AuntBuck List #2 - Card Readings

  • Sweetangel 1 - How long will pain last and is my money coming soon. - SweetAngel...I pulled a card regarding the pain and got the 6 of Cups. This card reminds us of good past memories and looking back at the past with good feelings. It sets us up to have a good future. I am thinking that if you look back at the past and what relieved your pain before, maybe that is the solution to resolving your pain now? I'm sorry but I'm not good with time frames but I can tell you that the suit of cups refers to summer time. So maybe this could be resolved soon? Is my money coming soon? I pulled the Knight of Wands. The Knight is one of forward action and brings good news work or social activites. His good tidings may relate to any anticipated event including a vacation or new job or even money??? So yes, it looks like your money is coming soon. The suit of Wands refer to Spring time frames. I can't be positive of the time frames because as I said, I am really new at this but hope this helps. Love and blessings.

  • MarysPage - General Reading - I pulled the Ace of Swords for you. This card signifies a brand new lifestyle beginning. You have achieved this thru will power and using your brains. Prosperity, recognition and new spiritual growth are definitely in your cards based on this new direction in life. You are now in a position to manifest your life in the way you want. Let me know if you have any feedback on this. Love and blessings.

  • Renzosluv - #9 - My life has undergone a lot of changes lately, and I was wondering what is in store for me now? I decided to just pull 3 cards and see what I got. I am not going to have them follow anything like past, present...but just to give me a general idea where you are now and what might be coming for you. The first card I pulled was the Page of Pentacles. The Page represents good news regarding the acquisition of money or material goods. The card can also be an indication of your ambitions or contain a message about them. The next card I pulled for you was the 7 of Pentacles. This shows that you have worked hard and are now in a position to receive your rewards for that work. Growth and good fortune are yours. There is one warning associated with this card which is that the "harvest" may be a ways off so keep doing what you are doing and

    you will get your rewards. The last card I pulled for you was the 3 of Cups - this is a completion card. It means that you have completed something and there is success and victory in the completion. It's time to celebrate! Whatever you have been thru, it seems like there are rewards coming your way now. Good job!

    Let me know if this helps. I'd love to have feedback. Love and blessings!

  • Blessedlioness - #10 - My question: What does the future hold for me and my guy regarding living arrangements and the future of our romance? We are living apart now as I am taking this time to be with my daughter as she goes through college. My man is concerned that we may not get to live together for a long time. Neither of us wants to give up our houses. He inherited his, and I am buying our home. I love to be in both places - please help me untie my knots? I do now that I will not live with him until marriage - been there-done that-doesn't work... Thank you so much for listening. I look forward to your reading. Much love out to the cosmos - staying positive in these times isn't always easy -

    I pulled 4 cards for you. This is an overcoming obstacles spread.

    Card 1: Situation: Knight of Swords Reversed - The knight reversed means that you might have become passive about a situation that requires action. It suggests that you are delaying what is necessary, paperwork or communication. You may be mentally closed off from a situation that needs attention. By ignoring it, you could be creating bad feelings and opposition.

    Card 2: Obstacle: 6 of Pentacles Reversed - You need to recoup after a period of confusion. You want to help others but may not have the means and that makes you unhappy. You may be required to find a pattern that will create a sense of security for you so that you can find peace of mind.

    Card 3: Action Recommended: 3 of Cups Reversed - The 3 of Cups reversed is actually a positive card except that you may be getting more sensual and emotional gratification.

    You may enjoy success but it may be only in small things.

    Card 4: Outcome - Queen of Cups - The queen is a loving figure. She is wise in the ways of the human heart. Her attitude is one of receptivity and approachability. She has visionary tendencies

    and is highly accurate in those visions. As a situation card, it represents a situation with positive emotional tone.

    My take on this that you are currently sitting and not doing anything about this situation. You are avoiding talking about what needs to be talked about. This is due to your needing to recoup and look at what you need to make you feel secure. At this time, I think you need to take your small successes with this and be grateful for what you have. The overall outcome is a positive emotional experience which leads me to believe that you will both be willing to compromise the situation and work toward what will be best for both of you. Maybe that would be both of you giving up your homes and moving to a honme that suits both of you. Whatever the outcome, as long as you communicate and remain open minded, you should be able to come up with a solution that meets both of your needs. Hope this helps! Love and blessings...

  • Cazmayo - #11 - We have been looking at emmigrating for nearly 2 years, we have had lots of blocks, visa changes, lack of money, illness etc. When do you seeing us actually emmigrating? will it be an independent visa or will we need to get an employer sponsor. We are presently waiting for a new skills list to come out the beginning of Aug, to see if hubby's occupation is on it.

