Captain.... Can you please help me again??

  • I have just been over the last time you helped me and I can definately see things a little clearer now that some time has passed..... You were right all along 🙂 You have also been posting things on your blog and other threads that have really hit home with me too...

    I am just wondering if the next few months are going to be the turn around in life I have been waiting for all year? I get the feeling things are going to get better..... But I have been very wrong in the past....

    Thanks, light and love to you and yours 🙂


  • No, you are correct - your positive change in attitude is going to produce the best results of your life from now on.

  • Awesome!! I can't wait!!! Thanks heaps - that is a relief...... I am working on my anger issues... Is there another area I should be looking at too?

  • Impatience.

  • LOL clearly 🙂 thanks again!!!!

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