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  • I have discovered that if someone asks a question on an old thread, what I see happen is that they don't realize they have made it to the new thread. I suspect that there will be people that I read for on this thread that won't even realize that they have a reading waiting for them because they didn't remember asking on the old thread. In the future, I think I will just ask that people find the new thread and ask. I don't mind doing the readings but if they don't know that one is done, that is energy I've spent to do a reading that won't ever be seen.

    SOOOOO....PAY ATTENTION HERE FOLKS......this thread is only for Feedback now for the readings that I have done.

    AUNT BUCK LIST #3 - CARD READINGS is the new fresh list! Go find it! I will not add add anyone to the new list other than what I have mentioned above due to the fact that I want people to be aware I am reading for them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN THIS!!!
    Love and blessings to all!!!!

  • Aunt Buck, thank you very much for your reading. And I know why you were not up to the reading for a few days! LOL Had to wait until I got the phone call from my mother and that first card was immediatley apparant.

    First Card: 6 of Pentacles Reversed - This card represents the need to recoup after a period of loss. You want to help others but don't have the means to and that makes you unhappy. You need to find a pattern to give you a sense of security so that you can have peace of mind.>

    Mother called about an hour and a half ago, Yesterday she fell off a step ladder and would really like me to come and help her. I know I cannot do this, financially I might pull it off, but she lives in Arizona, and because of my health, I cannot live with heat. It was 100 degrees at 6 am this morning. I was still panicing on a way I could do it, but after the 6 of Pentacles Reversed, I really do not have the means to do that and it does make me very unhappy.

    She went on about problems my brother is having, his marriage fell apart after 22 years and he is going through terrible depression and procastination. That is a whole other problems that I have to accept, I cannot help there either, except for maybe emotional support. ~smiles~

    Second Card: Page of Pentacles - The Page indicates good news regarding the acquisition of money or material goods. His appearance suggests someone who is intelligent, refined, sensitive to the arts, and appreciates the good life. >>

    This card was abit confusing, but my wonderful son pointed out it would probably someone who would help with my studing of the tarot or my genealogy, which is my passion. Any information is a great acquistition! LOL So will look forward to this and let you know.

    <<third card:="" queen="" of="" swords="" -="" the="" represents="" an="" independent="" woman="" who="" has="" power="" or="" authority.="" someone="" with="" keen="" intellectual="" abilities="" such="" as="" a="" writer,="" laywer,="" business="" woman.="" may="" have="" indured="" emotional="" loss="" and="" separation="" possibly="" because="" divorce="" death.="" she="" ability="" to="" cope="" her="" go="" on="" be="" successful.="" if="" this="" card="" situation="" not="" person,="" then="" you="" could="" going="" thru="" difficult="" time="" which="" will="" open="" avenues="" positive="" growth.="">></third>

    This card scared me as I miss read it. "a woman who has power or authority" over me. My again wonderful son pointed out that it did not read "over me" So it thank goodness was not my mother! LOL He knew immediately that it was a wonderful friend I have been so very worried about and I knew she has the ability to cope and be successful, I am so glad to see it reinforced here! Thank you I feel so much better for her.

    <<fourth 7="" card:="" of="" pentacles="" -="" you've="" put="" in="" the="" time="" and="" effort="" paid="" your="" dues.="" gains="" from="" business="" for="" a="" job="" well="" done.="" growth="" good="" fortune="" are="" yours,="" earned.="">></fourth>

    I have worked hard all my life and became disabled in 1996. After a five year battle with Labor and Industries, my lawyer finally won my pension for me on a complete disability. During these hard times, I have felt very blessed to have not had to worry about a working paycheck and losing my job. I do not handle stress very well anymore, so this is good. ~smiles~


    _Aunt Buck again thank you, I have always had ups and downs and I have been learning to enjoy the ups and just get past the downs as fast and as easy as I can! LOL I am hoping to learn much with my Tarot studies and on this forum. I am feeling grateful to so many here, even though I have not actually "talked" to many of them. I have been feeling connections to many of the people who contribute here. Thank you.

    Thank you for taking the time and using your talents and energy for this reading. I am feeling so very much calmer now ~hugs~ to you ~smiles~


  • Thanks Aunty Buck I agree with you entirely! Wishing you a great day!

