Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!! IVE MISSED YALL !!!!!!!!! Today is my first day back at work . I was supposed to be back on tues but I became sick ( I was cooking out in the rain ) So im feeling a bit under the weather . I have Lots of updates for you guys! I promise ill be back later to post. My desk looks like a cyclone hit it , so I have to do some catching up . I hope all is well with all of you !

  • Hello Ladies,

    sorry for the absense, unfortunately I do have bad news; on monday I had a miscarriage. I called the cancer guy and asked him to come with me to by obgyn, that I had pains and slight bleeding and she had confirmed it. He was as comforting as a cold wet towel but I appreciate that he came with me.

    Ive been somewhat confused butdefinete sadness. I came to accept and started rejoicing even tho I was very nervous, for it only to be taken away. The doc explained that usually the "stars are alined" for a successful preganancy...meaning there was nothing I did or could have done to prevent it. Anyway, Im going to Oklahoma this weekend and stay with my parents for a very long weekend :), that'll be good.

    Thanks for all your support ladies, I will be checking regularly to hear about your life events.


  • @Redleo !! you spoke too soon lool

    Arghhh i need to vent 😞

    So basically last night i went out with my taurus guy, and guess who we bumped into.. my ex gem !!! Me and my taurus were dancing away together at this club, heaps happy and everything.. and along he comes, and pushes inbetween and starts dancing with me.. THE NERVE !!! When i turned around and saw who it was, i backed away and moved a good few meters away from him, and gave him a disgusted look. So then he goes up to my taurus guy and tells him "i had her last month !"

    WTF. argh. What was the point in that ?! What was the point in even approaching us in the first place.. like wow. Seriously, i'm always friends with most of my exes but he is soo insignificant to my life, that i did not care less to stay friends, had deleted his number and totally cut all contact.. clearly its what he wanted when he decided to ignore me and show his true colours.. so why do such an a****** thing to me ?! It was very evident that during our 'relationship' he tried to play me, it didnt work, i cut my losses and moved on. He wasn't too stealth at disguising how pathetically jealous he must have been to go through such an effort. You know what they say i guess.. "Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies."

    My taurus said he had no idea obviously who that guy was, but he was supposedly looking over at us alll night.

    Anyway, so as you know how possessive taurus guys can get.. my taurus suddenly gets mad at me for not 'telling him' about the ex gem haha ! He said he didnt knw whether to trust me etc .. Can you believe.. our first arguement ! and over something so ridiculously stupid ! I couldnt even take it seriously and it kept making him more mad lol

    So he threw a sad at me right on the dance floor, and walked off, at first i tried to calm him down and talk to him but he wasnt listening so i let him go and then i walked out. Next He calls me and is all "i bought you a drink where did you go ?" !!!!!!! wHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MEN !?! Bi-polar tripppp !!!!

    Anyway, so i went back in the end to see him and explained everything, and we talked and eventually made up, and were back all over each other.. whilst creepy ex gem lingered around, glancing over at us. Idiot. I sent him a txt replying to one of this old txts on my phone saying something like "ahh i 've been wanting to sincerely thankyou, and tonight you gave me all the more reason to, so thank you for that especially 🙂 hahahahaa"

    Moron. He pretended that he had no idea who was txting him hahah.

    Anyway, thanks to him actually, taurus admitted all his feelings for me, and we're thinking/were talking about officially being together lol.

    I'm still cautious though.. the jealousy thing kinda really bugged me, i was really taken back how easily he flipped out ! Oh and he started singing "beautiful monster" to me during our 'arguement'.. argh i was soo angry at that point, told him where to shove it and that i don't need to justify myself to anyone, him included. Its his own insecurities. hahah

    If he was seriously thinking about being with me, i can't ever have a boyfriend of mine believing anything and everything he hears around him.. theres gotta be heaps of trust because any official relationship status is established.

    But ahh talk about an eventful night hey !!

    He apologised to me heaps this morning and told me he reacted in the way that he did because he truly cares for me etc.

    I told him i wasnt all that angry but he couldnt treat me that way, that i can't waste time arguing over stupid stuff like that, he should know better and if he doesn't, it'll be his loss.

    I was really quite angry at the idiot 'ex''s mature effort to try and F things up for me more than anything, but he isn't even worthy of that.

