Gemini Help ! D: On phonecalls !

  • So, My gem boy has a wierd habit with wanting to call me at night after he has completely exhausted himself out.. and likes to fall asleep on the phone to me. Why !?!

    I used to find it annoying, now i guess i find it cute. Is it just a 'comfort thing' ? Or what the hell ? Also, we're not 'offically' anything either. Please explain, if you're a gemini, or you've experienced this odd thing too ?

    ~ A confused/curious lil aqua 🙂

  • No it's not cute - it's selfishness. Gems love to talk but your friend needs to understand when it is appropriate and when he is infringing on someone else's time. Time to teach him some limits - he is being thoughtless towards you here. It's all about him and his wanting to talk when it is not a convenient time for you. He also needs to learn how to switch his brain off - he should try meditation or other relaxation techniques. There is also an element of him checking up on you to make sure you are at home.

  • Yes see i fgured that it might also be that he would be sneakily checkin up to see if i'm at home 😛 and by myself.

    I also have a libra ex who does not leave me alone and calls me almost every night too...

    And he has directly told me that he does this because he can't sleep easy without talking to me.

    So i figured hmm is that the same for the gem too ? -Thing is, i NEVER call him, ever. So he's always the one to call me.

    By the way, its not really an inconvinient time for me as such cause the gem knows i never sleep till very late.. like past 1am..

    Day time, we're both very busy with work and everything else, so he normally calls me before HIS bedtime 🙂 which is like 10pm.. unless he really wants to get hold of me and knows that i'll be awake..

    ( i had already suggested some meditation techniques for my gem, when he was very stressed out with work/couldnt sleep/ and we were both going through some silly conflict with each other.. but thankyou :). )

    I just feel a lil rude to dismiss them, but it gets tiring talking to both of them..especially if its on the same nights ! And i have an aweful sleeping pattern already.... but talkin to both of them tires me out, and i'm out like a light 😄

    (its the libra who does not shut up..he can go on for hours, atleast the gem falls asleeep !! hahah)

  • Ethereal, read my thread about "aqua - oh dea" because you seem to know wats going on lol and im a gemini trying to find a solution with my aqua so maybe you can help me out?? 🙂 I maybe I can give you some gemini secret tips 😉 haha

  • Oh gemi13, I have spammeddd your thread like no one's business !!! lol 😄

  • Ehthereal27, you need to find out why you keep attracting men who don't trust you.

  • Do i ? Hmmm..

    I always figured that i attracted people that were going to teach me a lesson in some ways and in turn, I have an impact of some sort in their lives too and teach them something new. 🙂

    To me, nothing is forever. At every encounter, I know there is something to be fulfilled and once it happens, it'll be time to move on to the next lesson.

    It has always been that way, I can't quite explain it.

    They do trust me in the end, I find. 🙂 More than anything, I want them to trust themselves. I'm irrelevant in the grand scheme of things where they're concerned, I just want to open their eyes to whats within them, not me. Not that I will hide who I am... but I think alot of whom I attract, they suppress themselves, and have alot of inner issues that keeps them from recieving more out of life, and so naturally, they don't let the world see who they really are. And thats sad.

    Maybe its my venus in pisces speaking.. but theres that saying .. Mankind fears what he/she cannot understand. I guess they don't understand me at first, hence do not trust.

  • So it seems you may be a teacher who corrects bad behaviour in your partners. But there will come a point where you want someone whom you can relax with and not have to work so hard with.

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