AuntBuck List #2 - Card Readings

  • OK....I am starting my second list for readings. I have transferred some of the requests that came in from my last list after it closed. You will be first in line for this list. I will again only take 15 people for this list. Once I get thru this one....I will see how it goes and will maybe doing another list after this. Please be patient as you can see...I'm still very new at this and it takes me a while to summarize what I see on the cards. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR REQUEST TO 1 QUESTION ONLY.

    1. LovingSilverWings

    2. ARealMomof6

    3. Blueyedervish

    4. Italianagirl

    5. Angelish42

    6. Bartmanhomer

    7. Sweet Angel1

    8. Mary's Page

    These are the people in the line up for this request. I will allow another 7 people to post questions and the list will again be closed. Please make sure that you add what number you are in line. Due to people posting at once, please double check your post after posting to make sure the numbering is correct. Thanks for you help in this.

    Aunt Buck

  • AuntBuck:

    Thank you for this! I believe I'm #9.

    My date of birth is January 8, 1962, in Louisiana, MO USA. I'm a female.

    My life has undergone a lot of changes lately, and I was wondering what is in store for me now? Thank you so much!!

  • Auntie Buck -

    What a great opp you've given us all. I am relatively new to this site, bit saw your offer and am curious. It's been years since my last reading and would love it if youwould do one for me now.

    I am # 10 on your second list, I think?!?!?

    My question: What does the future hold for me and my guy regarding living arrangements and the future of our romance?

    We are living apart now as I am taking this time to be with my daughter as she goes through college. My man is concerned that we may not get to live together for a long time. Neither of us wants to give up our houses. He inherited his, and I am buying our home. I love to be in both places - please help me untie my knots? I do now that I will not live with him until marriage - been there-done that-doesn't work... Thank you so much for listening. I look forward to your reading. Much love out to the cosmos - staying positive in these times isn't always easy -

    God Bless and Take Care. blessedlioness

  • #11

    Hi Auntie Buck, thank you for your kind offer, looking forward to your reading;

    We have been looking at emmigrating for nearly 2 years, we have had lots of blocks, visa changes, lack of money, illness etc. When do you seeing us actually emmigrating? will it be an independent visa or will we need to get an employer sponsor. We are presently waiting for a new skills list to come out the beginning of Aug, to see if hubby's occupation is on it. I am bursting to do something careerwise myself, but dont want to commit to anything until we move, so here I am in limbo.

    Thanks a million, cant wait for your response.

    Kind Regards


  • Hello Aunt Buck,

    My birthday is December 18, 1984 and born at 8:30 a.m. in Panama City, Republic of Panama. Have a question regarding my love life and the guy that i was dating up until 2 months ago. Will we have a chance to start over in the future? Thanks! 🙂

  • Sorry i forgot to put the #... I'm # 12 in your list 🙂

  • #13... lucky 13

    my birthday is 9/30/50, new relationship with a guy who's bd is 6/1/51

    Questions are regarding my new relationship and my business... will both of them flourish!


  • Thanks for the offer Do you see me having a love relationship with a guy i just met? My dob is 5/17/1987 his 4/25/1987. thanks in advance. I am #14

  • Oh looks like I might be #15 ~smiles~ Thank you for your kind offer, greatly appreciated. My date of birth 21 July 1951. No direct question, just wondering where I might be headed at this time in my life.

    Thank you


  • OK....I have my 15 is the FINAL list for this thread.

    1. LovingSilverWings

    2. ARealMomof6

    3. Blueyedervish

    4. Italianagirl

    5. Angelish42

    6. Bartmanhomer

    7. Sweet Angel1

    8. Mary's Page

    9. Renzosluv

    10. Blessedlioness

    11. Cazmayo

    12. Sagibaby

    13. Rimgal

    14. Taurasbaby22

    15. PKristine

    Once I have done this may take up to a couple days to get thru it based on how long it took me to do the last list, I will probably open a 3rd list. Thanks for understanding. I know a lot of people have questions but I want to do this fairly and without getting stressed out! Blessings to all!

    AuntBuck ~~~

  • Thank you very much AuntBuck for taking the time to do this and shine some light in our lives 🙂

  • Dear Aunt Buck

    I'v e posted your 'quickie' Astro-profile on your old, defunct thread so as not to confuse everyone. I hope I have some of it're doing a great job incidentally,. Cyber-hugs to you, Auntie..

  • Aunt Buck


    Thank you for putting me on the second list.

    I am not sure if you require any statistics.

    DOB May 2, 1947

    Blessings for this service



  • Thank you so much aunt buck

  • #1 - Lovingsilverwings - General Reading Past - Present - Future

    Past - Knight of Swords Reversed - For the past the reversed Knight of Swords came up

    suggesting that you have lost some of your aggressiveness and have become passive

    about a situation that you should be doing something active about. He also suggests

    that you are delaying doing what is necessary whether that be paperwork or

    communication. If this card is not about you it could be about a situation that you are

    mentally closed off about that needs your attention. By not dealing with it you will create bad

    feelings and opposition.

    Present: Ace of Wands - The Ace indicates that you have planted the seeds of a new birth, possibly a creative or money making idea. You are now free from the restraints that have held you back in the past and are able to express yourself successfully.

