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  • Hi there, I am just starting to learn to read the cards. I have been learning and practicing daily with the cards. Today I tried something new for me. I did a 3 card reading asking the question, "What would Oscar Grant do?" I live in Oakland. If you are familiar with the situation, you might know that there was protest and violence in the streets downtown following the verdict in the police shooting case.

    I have never tried a reading out of my own personal space or the space of someone right in front of me. This is kind of new territory for me. But the result was interesting. I'd be interested in your comments and suggestions.

    Three Card Reading asking "What would Oscar Grand do?"

    Card 1, Current Situation: King of Wands, reversed.

    The violence we witnessed was premeditated and not in the spirit of promoting understanding. It exploited Oscar's spirit.

    Card 2, Advice: The Devil

    To break free of the bonds of hate, believe in the goodness of people and strive for understanding. We are all brothers and sisters. Hate only makes us prisoners.

    Card 3, Outcome: 4 of Swords

    Let's all take a step back. Think on Oscar's life, cut short by hate and anger. Meditate on how we can turn this tragedy into a positive for understanding that our similarities can bring us together and our differences can make us stronger.

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    Bravo mikeme for the courage to venture outside your "comfort zone"! Anyone got any suggestions, comments or advice to help mikeme?

  • Hi~~ I don know anything about the Oscar Grant.. >< brave to get out of the comfort zone.. Just add on a bit for fun.. 😃 as for the king of wands reversed I felt that they are narrowing the possibilities instead of making more opportunities for themselves.. Sometimes the things they do doesn't make any sense.. If look on a big scenario, this will worsen the economy too.. The advise card I would agree with wat u have said.. =x it seems that they can't get out of violent situation and always that happens all time.. Like u mention in the outcome.. Everything really need to be putting on stop once and for all.. 😃

  • mikeme,

    I don't read reversed cards, only upright. You may want to simplify your Tarot experience from the get go by doing the same.

    For every reversed card, there's an upright card that means the same thing.

    Reversed cards were introduced several hundred years ago to hide the Sacred Mysteries from those who were unsympathetic to the oracle. Hence, no comment on the King of Wands reversed.

    Yes, kudos to you for getting out of your comfort zone, but I want to caution you about reading for/about someone else without his/her permission. It's simply not done. This is basic Tarot etiquette and you would do well to immerse yourself in it at the beginning.

    The question you asked is borderline and def on the slippery slope. Just a friendly caution.

    All the best to you as you uncover the wisdom of this oracle. Peace.

  • Thanks so much for the comments and insights. I feel sometimes I need to get over "getting it right" and just allow the cards to speak for themselves. That is my goal for the most part.

    Here is a bit more light on the story for this reading. Oscar Grant was shot and killed by a police officer while being arrested. The incident was captured on video by bystanders with cellphone cameras. The policeman is white, Grant was black. The shooting has stirred up a lot of anger, and some violence among people protesting the crime, and now the subsequent verdict (the now ex-policeman was found guilty of the lesser crime of involuntary manslaughter). Mr Grant's family has asked the community for peaceful protest and non-violence in reaction to the verdict to honor his life and the community he grew up and lived in.

    It has been an uneasy time for me. I truly enjoy the city I live in. It's diversity is very appealing to me. But the anger and the violence has me upset. I did this reading more as a way to honor Mr Grant and to see what his thoughts might be on this entire situation.

    Mikyo, thanks for the insight on the King on Wands.

    qwalchmai60, I would welcome more information about reading/not reading reversed cards. It is a grey area in most of my references. Some read them and some don't. It can be confusing for me. Since most cards have both positive and negative connotations, I have taken the view that a card reversed, generally, indicates the negative aspects of the cards meaning. That said, there is also the view that the reversed card might indicate a "less strong" positive meaning. As I said, I am still learning so any references or insights you might want to pass on will be most appreciated.

    As for the etiquette of reading for someone else without their knowledge or permission, I understand where that is coming from. My intent was not to do a reading "for or about" Mr Grant, only to ask for enlightenment from him through the cards on this situation. I might be picking nits here but, again, my intention was to honor his life. I do appreciate your warning about slippery slopes. And although you do not know me, I assure you I am not an "ends justify the means person" as that almost always leads to slippery slopes, in my opinion.

    I look forward to sharing more of my readings with you and this community. As a learner, I welcome any insights or counsel you might offer.

    Thanks so much.

  • mikeme,

    Your comments indicate that you've reached a level beyond beginner. You're def "in touch" in the right way. And I want to reiterate that we're ALL learners here no matter how long one has studied the oracle or how many readings one has done. The learning never stops.

    RE: Reversed cards. You write: "It can be confusing for me." I read similar comments on this forum often. Reading the cards should NOT be a confusing endeavor. Hence, I offered you a suggestion for simplifying your experience. Nonetheless, you must follow your heart and intuition and if that includes reading reversed cards, then so be it.

    I lived in San Fran and Berkeley (grad school) for 8 years, and although I left the area 12 years ago for Sacramento, followed by Ashland, OR and now Las Vegas, I miss the Bay Area every day. You're very fortunate to live where you do and I understand your pride about living in Oakland.

    Interestingly, I learned to read the cards in San Fran from a woman who has become the most popular and respected Tarotist and Astrologer in the Bay Area, Susan Levitt. She might be a good person to connect with. She has a website and has written a book for beginners, which you might do well to have in your library. Google her and see what you come up with.

    Blessed be.

  • qwalchmai60,

    Thanks for the kind words. I truly feel like a beginner, though. But I have a very strong desire to learn more and more. I agree we all are learners, on a path. For me, sometimes too many paths lol. But I have found a real passion for learning the cards and although not an obsession, it has consumed me recently in a good way.

    I have checked out Susan's website and I will reach out to her, at least to purchase a book. Her writing and style seem very tuned to my way of thinking about Tarot as well as the Tao. Should I tell her you said hello if I talk to her?

    I hope you don't feel that I dismissed your advice on reversed cards. I want to understand more about reading cards. And something in me, at least right now, tells me that if a card is reversed it means something. I'm not sure discounting the way a card lays is that simple for me. Yet. I'm still learning 🙂

    Yeah, I love living in the bay area. It is one of the best as far as community, and environment and ... well, it's great for so many reasons.



  • Mike,

    By all means tell Susan I said "hello" if you speak with her or email her or otherwise communicate with her. We are dear, old friends and keep in touch with each other fairly frequently. Get on her mailing list. She sends out great newsletters. And you can purchase her book on Amazon used for very little.

    I don't feel that you dismissed my advice regarding reversed cards at all. All I made was a suggestion that might simplify your experience. Susan's book goes into more detail on this. But I also said you have to trust your intuition and instincts and if they're telling you to read reversed cards, then go with it.

    Look forward to future conversations with you, Mike. Your buddy,


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