    I am bursting to do something careerwise myself, but dont want to commit to anything until we move, so here I am in limbo.

    Cazmayo - I pulled the 7 of Swords for you. This card urges caution in all dealings. Underhanded or or indirect communication may be happening. Nothing is quite like what it seems to be and you have to use your wit to achieve your goals. It appears that you have the upper hand in the situation but don't get too confident. You still need to take care of this carefully. The next card I pulled was the Reversed Page of Pentacles which states that you need to forth more focus and effort. It appears that this may be a little further out. You need to keep at it and make sure you don't put too much confidence in one person. What I am getting from this is that if you are employer sponsored, they may not be as honest as you need them to be. I can't say for certain because I am still new to this but what I am getting is that you will do this on your own and not thru someone else. Please cautious and don't believe or trust everyone. The first card I pulled was from the swords suit which according to what I have read, swords signify winter. This could occur as early as this winter. Good luck. I hope this helps. Love and Blessings.

  •'s almost 3 a.m. where I am. Heading off to bed. I will finish up the rest tomorrow. Night all!

  • Hi Aunt Buck,

    Thank you so much and sorry to keep you up so late!!!

    Well my heads says be patient and do the independent perm visa, but am fedup and just want to move and get on with my life. dont worry I always listening to my head!!

    We have had communication with old work mates trying to get a sponsor!

    Fingers crossed that the new skills list due out in the next few weeks, for the state we want to go to, will have my hubbys occupation on it and thus get high priority for processing.

    I would be delighted if it was this winter, only time will tell.

    thanks a million.


  • Congratulations, sending a lot of LOVE, STRENGTH, CLARITY, & a LOT of LIGHT your way Aunt Buck! WELL & quite nicely done! And see how well-behaved people can be?

  • AuntBuck:

    Thank you for your reading. I'm looking forward to the rewards part coming!! LOL I'll let you know what happens. I really appreciate you doing this for me!! Many blessings to you!!

  • Sagibaby - I am finally in the right frame of mind to do cards tonight. So, for you the first card I pulled was the Reversed Lovers. The Lovers card doesn't always represent romantic love but can represent two sides of you. You might realize that you can be beautiful and brainy or strong and gentle at the same time. Whatever the case, you are resolving conflict and coming together to develop a system of support for yourself. Sometimes this card indicates a delay in some project that needs mutual cooperation. So in terms of getting back together with your ex - there is the potential for this but also a delay. The next card that I pulled for you was the reversed King of Swords. This represents fickleness, superficiality, rigidity of opinions of not representing a person. The next card I pulled was the 6 of Wands which represents triumphing over adversity. It is a card of victory. Past self-doubt has been resolved and you are in the process of winning some significant battles. You can expect to succeed and have your desire gratified.

    So...what it all says to me is that there is a possibility of this person coming back but...he is pretty fickle. If I look at the Lovers at being represented of you by yourself and not as a couple, I think that you will be able to look within and see what you really want and you will triumph over the situation. Do you really want this person back or can you claim success by being happy with who you are? If you are happy with who you are, you will be successful in finding a great relationship that will nurture all parts of you. Apart from the cards, my inner sense says that you are strong and capable of attracting something much more worthy of you. The cards...there is a possibility that if this is what you truly could happen. Hope this helps. Please let me know if this helps or not. Love and blessings!

  • Rimgal - #13... lucky 13

    my birthday is 9/30/50, new relationship with a guy who's bd is 6/1/51

    Questions are regarding my new relationship and my business... will both of them flourish!

    For you, I pulled the 3 of Cups to start out with. This card represents a period of apathy and withdrawal after a period of hectic excitement. A cooling off period. Not a bad thing when you want to regroup and regenerate yourself after major excitement.

    The next card I pulled was the 2 of Cups. Pure are moving in sync with another person right now. All is going very smoothly and since this is a regarding a new romance, you are feeling friendship, mutual admiration and good will toward each other. A new stage of happiness.

    Lastly, I pulled the King of Pentacles - this card if not representing a man....which this could very well describe your new man, one who could be a corporate head, banker or someone you could be asking a loan from. As a situation, it indicates that you are engaged in an enterprise that will meet with success.

    All things appears that you had a cooling off period and now you have met up with someone who is a good mate and your business will be successful. Hope this helps. Please leave me feedback if I am off on anything! Love and blessings!

