Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • redleo73 seems we both went our of our ways this past weekend/week !

    If it makes you feel any better, i too (the apparently cold emotionless aquarius) went out of my way for a gem.. hahaha just for shhh its and giggles.

    And pretty sure i've absolutely scared him off for miles/he won't be comign back any time soon ahahah

    But theres no waiting around. This weekend was thoroughly enjoyed in the arms of a fun loving leo (!) and an interlecturally conversative taurus !

    So you know.. life goes on. Don't beat yourself up about it..

    kaplow omg just read everything !!

    Ahhh doooo noottttt send the email !!!

    I hope you didnt 😞

    Especially a really long one.

    He seems pssed about something hey.. did you not ask him first if you could go round ? Or were you just suprizing him ??

    If it were a suprize..bad move. If you had this arranged..then i dont understand his disappearance....

    Whatever you do next, do not contact him. Let him come to you and i really really REALLY hope you did not email him.. !

    If you have, we'll have to find solution for that.. which will need my brother's help lol !

    x o x o x o

  • By the way, you guys we're under the influence fo the taurus moon.. which means it is encouraging you to not stray too far from what makes you comfortable.. I.e if your cancerians are in hiding,. they're gonna remain in hiding/doing whatever it is that makes them feel comfortable, i suppose.. :/remembering that they love the rollercoasters.. haa..

    But good luck again.. let me know how it goes, i will sway by later 🙂 x o x o

  • Hi girls,

    kaplow, thank you so much for the email address, I may just use it too :). I agree with Ethereal27, hope you didnt send the email...if you did screw it. Let him go for sure....and WHENEVER he contacts you again like you said dont let him slide.

    Ethereal, he is a coward if I scared him off, some details from saturday;

    I told him I found out I was pregnant, of course he was quiet and shocked. We talked a little about how this could of happened. He said, oh it must have been that time the condom broke........I had no idea of a condom breaking, because he didnt tell me at the time!! When I asked why he didnt tell me (pretty much in tears)...he was quiet and looked down.

    I also told him that I didnt want anything from him financially I can manage and that I have my parents (which by the way my mom is psyched :))

    If there was a reason I was with him, it wasnt the money for sure I make way more then him lol! Then he left wanting to think...this was saturday...still no word nor did he reply to my messages.

    So bottomline regardless of sign; he knocked me up and Im not going to put all the blame on him but we should share the responsibility. I dont want a relationship with this A-hole anymore after seeing how he is "handling" the situation...come on!! Is it his it his career!!??

    So I will not be contacting him anymore, I will be keeping note of address and telephone number, because NOW I WILL be going for child support.

    I never was the damsel in distress, nor will I be :), as you can tell ladies I feel much better and Im completely done in terms of hoping for a relationship with this coward.

  • Hey Girls ! NO I DID NOT SEND THE EMAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I still need to find a solution for all of this. Youre right after him not responding to me on friday that confirms that he is pissed off about us not have sex the last time I was there ( in May ). It was a surprize visit and the funny thing is that when I got home I saw his mom and she just kept bragging about him ( He made the dean's list ) It was so hard standing there pretending to be happy for him while on the inside I was BOILING......... You guys wont have to worry about me contacting him ever again . If Our paths cross ( which I think will be next weekend because his fam is coming to our family reunion ) Ill speak but that's about it . Your'e right life does go on. I'm just sorry that it's all this tention between us. On the ride home I had alot of time to think . Now it's like Jay Z says " On to da next one " I do have one question though ?

    1. Are you guys saying that he should not know how he hurt my feelings? By him not knowing it seems ( to me ) that it's letting him know that why he's doing is okay . Correct if im wrong .

    @ Ethereal - Sounds like you had a wonderfull weekend : ) My situation is definately a doosee ! What does your'e brother have to say about this. I

    @ Redleo - Girl HELL NO . My life is not on hold for him . I maybe acting a little school girl crazy , But im not grown woman crazy ! Honestly I think I just need to find someone to help take my mind off him.

    @ Scorpioinlove - Im so glad to hear that you are feeling better & That your family is behind you ! I totally agree with you 100 % Do what you have to do , Handle your Business . If it's the legal route you have to take with him then so be it ! Enough is Enough of these damn Coward Guys !


  • @ redleo- Def use ethereal's advice about putting him in the hot seat !! You have to get your power back!