    It'll be like water off a duck's back.

    Now i just feel really standoffish and appreciative of my solitude !!

    Men are such drama queens.. 😕

    By the way @Redleo i'm so glad you just cut him off just like that ahaha.. no use wasting time hey. Especially if you know what you want.. and what you don't want 😛 Oh you keep making me so proud ! :')

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  • @ Scorpionlove- I am so sorry to hear your news. I hope you are doing ok and enjoyed your time home with your parents. Please keep in touch with us!

    @ kaplow- hope u r feeling better... now hello!?! updates! lol

    @ ethereal27- OMG.. you didn't have a boring weekend, did you? WTF is Gem's problem? I really don't understand men. Wait, did I just say that? I mean boys. Cancer # 1 will still send me a text once a week and Cancer # 2 just happened to re-appear last night like nothing ever happened? WHAT? oooooooooooohhhhhhhh, and someone else took me to dinner on Friday night. You are not going to believe this. He is a Cancer. Things happen in threes, right? So, I should be done? No more? I don't think I can handle any more of the hot/cold- on/off

    Ok, back to you.. lol. Well, it sounds like gem may have had a wee bit tad of jealously going on. You know, the I didn't want you, but he can't have you either syndrome? Although he nay have wanted to 'stir the pot' between you and your taurus, that wasn't the ultimate outcome. Actually, it kinds of helped your situation. Now you know how he really feels about you. Maybe a little more/sooner than you wanted but you know. So, actually cheers to the jerky gem... for things actually working out on your behalf... don't you love it when someone else's evil plan blow up and works in your favor... hee hee...

    Good for you for sticking up fpr yourself in the morning and letting him know he couldn't treat you that way,.. It doesn't sound like he normally will, however letting him know it's not something you Will stand for is great. I think he just didn't know how to take the whole 'ex being a dick' factor and tended to over-react is all. It's all good. You sound like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders and won't take anyone's crap. Honestly, normally, I do too... however I have been giving too many people the benefit of the doubt... no more though. From now on they (boys) have to prove themsleves to me!

    TTYS !


  • Hello Girlies ! Ok well the the reunion was wonderful ! He did not show up ( Thank the lord ) Because he had a game BUT his mother called him on the phone. I was in another room and out of nowhere she comes running with the phone in her hand and slaps it on my ear ! I didnt say anything . Then the rest of my fam comes running in the room to talk to him like he's some damn celebrity , so I handed the phone to someone else . His mother saw what I did and asked me if something was wrong I told her " No, It seemed like everybody wanted to talk to him so I gave the phone away " She said well please make sure you do talk to him. This was around 7:30pm . 12:30am She comes to me and says that she was trying to call him back but he wasn't answering the phone then she asked me to call from my phone ( In my head im thinking Hell Naw, He will not see my number on his caller Id ) I told her the battery was dead ! Then she's starts to tell me about how lately there convo have been only 3-4 mins at a time . She said the last time they talked for longer the 30min was on her birthday 2 weeks ago . Then she went on about how he's so busy Blah, Blah, Blah ....... Then he calls back. I try to walk away but she catches me , she give me the phone and I finally say hey . Do you know he starts talking like NOTHING HAPPENDED !!! Going on & on about him being so busy Finally after 15min of HIM talking I say " well nice talking to you , but I have to start cleaning up " Then he paused and said " That's it , It's nothing else you wanna say " ( Keep in mind that I have about 10 people staring down my throat as im on the phone with him ) I say no ( With a fake smile on my face to throw everybody off ) I hand the phone back to his mother and walk away . After that I had to take a walk outside because I was boiling in the inside ! Part of me wanted to Cuss him out ( But I Couldnt ) Another part of me , I hate to admit it was kinda happy just to hear his voice again UGH... Oh by the way I forgot to mention that Everybody had brought a date to reunion except for me ! So I was already feeling kinda funny ( But his mother was soooo happy about that ) Be right back

  • PT 2 .... so I got myself together and went back inside. Of course for the rest of the damn Night all the talk was about HIM ! Shoot me now !!!!! LOL

    I need to find someone QUICK to help take my mind off of him !

    But anyways How has everybody been doing ? I

    @ Scorpio- So sorry to hear about the news! Enjoy your stay in Oklahoma !

