Venus-Saturn-Pluto trine

  • Dear friends,

    This Grand Trine was very powerful, because it fell on Beltane, the ancient fertility festival that celebrates love and passion. I started the day (May 1) with a walk on my favorite beach, Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA, where I bodysurfed as a child. It was a gorgeous day, and as I hit the sand I felt the Goddess energies welling up in me so strongly that I couldn't help but start singing! Then I spontaneously began doing a ritual in which I flooded the property I live on with healing energies (there have been some problems here lately), which has already shown results.

    To honor Saturn, I took my elderly aunt out for lunch, then that evening made a beautiful necklace out of cherry quartz and matching rawhide to wear as a talisman of self-love. I hadn't planned it this way, but my lover David actually helped me make the necklace, so his energy is part of it too. One of my intentions was to initiate a fresh start from what I created last Nov. 16 when I made a crystal amulet on another Venus power day, and met David two days later. At that time, though Venus was otherwise well situated, she was also approaching a square to the newly retrograde Mars - and we have indeed had conflicts despite our deep love for each other. I recently buried that amulet on a mountaintop to transmute the Venus/Mars square and replace it with the Venus/Saturn/Pluto trine as the guiding archetype of our relationship.

    Our Beltane experience was pure magic. This grand earth trine happens in my water houses, the 4th, 8th and 12th, so is about the grounding of my emotions (which, as a Cancer with Gemini Moon, tend to go haywire on a regular basis) and TRUST issues. I don't expect things to magically change overnight, but I feel confident that the new archetype is firmly in place and will produce results. It will, however, require lots of patience and time (Saturn) as well as transformation (Pluto) to bring about the changes that are necessary.

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