    Hey why can't I use that same advice ?

  • Hahahahaha wow. It seems theres only room for one woman in his life hey ! @Kaplow

    I didnt suggest the same advise to you because.. just like my scorpio friend is doing..(who btw is back in the game of moving house again hahah) the idea was to blank him. Don't let him make you look like the crazed woman. And it may seeeeeem that you have to say all these words to him and blah blah to put him in his place.. but when you used motivative words on an idiot.. all you get unfortunately is a motivated idiot.

    And i dont want for him to make you look helpless and stupid(when really, you have all the right to feel as you have/are), whilst he's busy playing 'coward'.

    The difference in redleo's situation and yours is that hers gave us something to go by.. i.e"lets be friends"... hahah if he gives you that line then by all means, go for the kill !

    "lets be friends" hahahaha.

    See.. if hes mad at you cause you suprized him by showing up without lettign him know.. then that puts you in the hotseat of being the projection of all his cowardly rage...because 1- he'll feel you're obstructing his personal space 2- he'll convince himself that you're crazy 3- the more you contact him, the more he'll feel convinced.

    Now the less you contact him, the more hes gonna be expecting for you to contact him and ofcourse having to deal with waiting.. for you to contact him.. because that is what he is expecting. Nothing irritates the human brain more than its own expectations not being met ! Amazing isn't it, the power of the mind ? lol

    Ahh Kaplow... the gem is sooooo far up himself, that when i signed into msn to talk with my bestfriend, he seemed to think i was still helplessly looking for him, cause i noticed he went offline like straight away .. hahahaha

    Things are good.. but it feel sooooo good to not be attached to anyone 🙂

    I was saying to my bestfriend.. hahah its been such an emotional week.. i thought i had possibly fallen for that gemini guy.. turns out i had just come on my period, thats all AHHAHA. So yaay to not really falling in love with a dumb-a s s .. just silly hormones raging 🙂

    Oh and my brother.. never noticed until just now but i havent seen him allll day 😕

    i'll get hold of him tomorrow !

    And scorpioinlove.. omg.. i'm sooo glad for you that you're keeping that attitude. Men are incredibly stupid and slow to react, regardless of signs..... hahah i would love to see his face when he recieves that notification of having to face up to his new responsibility. Do you watched Scrubs ?? You remind me of DR Cox's wife hhahah 😄

  • Hi girls!

    I am sooo glad that I read these tonight, because I was actually thinking of contacting him on Friday.. but now I am reconsidering. Unless, I just let him know - "I understand you are doing what's best for you, however right now I don't think it's possible for us to be friends." UGH! I am moving on though... talking to other people, etc. A little leary though. I almost wonder if he "expects" to hear from me?? Part of me wants to ask him to remove me from his phone, but we ALL know men (regardless of sign) do whatever they want to do.You see, two days after he "ended" it with me I got this text from him.. (he's a cop btw- ANOTHER letting me know that 'the bank robbery/police shooter suspect in his town had been captured and was in custody'.. I had NO idea what he was talking about, so I looked it up on the internet. Apparently it was a bid deal. So, I text him back 'OMG, had no idea, glad to hear you are ok and everything is under control now.' Do you THINK he responded to me? So why INLUDE me on the text to begin with??? So annoying.. and... I know this for a fact (because I have two others that still do it) ... it may not be tomorrow, next week or next month... but I will hear from him again. Men ALWAYS call back. Ok, enough complaining from me...

    @ Kaplow- I am soooo glad you did not send that e-mail yet too... and good luck at the family reunion next weekend. It may seem like it's going to be tough, but you know what? You will get through it. You definitely have earned an "E" for effort in this situation ;0)

    @ scorpionlove- girl- you don't need a sperm donor (if he CHOSES not to be there) to be a great mom! Trust me, I did it alone, and so can you! And hell yeah, go for child support! (the day paternity is good for you ! Proud of ya 🙂

    @ Ethereal27- girl... how'd you get so smart? you make some really good points... I just want you to know that I appreciate all of your advice... I hope you were able to recoop this past weekend and all is well with you now too 🙂

  • I love this chat group!

