that he really likes me as while. We both want a relationship where we can trust the other. We have talked that over alot in the last few months as just friend. I never understood why friends would talk in depth about hopes and dreams for romantic relationship in the future, but now I know why. As for what is making me fall, it is a very complated thing. I can be myself with him there has never been many unnurving moments, even counting the "I love you." thing with the other girl. He walked into my life as if he has always be there. He said that I did the samething. The more time I spend with him the wholer I fell, it's like just seeing him smile melts away the aches and pains of the past. Seeing him happy makes me happy and seeing him hurting makes me hurt.

  • Hi MJ. You seem like a really sweet person. I admire how open you are with your feelings; something that has not been easy for me in the past. I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing here.

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