  • Taurusbaby - Thanks for the offer Do you see me having a love relationship with a guy i just met? My dob is 5/17/1987 his 4/25/1987. thanks in advance. I am #14

    I pulled about 5 cards for you in the first round and all of them pointed towards working on yourself and none of them had anything to do with romance. So, I dismissed those cards and pulled 3 new ones for you. They were Strength - reversed. This card tells you to pay attention to your own needs instead of following others. It is a difficult time but you will come out on top. You need to forget about what others think and express your individuality.

    OK...again, we are getting cards regarding your inner self and not a romance. My next card I pulled was the Chariot reversed. It signifies that there are internal changes that are occurring at a very fast rate. It may seem like you are pulled in two different directions and it is stressing you out. It says to chose a direction carefully and accept the transition as a positive one, be clear about your direction in life. Again....something that speaks to you individually and not about romance.

    The last card I pulled...was 5 of Wands reversed. You must change and adapt to different and difficult circumstances. Don't get involved in questionable or risky practices at this time and be careful who you trust.

    What does all this mean to me? No, I don't see a romance with this person and from what comes up with the 5 of Wands reversed, he could be maybe trying to get closer to you to gain an advantage over you??? With all the cards that I pulled, they all spoke of getting in tune with yourself and make the necessary changes to put yourself on the right path. I know that this doesn't really say much about a romance with this person, but my instincts tell me that you need to be careful of this person and not necessarily take him at face value. I wish I could come up with a better spread but this is what I am getting. I could be completely off base...and I will be the first to admit that I am new at this and it is very possible I'm completely wrong. Please let me know what you think. I'd be curious as to whether or not this speaks to you. Love and blessings.

  • PKristine - . No direct question, just wondering where I might be headed at this time in my life.

    First Card: 6 of Pentacles Reversed - This card represents the need to recoup after a period of loss. You want to help others but don't have the means to and that makes you unhappy. You need to find a pattern to give you a sense of security so that you can have peace of mind.

    Second Card: Page of Pentacles - The Page indicates good news regarding the acquisition of money or material goods. His appearance suggests someone who is intelligent, refined, sensitive to the arts, and appreciates the good life.

    Third Card: Queen of Swords - The Queen represents an independent woman who has power or authority. Someone with keen intellectual abilities such as a writer, laywer, business woman. Someone who may have indured emotional loss and separation possibly because of divorce or death. She has the ability to cope with her loss and go on to be successful. If this card represents a situation and not a person, then you could be going thru a difficult time which will open the avenues to positive growth.

    Fourth Card: 7 of Pentacles - You've put in the time and effort and paid your dues. Gains from your business for a job well done. Growth and good fortune are yours, well earned.

    I see you have had your ups and downs. You've conquered and while there still may be some changes going on, you are smart and strong and completely capable of handling it. You will be rewarded for your efforts. Let me know if any of this speaks to you. Love to have feedback. Love and Blessings!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Aunty Buck I have sent you a post before, but I am not sure you got it, so I will send again. I really appreciate your reading, I am keeping an open mind about this man, because he has had such an impact on me, a huge connection, so I am not willing to go away too fast until I know for certain that he definitely doesn't want me in his life. I don't think he is quite sure of that answer himself. You are right when you say he has quite a lot to work out himself. SO for that reason I continue to keep an open mind, and for the positives that exist. I was curious to know what you meant by the 3 7,s meaning good fortune, do you mean in general, or in pertaining to the outcome of this situation. with him? I thank you so much for time, effort and care. I understand what 'goes' into reading for people, I have done it myself, and I wish you the very best Aunty Buck.

    Kind regards


  • AuntBuck

    Sorry to jump on post that you have closed, but would you please put me on your list after this one?

    dob- 3-4-64 need to know what my future holds for our financial situation.

    i'm new to site lts only been about a month since my first post, so i did not know how to post my request to you except for on this one.

    Sorry again and hope no one gets mad for me posting to you on thread that you have closed.

  • Just stopping by to say hello and I'm proud of you Aunt Buck! You go girl! I'll get on the next list. Peace, Light and Love!

  • Italianagirl - I did see your remarks on the last thread. Always remember that readings are only a guidance. They aren't set in stone. I'm glad to hear that you are doing what your instincts tell you to do. Sometimes time is all you need for something to work out. As far as the 3 - 7's, it has a special meaning of its own and applies to the reading itself. Since you are part of the also applies to you. :0)

  • Witchy - there was a topic generated not too long ago about how to start a new thread. I hate to say this but when I decided to do readings, I had to try and figure it out too since it had been so long since I had created a new thread. I keep busy enough reading and replying to other threads created. 🙂 I will add you as number one on my next list.


  • Poetic....thank you for the good wishes....I would love to read for you. I will add you as #2 on the next thread, Aunt Buck - Readings #3.

    Love and blessings....

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