    @ Kaplow

    Good for you for not sending the email. Now you've gotten thru the sad part, now get mad! So you may run into him this weekend, I really wouldnt pay mind to him (or at least try not too) But nor would I act as if nothing happened, thats what furiates us about these cancer men!). But I wouldnt let him know or think he hurt your feelings, rather that you are upset. If he asked (which most likely he wont) whats wrong...I would say very simply, "Im upset/mad/pissed with/at you". But apart from him, enjoy the time with your family thoroughly they are the ones that matter.

    @ Ethereal27

    LOL Dr cox's ex wife...that is too funny, people would say I am a very timid person (which always surprises me), people get shocked when they hear me curse! So you had a fun'd it go with the leo and taurus? and how exactly did you scare away the gemini? Im so curious 🙂 Thanks again for advice and making me laugh. I swear I am up and down lately. But I always get excited to see what either of you wrote today.


    You officially made me cry lol, but in a good way I promise. To know you did it alone and you feel confident about it makes me feel a whole lot better. Now Im actually getting excited about it....yay IM GOING TO HAVE A BABY!!!

    As for slight updates...the "sperm donor" sent me a funny link yesterday thru email......really? felt like responding "grow-up!" which I that is the extent of communication.

    I had a meeting downtown yesterday that I was way too early for so I went to the park over looking the hudson river...this cute french guy...a photographer started to flirt with me :(. Ah well at least I know Ive still got it, he asked for my number which I declined but then offered me to friend him on facebook, which I did....maybe its the pregnancy glow? lol That again made me cry last night, guess it'll be a long time before dating again.

  • Hey Girlies !!!!!

    Well the past 24hrs have been a Beaaatch ( In my Khloe Kard voice lol) I ended up watching the emailed story his mom sent out . After everyone watched it ( Including all of my family members ) It was like he was the damn king of the world !!! Everywhere I turned , looked , went etc... It was all about him ! I had to keep it kopastetic so I never once talked bad about him. I just kept telling everyone that I was proud of him. Even the songs on the radio sound like there talking about us ! Yall Gotta check out Trey songz new song " We can't be friends " It sounds like he's talking about us for real! I not sure how much of this praise worthy BS I can take though. It's really starting to give me a migrane! HELP......... And yall know what comes next - REVENGE !!!!!! ( Jesus take the wheel ) LOL ....

    @ Ethereal - Girl LOL ...@ the hormones. I had that happen to me once ! I wish he would think I was helpless. One thing about I DEFINATELY got it going on MORE than he does !!! I mean for us to work in the same industry , I have more connections and Clients than he does ! ( And this is only my Part time job ! ) I still work a regular 9-5 mon - fri . Im on the professional level & He is still on the College level.

    @ Redleo - Girl did I hear you say COP !!! < Turns on the sirens > AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! Girl they are a damn trip . It's always all or nothing with them. It's all about power with them. They use it to their advantage because realisticly we all know that before they were cops the were NERDS/ CLOWNS who were at the bottom of the pile . Then they become cops so they feel that everone will ( Finally ) Fear them ! See when they feel there lives are in harms way, they open up communication ( So you will feel sorry for them ) Then they go back into there world Until they get bored with the chicks they are dealing with out on the street ( Don't tell nobody I told there secrets ) Trust me I Know I work with them ! And I v'e dealt with one too ( he was a sag ) He thought he had me on a damn merry go round . But I fixed him ! Matter of fact I saw him yesterday ( I had not talked to him in 3 weeks , to him that is normal ) He was looking at me all stupid because I wouldn't speak . Finally when I had to walk by him I gave him the Decues and kept walking ! He done called me 4 times since then wanting to know why I did'nt stop and talk to him.BOY PLEASE. Girl you'll learn how to deal with his ass . You deal with him when he deals with you !

    @ Scorpioinlove -- Girl Im so happy you have decided to keep your baby ! Girl you WILL BE FINE! and as far as dating . My step sister went through the same situation. She had gotten pregant by this SUPER JERK ! 2 months unto her pregnancy she met this guy . She always would blow him off because of the baby . Finally she broke down and went out with him . She explaned the entire situation to him and guess what he was cool with it !!!! From that point on they were always together . He was there when my niece was born. His family was cool with it ! 3yrs later they got married then had my nephew . Now he's in the process of changing my niece's last name to HIS !!!!! Of course that dummy has come out of hiding a couple of times, but my bro in law has shut that down & basically told him that he role has been replaced ! Of course my sister does recieve child support from the clown but that's it . So don't worry about your life being put on hold . Keep doing YOU !!! Go out have fun , date ( Not too much now , We dont want no early labor lol ) Not All guys are the same ! We will NOT have you looking like one of those girls on " 16 & Pregnant " Hell Naw !!!!! Chicken George will be the one looking stupid !!!

