Whats the best match for a HORSE?

  • I would like to know what the best match for a horse would be, I think i fit this sign alot better than my cancer sign... yes i am emotional but i am not a homebody, and am definately not shy.

  • Chinese astrology is indeed very accurate (I'm a Rooster, which fits me in many ways. I'm generally outgoing and hardworking. Interestingly, my rising animal sign is the Rabbit, Rooster's opposite, so I am also supposedly tactful and intuitive). As a Horse, your best matches would be someone born in the year of the Tiger or Dog. Tiger is adventurous and as passionate about life as you are. Dog is very loyal and affectionate, also qualities you value. Another potential match is someone born in the Pig year--Pigs are social, romantic, and friendly (and every one I've met is an excellent cook). In general--although not always, as your ascendant and other aspects influence your chart--long term relationships with people born in the year of the Rat should be avoided, as Rats seem very secretive and critical to Horses. And just general personality clash. For more information about your Chinese compatibility with other signs, check out the "Chinese compatibility meter" under "Horoscopes" at the top, then "Chinese". Good luck!

  • thank you for your help, i was actually in a relationship with a tiger - he is just beatiful to me and we are still in love but we fought like cats and dogs and could not live together 😞 it turned out us deciding that love wasnt enough to keep us together... but its been three and half months and we keep coming back to each other... i feel it may stay this way the rest of our lives, as we have a child together and cannot just go our seperate ways

  • Oh. I read that could happen..."Despite their connection, Tiger and Horse still may argue and need to take time out from the relationship". The two of you are both a little short-tempered sometimes (Tiger more than Horse, usually). To get along, just be patient with each other and spend time separately...that way, you'll both get the space you need and probably end up missing each other. Good luck!

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  • haha thats funny on here it says not to be with a snake, and i was with a dragon once - he was a capricorn and we were perfect for each other on the outside but the flame died very early on

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  • tiger and horse seems to do it for me, him being a taurus and me a cancer... we fight like crazy but the passion is insane i we both know how much we love each other, i think we take each other for granted and that is why we fight so much... we have a daughter together so i cannot just walk away from him which i think is a major factor because normally i just burn the bridge with that person and flush the remains down the toilet so that i can move on. i wonder every day if i would be able to stay away once ive walked away from him, but i will never know because we are parents together. snake doesnt seem to have anything in common with me but i do appreciate his view of the world and he has taught me alot, i think he is there for my personal growth, he is a virgo... i stand strong on saying my chinese sign fits me much better than my cancer sign although i am a basket full of emotions, what sign has the capacity to handle a cancer? HA i dont think any could.

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  • thank you for the help, i like the saying about love but cant quite grasp it lol, maybe thats why i like it... my rising sign is auqarious and my moon sign is leo and i love that my tarot card is the high preistest lol it fits me perfectly... i tend to be controlled by my moon sign alot considering the fact that cancers are controlled by the moon...the emotions of a crab its just not fair! why do we have to feel what everyone else is feeling times 100 ? ppl get irritated with my mood swings and i just say well at least you dont have to feel them all! i go through about average of ten moods a day 😞 its very overwhelming, ppl just dont seem to get it.

  • its a no wonder crabs have a reputation for hiding in their shells... its not that were shy... its that we are recharging our batteries in solitude from the rest of the world because well DANG IT we cant handle feeling your emotions anymore.

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  • My fiance is a Wood Horse and I am a Metal Rat, so I don't understand these theories about "compatibility" at all. We have been happily together for three years now!!

  • cuspglyph, for instance, saying Rat and Horse are incompatible is just a generalization--there is much more involved in individual compatibility than just the year you were born. The Chinese moon you were born under (different from the Western "moon sign"!), in other words, you Western sign and the time you were born--your Ascendant animal--influences your compatibility also. If, for example, you were born during the Hour of the Horse, and/or your fiance in the Hour of the Rat, that would make for a positive relationship.

  • Hi Junemoon26!

    I was born 1/30/1961 at 8:53 a.m. in S.F., CA. My fiance was born 11/4/1954 at 2 a.m. in Frankfurt, Germany. Any insights?

    P.S. A female friend of his was born 5/23/1967 at 9 a.m. in Granada Hills, CA. What kind of a relationship do they have?

    Thanks for your input!!

  • Can you tell me what a good match for a fire dragon is????? Cause that is me - I can't seem to find anyone who is compatible with that..... LOL

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