    @ Redleo - Girl I see you have been holding it down , What advice do you have for me

    @ Ethereal - Im glad you stood up for yourself also !!! Remember take no shorts !


  • hmm for some unknown absurd reason, these recent posts werent showing up but now they are ! Just catching up.. and..

    Awwwh @scorpioinlove Biggest hugs ! You're so brave and soo soo strong.. and ugh.. seriously big hugs. It seems to have been one big dramatic event for you, @all of this !

    What a moron that he could not even open up at a time like that, to atleast give you something real from himself to atleast be there for you and sincerely comfort you as a friend if nothing more. coward. majorly.

    But he is not the topic of importance here, you are... and as is what it is that you need. i hope you slowly start to feel better, and maybe things will happen at a better time for you, whilst you may take your lessons from the unfortunate current events and put them to practice when you're ready to begin again !

    x ❤ x ❤ x

    @Redleo LOL I think you've got the hang of things... to be mainly influenced by yourself, remember what you want and what YOU are looking for, giving understanding to others but make sure you don't forget about understanding and listening to yourself and your own needs too !

    atleast, this is what i've learned so far ! I tried too much to understand and create answers for that gem, yet at the same time, managed to only be more influenced by myself than by him or anyone else. I think that is what kept my sanity hahah ! Many times people just try to create what they want for you to see, rather than what there is to show.. which is a huge difference !

    People so very often get tricked by the illusion and suffer the hurt and disappoint when the illusion disappears.

    As for the third cancerian .. jeez you must really attract them in hey ! must mean something though..

    You must be doing great at handling them/knowing your own mind hahah !

    Like how i deal with my brother ! Best way ! To only focus on being influenced by yourself rather than others around you, just like as you say for guys to prove themselves to you ! Highfives ! 😄

    x o x o x

    @Kaplow ohhh man, you thought being there by yourself/without a date was awkward ?!

    hahah i bet allllll the guys were like "wow ! now i wish i had shown up by myself !" 😉

    What happened to the date anyway ???

    haha i have a feeling his mum goes on about you to him, endlessly !! lool

    Hence probably the 3mins convos with her hahaha

    When i would tell my brother off or correct him on his behavior towards any girl, he would get in the worst moods with me aha

    And yet if my mum were to critercise any of the girls he seriously liked, he would defend them till the cows come home !

    So yeah. odd one yet i dunno, when he'd ask for my opinions, and i'd give it, he'd appear somewhat reassured that he had a good girl, if the opinions were good.

    It especially worked if the girl was not only good but knew how to handle him and stand her own ground.

    I think the fact that you kind of stood yours by giving the phone back was awesome haha !

    He will throw a sad about it, most likely, but in his own privacy.

    But heyho, hes not the importance.. you are. The next time his mum witters on, simply smile and say (or remember) " yes.. he is a great guy, but i'm a great woman too.. and time waits for no man to realise that. there is more to life yet to experience, that goes beyond the man you want to convince me to settle for."

    Ohhh and "I need to find someone QUICK to help take my mind off of him !"... hehe i call them 'distractions'.

    Distractions are available everywhere !

    Go for it ! Have fun ! Once you're in the swing of having fun, believe me, you'll be knocking 'em off with sticks ahahah !

    But could you believe if they were all cancerians hahha.

    Boy ! I kind of know how @redleo must feel ! Thats so trippy !

    Wierd hey how once you find yourself attracted to a certain sign, you continue to attract them, during that period ! x ❤ x ❤ x

    Anyone got a particular sign other than cancerians, that they are finding themselves to attract ??

    x o x o x o

  • Hey Ethereal - Well I did not have time to find a date because I was so busy planning the reunion. Plus his mom was always up my butt ! LOL Your right I need Disractions ASAP ! There has been this guy I have been checking out ( The one I said I was gonna take to the game with me ) He's a scorpio also , The problem is that iv'e been out the loop for so long that iv'e ( I hate to admit it ) Have forgotten how to quote/unquote " Flirt " It's funny though , if it's someone Im not attracted to I can talk to them for days BUT If it someone I like I don't know what to say ! LOL

  • Girls, girls, girls ! How are we on the day after the full moon ????