  • scorpioinlove : the leo doesnt speak to me when sober, shes much too shy it seems.. which is cool, i like the detachedness, and not having to delve deep into it. Fun is fun, we both had it, no need to complicate it for something more !

    As for the taurus.. a completely different tune there.. his interlect seems to be on hold, and now its all about the physical harmless flirting via messages. However, he showed up at my work, asked a co-worker where i was, and then upon seeing me,doesnt say a word, instead pretends he needs to go see the manager. lol. it came up in conversation.. with it ending in him suggesting i should "take bite and find out" ahaha.

    maybe. but not any time soon. Its just all harmless flirting.

    the gem.. oh god.. gemini guys bores me, sadly with the whole waiting around for them, the guess-work.. the mental games.. lol.. you think cancerians are a piece of work.... be especially prepared when you meet a gemini.. or an aquarius. He's in hiding atm.. we would go from being very sweet to eachother to being like complete strangers next, to him asking to meet me, but then canceling on me several times, to then begging to meet me, calling everyday etc.. so i meet him, we have a nice 'date', he stays over, blahblah, morning comes.. cold as ice. hahahaha. and this is soo predictable, it just cracks me up. Apparently, it meant he has control, what with the not talking to me, avoiding me completely, not answering my calls(bearing in mind, i never everrrr usually call ever)....?

    ahhhhh welll... i've deleted his number, deleted him from my Fb. hahah... although later.. was feeling all emotional (pmsing,.) and told him maybe i was falling for him harder than i cared to realise.. and that hes not obligated to respond to me or feel i need to be with him because of it, but i'd be there when hes ready to come back into my life. Left it at that. And ofcourse, still nothing,. which is nothing short of what i expected from him.. but i just needed to get all that stupid emotion off my chest haha..

    Ofcourse, after my hormones had sort of subsided, and i came on my period, i left soo much better haha.. and not so 'in love' or anything stupid, whilst hes gone running for miles by then.. and im thinking "errr yeah see ya later scaredycat.'

    So to me, hes the crazy / coward person lol. It was good to know I was willing to go all out.. emotions and all. right to the dirty core of it ! haha

    Well, on to the nextttt ! 🙂

    A saggitarius this time please ?? I've never had the chance to ever meet one....

    Whats it like @kaplow ?? apparently nobody has birthdays in november-dec over here ahah !


    Dont ask him to remove you from his phone lol, that would seem to him as though it were just an excuse to communicate with him, and maybe it is ? But don't do it. Word it like how i worded it when you tell him about the just friends deal.. you have to be so careful with words. They're your best weapon right now, to 'plant your seed' if you will lol. Goood luck ahh !Still no sign of my brother.. see ? cancerians go missing from home too sometimes lol


    As for revenge.. urrrrmm the best kind that i know of ? is simply being toatlly over them. And in feeling so liberated and free from their negative grasp, i think you'll radiate something that will sure as hell keep him looking in your direction but by then, you won't even notice nor care, cause there'll be better things in front of you to capture your attention and time.

    Its true !

    Listen to "Bat for lashes" - Traveling woman. Or read the lyrics.. either way.. sooo true !

    And girls, catch a listen to alanis morrisette.. ahhhhh soo good ! Especially "you outta know" !

    😄 All her songs, are soooo good. ! Real powerful lyrics.

    x o x o x o x

    By the way, better late than never but so sorry for my punctuation and spelling, i have good grammar but i type really fast.... 😞

    x o x o x o

  • @scorpioinlove

    i forgot to add .. really happy for you that your mum is looking forward to this baby as mucccch as you are !! Ahhhh 🙂 How exciting, atleast some good came out of that 'path' hey !

    Oh and the french guy.. awwwh

    Maybe you're simply radiating some wonderful energy from your new found freedom/self realisation/inner strength ? 🙂

    Ofcourse, you're bound to attract the energy/attention of others :))

    Ever noticed that when you're totally on your way to feeling over it, suddenly you feel like a whole new woman, and you notice others noticing you... whether it may just be a strange coincidence or simply that you're giving off a different vibe than you were before.. that it draws others to you. The "one door closes, another opens"... 🙂

    Or the "What you walk away from, determines what you walk into"...