    Kind regards


  • Interesting PKristine....I saw the Queen as representing YOU! :0)

  • Aunt Buck, Me?? really?? wow, I guess I have not seen myself wit any power or authority since I have not been able to work! LOL maybe that is part of what I need to learn, that I still have power and authority? Interesting . . . I will have to think on that one very hard! Thank you Aunt Buck, I had quit thinking that I could cope with anything. Maybe part of my journey to find myself will be to rekindle my powers and learn I am still a strong person even if I can't actually work. . . ~Big Hugs~ to you Aunt Buck thank you


  • Aunt buck

    thanks again for the reading and yes it does speak to me. I am in a very difficult situation right now i am going through a rough time finacially because i am a single mother of two and i am trying to decide if i want to get a second job and that is what i am most likely going to do because neither fathter of my daughters help me out finacially and my sister and brother are trying to get the idea of a second job out of my head. So yes your reading does help me. Thank you so much and have a good day

  • Dearest Auntie - You are REALLY REALLY on target. I know this is subject that we will have to approach and come to a decision together. I am happy tohear that this will most likely turn out to be a successful union. Funny thing - my daughter has suggested buying a home that suits both of us which would make her ever so happy. I am dealing with newly diagnosed diabetes type 2 so learning a new way to eat, drink, sleep. exercise and a real lifestyle change with the injections, meds, etc. This is what has "made me stand still" I think. I know my man is good enough and honorable in his intentions - we dated 20 + years ago and reunited in 1996, been togehter ever since (even through the bag of tricks he put me through to test my sincerity (he is a Capricorn - so passionate, realist and very confident) - he is simply "a man's man" and I am so lucky to have his love and respect. Thank you for your reading and insight - it time for me to get moving on this pretty soon !!!! I'll keep you posted on your accuracy and insights.

    You are very talented - please take care of your blessings - they are your gift and thank youfor sharing that with all os us! Take Good Care, Blessedlioness

  • Oh yeaaaa......I'm so glad to hear that I was of some help to you. I've got Type II injections but you will get used to it. I know that after a year and a half of having it, it is manageable. You just have to keep track of your sugar levels and eat more often. Less..but more often. I've even got my kids trained now....they know when I'm sinking and when I need to eat or rest of whatever. My sugar levels are better now than when I was diagnosed. Hang in there!

  • AuntBuck-

    I hope you feel better...

    Hi Aunt Buck...I tried to get you on the last thread too but...

    I know your busy but if ever decide to go to a new list I would love a Love reading.Thanks

    :0) 5/8/68

  • Taurusbaby...single mom myself. I used to work two jobs and I got child support! LOL. Yep...if you can believe....I am an Avon lady. :0) I still do Avon but as I get more spiritual and into energy healing, I'm finding I don't have much interest in it. You might look into a home based business for a second job. Most allow you to work around your schedule....and with two girls....I found that doing Avon with my daughter....really gave us a chance to spend time together. Now that she's 14 she loves that Mom sells make up. LOL. Anyway, there are a ton of home based businesses you could get started out there. If you decide to do that...just pay attention to the monthly quotas, fees, etc. word of advice....don't become your best customer. Been there...done that. Much better now. LOL.

  • Aunt Buck

    Thanks for that advice I will have to look into that. I think that would be a great idea since my girls are so little and I hate to think that I will have to be away from them more than i have to. And the thing about child support would be a lot harder for me to get from their fathers just because of the fact that both of their fathers are illegal immigrants and i believe one of them went back to mexico after he found out that i was pregnant with my oldest daughter so that was about 3 years ago.

  • Aunt Buck,

    Thanks so much for the reading. I have a business out of my home that is doing great but I my lose my home because of a divorce. New guy is great but lives in a different state! Trying to decide if I have to move if I should restart the business in a different state or get a "real job"! Many things are unsettled right now... just waiting on some legal issues to be resolved. Any insight into the future for me??

  • hi Auntbuck i would love to know if a baby is in my future with my man also marriage but i know you said one question lol....7/24/79.....him 3/4/72.....sooooo whatcha think

  • sorry i had eyeson me lol...thanks for the offer you are super great!!!!!!! have a wonderful day!! and many blessings your light

  • sorry I didn't see this. I have closed this thread to readings. Can you please start a new thread with my name on it and I will do a reading there? Thanks!

  • Dear Aunt Buck, I am hoping that this reply gets to you somehow! I had a reading with you on July 16th 2010 and I took your advice and it seems to be working!! Your summing of the situation at That time was also TOTALLY CORRECT!!! I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR DECENCY AT DOING THE READING AT THE TIME, I was in a really bad place at that time, and really appreciated you doing it, and your 'vision' was right on track... I have also landed on my feet, even though there is still a way to go, BUT THE 3 SEVEN'S YOU DREW, certainly point to the 'break/opportunities that opened for me late in 2010. THANK YOU AUNT BUCK.


    Kind regards


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