    Future: The Hierophant - The Hierophant is the symbol of power within a spiritual nature. It suggests that you have now chosen a religion or philosophy by which you can guide your life. When the Hierophant appears, you are being challenged to remain a follower or break out and find your own individual truth. Whichever way you chose will affect the rest of your life. There is a new authority in your life, either a philosophy, social organization or other group that you feel a great deal of loyalty towards and live in accordance to the beliefs that you share with this group.

    Hope this gives you enough of an idea for a general reading. Let me know if any of this hits home.

    Love to have feedback! Love and Blessings.

  • Arealmomof6 -

    Hi just looking for confirmation on what i feel.Am I with the right man?My forever half? I'm a scorpio 11/19/70 he's a sag 12/14/77.We have 2 little boys and we have both been married before.My question is will we be married to each other in the next 2-4 yrs as we have been together for 5 yrs 7/23/10.

    I decided to pull a past, present future card spread for you also.

    Past - Queen of Swords - The Queen represents an independent woman with authority and power. She is someone that is vcery intellectual with good communication abilities. In some instances, this card can represent someone who has endured emotional loss and separation in the past, such as divorce. She is strong willed and has the ability to cope with her loss and move on.

    Present - The Emperor - The Emperor represents someone with power and authority or a problem with someone in authority. His age and position indicate wisdom gained. But as a warrior, he understand peace requires a willingness and ability to defend it. He is protective of the home and of domestic harmony. He personifies the ideal that what is worth having is worth fighting for. From a pagan perspective, he represents the Horned God who always accompanied the Great Mother Goddess. He symbolizes parenthood and masculine creativity.

    Future - Nine of Swords Reversed - The Nine of Swords shows intense mental anguish. It's time to examine belief systems that no longer apply to your life and are standing in the way of your progress. You are suffering because you refuse to face the cause of your problems. Honesty is called for if you want to resolve the issues.

    I started this as a past, present, future reading but it appears that I described you, then him, and then the future. You both have very good qualities that complement each other. However, it looks to me that you need to make sure that what you are seeking is really in tune with what you want in your life. If it is, you need to be communicative and honest so that you can resolve any issues and move forward. I have a hard time with telling times. Since you asked for a time so far in the future, I really won't be able to help in terms of the future dates. Sorry...please let me know

    what you think of the reading...if any of it rings true or if I'm off. Thanks! Love and Blessings.

  • Blueyedervish - Potential loveing male in my future?

    For you I decided to pull one card and see what I came up with. Your card is the Page of Cups. The Page signifies a young person, male or female who is bringing you a message of love. It might mean an engagement or married, some situation that holds an emotional risk. If this card represents you, it shows that you are willing to take an emotional risk and feel like things will work out for you.

    So, yes, I do see a potential male in your future. Hope this helps! Love and blessings.

  • Italianagirl - I pulled 3 cards for you. Not really in relation to any pattern, just one to see where things were, a second and third to further clarify the situation. The first card I pulled for you was the 7 of Cups. The 7 of Cups shows that you have many possible options. Unfortunately, too many to make it an easy choice. You can see many different roles to play and trying to figure out which one to manifest is your challenge. The next card I pulled was the 7 of Pentacles which indicates that you are now receiving the benefits that are due to you. The last card I pulled was the Page of Swords Reversed - As a reversed card, it shows that the page is having a problem with getting it together. Althought they are attractive and charming, he isn't exactly on the up and up. Insecurity could be the root of this person's actions.

    I see you have some options here but can't decide which way to go. You have definitely earned your due but the man you really like might be dragging his heels because he is insecure. OK...since this didn't really answer your question but gave where you are, I decided to pull another card. The card was The Chariot. The Chariot suggests that the solution to the problem at hand is to take the middle road. You may feel like you might not stand a chance with the challenge but if you go with the flow and make the best of where it takes you, you will succeed. With clear thinking and a sense of purpose, you will overcome all obstacles. appears that you should not push your way back in but take it as it comes and show that you are willing and there is a good chance that he will return once he gets past his own internal issues. Also, I wanted to

    point out that there were 3 "7"s in this spread....3 "7"s is an indication of good fortune. Hope this helps. Let me know if any of this rings true. Love and Blessings.

  • Angelish42 - Is he coming back to me? - OK...for this I decided to use the two card Either/Or spread. Card one is Yes and Card two is No.

    Card 1 - 10 of Pentacles - This is a happy card. Indicating a solid and secure life, both in business and family. Your work and planning have paid off and you are now enjoying the fruits of your labor.

    Card 2 - The Wheel of Fortune Reversed - Reversed means that you are holding back your destiny by refusing to make the necessary changes or take the required actions. This is causing stagnation and frustration. You think you are waiting for the proper time but you the fear of the unknown is holding you back. if I apply yes to card one, it definitely would seem that he is coming back. The 2nd card meaning no would be the result of not moving forward. I take this to mean that yes, he is coming back. No, I don't have a time frame since I am just getting to know the cards but hopefully this helps. Please let me know any feedback you have! Love and blessings.

  • artmanhomer - Anything new going to happen to me today? - I was shuffling the 4 of Pentacles popped out so I decided to read this card for you. According to this card you are holding onto something either a possession or a situation in a stubborn and inflexible manner. A fear of change could be involved or you may just be comfortable where you are. So, I'd say nothing new is going to happen to you today. Remember by staying in one place, you block opportunities that could come your way. Would love to have some feedback! Love and blessings.

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