    Its like life is dropping lil signs and telling you this is the way it is supposed to pan out..there is something better in the works.

    Ahhh it can only be uphill from here right !?

    I hope you're feeling tonnnnns better ! x o x o x o

  • Hi Girls !!

    I don't know if I have mentioned this yes, however, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this chat group! I can't wait to see how you are all doing 🙂

    scorpionlove- girl, I didn't mean to make you cry ! Just advise you that as scary as hell as it may be right now, you sound like a very independent woman who doesn't need a sperm donor to raise her child! You are having a baby!!! ( you're like, duh, I know . That is the most amazing experience of all (at least for me) so you enjoy every minute of pregnancy... and hell yeah, you still got it... A CUTE FRENCH PHOTOGRAPHER ASKED U FOR YOUR NUMBER!!!! you go girl!

    kaplow- erase the video!!! lol ! J/K... you know, doesn't it just piss you off when other people come off smelling like roses???? when you know all this stuff about them that others don't? Girl, I feel your pain.. You, too, sound like you have a great head on your shoulders... (you gave great cop advice 😉 ... I hope you find some peace with your situation. It's gotta be rough since your families are close & that re-union is coming up.. You'll be fine though... YOU HAVE US!!!

    (oh, did I mention someone else talking to me is now also a shoot me! )

    Ethereal27- I know that words are my weapon right now... if I need to use them, I will use them cautiously.. I was rolling when you said you thought you had falling for the gem, but then realized you had gotten your period ! Glad to hear.. I too get sooooo emotional at those times... it's UNREAL !!

    Alanis--- You outta know is a GREAT song.... man.. I'm sure we can ALL relate to those lyrics one way/time or another...

    Even though I don't have a 'Cancer Man' in my life right now, I am still gonna check this blog daily... that's ok, right? You girls make me smile !!!

    Have a great one and talk to you soon!


  • Hey Girlies! Well I was doing well until one of my co workers told me that I messed up with the best thing of my life ( Talking about him ) Can you believe that ! I asked her why , she said because " He has it going on , He's cute , successful, No kids, Independant blah, blah , blah ..... I told her that that might be true but he is not good relationship material . She tells me that MY STANDARDS ARE TOO HIGH !!!!!!!! HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that the relationship would be a perfect match cause our families already know & love each other blah , blah ! I can't believe she said that! I was doing so well with getting him outta my system then BAM here she comes talking all this mess. I can't even have a peace of mind at work ! The other thing is that I recieved some free tickets to a football game at his school. Before all this happened we had talked about me coming to a game and he was VERY excited about that ! But After all this idk .I mean should I still go even though I wouldn't be hanging out with him. I know I will run into him because someone on his staff gave me the tickets so the seats are the bomb ( I met him when we went golfing , you know when I invited him and he did not answer ) Nothing Flirtatious just business of course but I'm feeling kinda funny about this . Should I go ? What do yall think ?

    As far as my standards being too high . I m really offended about that comment . I mean arent women standards supposed to high ? Im not asking for my future husband to be Bill Gates , but he has to at least have a damn job! Gheezzzz ....

    Redleo -- I love this chat group too !! Yall definately keep me saine !!! LOL and keep me from putting my hands on him !! I have erased that damn video 5 times already . People still keep sending it to me. Plus it doesn't help when people keep saying wer'e the perfect couple , Don't give up on him blah, blah . I can't wait until this reunion is over !!

    Ethereal - I listened to both of the songs u suggested . The words are very powerful. I actually pulled out my Alanis M Cd and have been listening to it ever since. It's funny that you said that your gemini guy was boring because I met one at the gas station and he offered to pump my gas . He was so dry that if I would have let him do that we would have both blown up ! LMAO .....

    scorp -- Hey girl , Where u at ?

  • Hi!!

    Its so funny Ethereal 27 you are talking about this gemini- thats what the french photographer is and looking on his FB he is absolutely a social butterfly...which you know scropio women have difficulties dealing with (im a jealous type- Im not even going to deny it). Also looking on his portfolio for the studio he works for he does alot fo lingerie shoots.....yeah like that would work for my self esteem right now LOL! I just found it all ironic. He sent me a message yesterday asking to please call me so I gave my number, and on the phone he said "aww you have such a cute little voice" now imagine that with the french accent....I so wanted to laugh. Im not interested at all in anyone- my heart still feels quite broken and skeptical from the "sperm donor".


