How are those cards interpreted?

  • I was doing a reading for a woman I was interested in and came up with two cards that puzzled me.

    The Empress as her feelings towards me and Seven of cups as desirable relationship outcome from our acquaintance(were she'd want it to head).

    I'm guessing Seven of cups means she's considering multiple choices and wants to let evolve naturally, but the Empress puzzles me, since this is a quite younger person, she can't have motherly feelings, or can she?

  • Good morning, FT!

    From one Taurus to another, I couldn't resist putting my two cents worth in.

    First, I think you're probably spot on in your interpretation of the 7 of Cups. 7 is the number of seeking, questing, wondering, being almost there, but not quite, etc...and the suit of emotions, I think you're correct in assuming she wants to let things evolve naturally.

    Now The Empress III: remember, she represents more of the archetypal "Earth Mother" or Gaia than anything else. I think you're interpreting this card in too mundane of a fashion. Remember, Aces, Trumps & Court Cards always represent karmic or destined situations.

    In this case, I would say she represents more along the lines of abundance, joy, fecundity, and fertility, which makes total sense if she's a bit younger than you are, right? This card can teach you A LOT about who she is, her essence if you will, otherwise you would have turned up a pip or something else. This is a powerful card, mi amigo.

    I wouldn't mind being coupled with an Empress! Good card. Hope things work out for you two.


  • Thanks for your help gwalchmai60.

    Interesting you said those things. Well, we're talking about a beautician, for which the empress card would certainly be appropriate not to mention the age difference(14 years), which is akward to me, but this person has the Empress qualities for sure, which is why I'm drawn and don't usually for that much younger people, but she seems "mature and wise" in ways I cannot comprehend. I certainly feel at ease with her,even when angry, which is rare to "get" from another. I think I night have found the person who will calm me when needed which is what I have always searched for in my life.

    So you think the empress is more about her traits and less or not at all about her feelings for me then, right?

  • Yes, FT. I think The Empress III is HER archetype. Spend some time with the card. Study it, reflect on it, ponder it, sleep with it under your pillow and record any dreams you have.

    Also, think about the demeanor of The Empress III in general. She IS loving, gracious, wise, fertile, giving, full of joy and abundance. Those feelings are directed at YOU as well as the wider world.

    Bask in her glow while you're with her and apart from her. You may just have found your mate.

    And remember, when you turn up a card that seems to have nothing to do with your question, trust The Universe. There is such as thing as "Tarot override" in which we're shown the card(s) we most need at that time although they may have little to nothing to do with your original question. When this happens, PAY ATTENTION. The Universe has something very important to tell you.

    What are your Soul & Personality cards if you don't mind me asking? And what are hers?

    And if you've never figured this out, I will do it for you. Just give me your two birthdates.

    From one King of Pentacles to another, peace out and have a good weekend and remember, tomorrow's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer will be VERY powerful, so remain mindful, reflective and introspective and see what comes up for you: emotions (Cancer), something that's hidden and needs to be brought to light (an Eclipse), out with the old and in with the new, start a new project, but remember that projects started under an Eclipse often take six months to manifest. If you feel something resonating at the core of your being, go with it.

    Venus is in Virgo, so this is a time to be practical about matters of love. Use that energy in your relationship with this young woman.

    And you didn't ask for a digression on astrology, so I'm going to shut up. Blessed be.

  • Sure, but I don't wish them to become public...Do you have an email address I could send to?

  • This post is deleted!

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