    @ Scorprionlove- How are you hun? I hope you were able to relax a little bit this weekend while you visited your parents... hugs to you...

    @ Ethereal- ok, how's the boy? Still sweet as ever on you? Is your wall/guard still up or have you let it down a little? Any more run ins with the gem? Please, do tell... I need to live vicariously through someone! J/K! However, I can't wait to hear what updates you do have for us..

    @ kaplow- girl, I have no idea how you maintained your composure while you were handed the phone, talked to him, had to listen to everyone praise about him... and then he had the nerve to ask you 'if there was anything else you wanted to say' Hello numnuts??? Been there, done that... WTF???? Kudos to you.. I don't know how you deal with 'auntie' (no offense/and not to be rude) who clearly has wants the two of you to be together... Someone should give her the 411 that's she's not so Again- NO OFFENSE to this woman at all.. I just think it's funny. I wonder if she even realizes that she does it. But GOOD FOR YOU for not giving into him amd telling him what he clearly wants to hear.... UGH! Boys... someone needs to write a manual 🙂 I can totally relate with you on not knowing what to say to someone if you like them...I have diarrhea of the mouth 24/7, but if I am around someone I like... I get all shy... me? shy? that's hysterical.. but, you just have to be yourself.. and I'm sure 'Mr. I wanted to bring you to the football game' will be totally into you 🙂 Good Luck!

    Updates on me:

    Cancer boy # 1- text me again- SHOCKER!

    Cancer boy # 2- came out of hiding temporarily...I'm sure I'll hear from him

    Cancer boy # 3- has retreated in his shell for now... lol

    I hope you all have a wonderful night/day- whatever it is when you happen to read this.. take care & ttyl !


  • Hey Girlies ! Hope you all had a great weekend ! Mine SUCKED !!!!!!!

  • Hello girls !!

    Urm @Redleo.. in answer to your questions lol Things are going so GREAT with my taurus ! We're officially together now. ! He took the initiative of that call !

    We went out last weekend also, and bumped into ex gem again, but he didn't say anytjhing to us, just danced in front of us all night

    Not that I actually noticed ex gem at all, but my taurus spotted him and let me know hahah..

    But on the relationship front.. He and I have been like magnets.. which really exposed my anxiousness more so than usual, but guess what .. ? He handled it so well, was very understanding towards me and just coaxed me into feeling better by distracting me with entertainment and his funny sense of humour ! Guess what else.. Hes gemini moon 🙂 So i still get the fun side of gemini to play with(hes very talkative and wow..we talk for hours about sooo many things.. and is always up for adventures etc at odd hours .. exactly what i wanted !), and i'm taurus moon, so its like we share this crazy understanding of each other, atleast that is what it seems to be for this moment in time 🙂

    He told me today that he feels we're falling for each other at the same time.. which i don't want to give into agreeing with just yet but... there may be a very very tiny element of truth MAYBE in that. I don't want to jump into anything..which is cool cause he isn';t rushing anything either. The anxiousness and nervousness is still there..for which i have to keep a safe sort of emotional distance from him just to help myself relax when around him. What is strange however is that every time i think of him, i suddenly recieve a txt or msg or phonecall from him ! Its quite odd !

    In moving forward with my relationships however, it seems i have to lose another friend 😞 another ex whom is a libra.. he used to be my bestfriend but now, it seems he needs to drift away from me. I will miss him but ahhh.. seems he is too uncomfortable to be my friend these days, and yet once upon a time we used to be bestfriends. Things just havent been the same lately. It saddens me. (I wasnt sure at which point to introduce the libra ex into all of this.. but hes been in the background for quite some time hahah. Unfortunately for him, all i wanted was to stay friends but i don't know how interested he is with that idea.. )

    Anyway.. enough of me .. whats going on with everyone else !? I've noticed that our posts show up a bit late 😕 Guessing this site is having a few glitches or something ?


    @Kaplow- boring weekend ?! How so ?? Whats been happening ? lots of work ?

    @Redleo - I quite enjoyed the full moon 😛 Had a whole week off from work but its gone sooo fast ! Ahhh

    @Scorpioinlove where are yooooou. I hope you're doing alright, and found some good peace+comfort at your parent's !

    Lots of hugs to all of you 🙂 x o x o x o

  • @kaplow

    Hahahaa I just read your post about your flirting ! 😛

    Scorps are fun to flirt with ! They're a lil.. erm not so soppy however.. isn't that right scorpioinlove !?

    One of my bestfriends whom is a scorpio.. well she seems to love funny comedian types that can carry witty conversations.. So if you're any good with the conversating aspect, I think you could find yourself into a rather interesting and comical start !

  • Hi everyone,

    just wanted to check on everyone and see how you are doing, but I dont think Im vieing the latest posts...very odd. The thread will say the last to post was Ethereal 17 hours ago (today is 9/3/10) and then when I open the thread the last one I see is from Wednesday, August 25 from redleo. Im I going crazy?


  • Okay there we go, just saw everyone's posts.

    Wow Kaplow....a scorpio.....Ethereal is right, carry on the witty conversation. The only thing to be wary of is this power struggle between you two. One good part is that while Scorpio men like to take control and be a man's man, scorpio women like men who take control while secretly controling them...we are so sneaky LOL. Always let him think he is in control.

    Ethereal, congrats with the Taurus guy....I told you! He seems so sweeeeet I like him.

    Redleo....what the heck, you are like a magnet for cancer men!! No bueno!

    As for myself. Im doing good, my mom was super caring and I got to refresh in Oklahoma and come back to NYC a little wiser. I couldnt care less right now about guys, which is a really good spot to be in. However its funny when you are absolutely thru guys seem to notice. My cancer guy was in and out until I told him I didnt want to talk to him for a while......a week later he emails me a joke.......why!!!! Anyway, Im redoing my apartment painting my room. 🙂 And Ive been out alot with my friends who have been very supportive.

    Tell me more gossip girls, Im back!!!


  • Yayayay ! Great to hear from you @Scorpioinlove !

    "scorpio women like men who take control while secretly controling them...we are so sneaky LOL. Always let him think he is in control."

    Completely true ! Like what i mentioned about my scorp friend who was moving into her new house with her cancer ex hahah

    By the way, my cancer brother has been very very communicative with me recently.

    Constantly coming to me for advise about random things !

    It seems the more you leave them alone, and come and go as you please, the more they want to 'involve you' as it were, into their lives.

    But with that said, Hes been falling out with my mum instead however, and i can see how he actually thinks quite hard about upsetting her, with his decision makings etc.

    He also thinks about upseting his friends who may not be making life easy for him.

    Yet at the same time, he still took my advise in doing what pleases him and meets his own needs, not other people's.

    I feel cancerians are very emotional and therefore, at times, put themselves in prone position to being emotionally controlled/taken advantage of by others whom they would generally rely upon for support, which may not be for their best interests either.

    It makes sense when reading Kaplow's updates, it was really not fair of his mum to continue in feeling the need to intervene between two people whom are fully capcable of making their own decisions, maybe not in favour of hers but according to their own needs/stage of present life that they may be at !

    Thought I'd share anyway, so you could have another insight, if it can help at all ! 🙂

  • Update on the libra ex.. Uhm.. so he called me last night !

    And felt the need to tell me the hidden truth behind random lies and deciets from over 3 years ago !

    I was so angry (because its always one thing after another with him ) but then humoured his guilt. I'm sure it is punishment enough for him without me having to flinch as such at any more of his usual erratic emotional antics.

    Update on Taurus guy.. This weekend I'm having a break from him and having some time with myself. Coincidently he said to me, something like "I have to back off, I'm being too nice, to a point where you will get bored of me".

    I told him he thinks too much and To which he agreed.

    Its odd, I always have to place myself out of the 'relationship', to feel drawn back to it, sort of detaching away, to feel comfortable in expressing myself !

    But once I'm 'in there', I express in lots of different ways. He worries a lot. But its a lil cute.

    In relationships I need someone mentally strong that can be the opposite to what anyone else may percieve of me on the outside. When any man tells me he has to be mean to keep me keen, I'm thinking in my head "no you just have to be kind. and a decent sense of humour couldn't hurt either, unless you're quite great at it"

    Sigh. Men.

    @Scorpioinlove its funny that you like taurus guy hey.. hes your opposite sign 😛

    Ever dated one ?? They seem to get very engrossed with whomever they've got their eyes on.

    Leos are my opposite sgn and i like them 🙂

    but i like other fellow aquas, gems, and sagittarius too

    Taurus are fun.. Theyre very cute when theyre angry/in a playful fight kind of mood. Theres a taurus girl at my work who is always trying to wind me up in her ever quite so charming ways (i.e telling me how much shes annoyed at seeing me lol), but then i laugh at her and she can't take the stupid smile off her face !

    Oh another funny thing to tell you haha.. uhm so i poledance..

    anyway.. i have one at my house, and it needed fixing, which taurus guy was more than happy to do. At one point however, for some reason I was standing on the ladder, and he was looking at my dressing table.. where my passport was rested.. I saw him pick it up, and i have the most embarrassing passport photo, so without thinking, I jumped off the ladder to grab it from him.. and accidently landed ON HIS FOOT. IN HEELS ! LOL :')

    I thought he was going to cry !

    As if that wasn't bad enough(for him).. figured I'd get him splashing him with a glass of water (dont ask !)...he looked like a grumpy kitten all drenched in water hahaa

    Kind of like this (wonder if i'm allowed to post pictures..)

    x o x o x o

  • By the way guys.. I did a natal chart thing just now.. and turns out when i did it before, i accidently wrote down my current city, instead of the one i was born in 😕 i'm not a leo ascendant, can you believe, I'm a cancer ascendant ! 😐

  • Hi girls!!! I have missed everyone! I got a virus on my laptop 😞

    It's amazing how much we rely on these things....

    ANYWAY... I had soooo much fun catching up, reading everyone's posts.

    @ Scorpionlove- welcome back! Missed you honey! Glad that time back home was good for you.. and yes, men ALWAYS seem to know when you are not interested.. crazy, isn't it? He sent you a joke? That's a joke in itself !!! I'll say what I always say... BOYS :}

    @ Kaplow- why did your weekend suck? Have things gotten better? Wait a minute? Flirting? I didn't see that post..... do tell...


    @ Ethereal- girl, so glad that you and Taurus and going well. I had a good feeling about him. Oh, and you are 'officially together, huh? Nice !!! I hope you are enjoying the break you are having from him this weekend and having some girlie time for yourself. Hopefully libra hasn't called you back again.. btw... what is it with them calling you back?

    I knew cancer # 1 would always call back.. since the texts were continual.. and low and behold I was right. WTF? Scorp- I have no idea why I am attracting cancer men.. but I think it needs to stop ASAP. I do know (someone mentioned it earlier) that when you don't respond to them and act like you don't give a crap.. that makes them try even harder... So, now what do I do??? If I am nice, I act like I care, if I am a bitch, he likes it even more. Women seriously are from venus & men are from In all seriousness though- I am not stressing. I am taking care of myself, going to the gym 5 days a week & taking my stress out there!!! Plus, now I have my computer back & can chat with u guys again!

    I hope u all had a great weekend!



  • Hey everyone! I am new here and been reading your posts before I had to post too. I must admit that I was surprised that you all go through the same thing as I do! My cancerian guy has been driving me nuts and this has been going on for a year and 1 month. I don't know what is up with him he doesn't disappear for long, I'd say 2 or 3 weeks maximum but never out of blue he always comes up with an excuse then he comes around again as if nothing went wrong and make me fall for him even more. I never been like that with any other guy I am always the kind of girl who moves on once Its done but with my cancerian guy it is different. I have always been dating Sagittarius guys and this is my first cancerian love so I feel lost.

    now he is back talking to me after disappearing for 2 weeks and he treats me like his gf but he doesn't want us to be in a relationship he says what's between us is strong that we don't need to define our relationship and fight all the time and this way we can both have our own space. He seems to care lately always calls and checks on me calls me baby and stays up till 6:00 a.m on phone with me eventhough he has to go to work at 8:00 and he is sooo sweet but whenever I bring up our relationship subject he is kind of annoyed maybe. and plus he doesn;t want to confront me with his feelings like if i said do u love me he would ask me well do u love me? if i said i dont then he would say i dont too so he is never the kind of guy that just says he lovess me or misses me. 2 days ago finally he said he missed me so much but then it's like he realized that he actually said it so he was like changing the subject and all. I don't get him 😞

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