    Okay if I understood your message this would be going to a game with another male friend and with the possibility of your cancerian being there? I know this sounds juvenile- but yes you should go!! If they are hot seats and you get to go out and enjoy with a good friend and with the possibility of snubbing cancer guy- absolutely go!!! But also go with the idea of having fun, if you are going to be anxious about running into him and not enjoy it- then is it really worth it? My final say is that it depends whether you will have fun. Oh by the way- that lady at your work (no offense) but she is on crack...dont listen to her!!! hahahaha. Ive come across people like that, and its retarded. Thanks for the nice story about your sis- does give me hope...never the less I think I'll give french guy a pass...or at least I'll get a free french dinner out of it


    Ooooo I dont know too much about Taurases, but he showed up at your sweeeet 🙂 I liked that. I think you should look more into this one, it shows potential. Im not suprised Im radiating something- because Im in that mood where I dont give a damn anymore except for taking care of me and my body...oh and arranging my financials...eek! Quite funny to know that cancers are also awol from family, they are definite strange little crabs arent they? well at least they brought all of us together teehee


    Like I said they were happy tears :). There is so much stigma and negativity about single moms and how difficult it is (which Im not doubting) but your encouragement meant alot. Ever since then I feel better....apart from constipation and ...oh fun Im also starting to feel nauseas....joys!! One positive result- an ex who calls periodically wanting to get back together (really sweet guy but wasnt a fit) text me this afternoon, "so whats new?" LOL can you imagine his reaction? he didnt text back for the longest time.

    cant wait to hear from you all


  • Hey chickies!!!

    How the heck are you all???

    @ kaplow- Woman, I think we might be having the same day... I am all done with my pity party for myself (not really, but you know what I I'm talking to other guys, blah, blah, blah... and low and behold... HE (cancerian/cop) contacts me... Hello? I was doing good here? Seriously though. I still am doing good. The fact that I did not contact him was HUGE... and let me know that I was on his mind... one way or another. Although I know it will never work out... knowing that you're on someone's mind is a good ego boost... at least for me. Ok, in your situation.... I totally agree with scorpionlove about the game. Are you planning on going with another guy or a girlfriend? If you think you will have fun regardless of who you go with, and had all intentions on going, then I would still go. Let him know that life goes on without him.. who knows... maybe him seeing you ignoring him will give him a taste of his own medicine...and as far as that MORON you work with... don't listen to her. She sounds like she's thinks everyone should be married with 2.2 kids, a dog and a white picket fence.... standards....of course you should have high standards! Ain't nothing wrong with that... You don't want no (another song you can relate

    @ Ethereal27- How's the boy who showed up at your work ???? Have you heard from your bro yet ? I thought of you when I was responding to my cancer this morning... I chose my words VERY carefully since they are my weapon right now... let's just say I definitely think he saw a different side of

    @ scorpionlove- oh hun, I hope you are feeling better soon! I am picturing the french photographer saying 'you have such a cute little voice' in his native accent... HOT!!! Hey, the good news is, you didn't have to tell that guy that you just weren't that into him.... which is awesome! Single moms rock'll see.. plus, I am AMAZED at how many men (women too) give us credit for doing it by ourselves... Granted, those are all devoted single, but I guess what I am trying to say is I never thought people noticed that I did it ALL by myself... and they did/do. Not that I want or need people's praises, but it is nice to get once in a while.. plus... YOU HAVE US to help you out/talk things through !!!

    Can't wait to hear from you all too!


  • Thank you, bluecat123

    he just scares me away. I don't want to hurt his feeling, so I really don't know what to say to him

  • Hey Girlies !

    Ok , Actually I was gonna take one of my girlfriends to the game BUT now that yall mention it I Think im gonna take a guy !!! Im 100 % sure that im gonna see him cause the seats are right behind the coaches section! I have the perfect person in mind, I just recently met this guy who plays for a arena football team and come to find out , he also played football on the same college team as HIM !!! He doesn't know I know that though. I wonder if I ask him will he go HMMM.. But regardless of who I take Im gonna have FUN . Poot him , as this point it's his loss ! Also I talked to his mom yesterday and she was asked me if I was bring a date to the family Reunion . I said I'm not sure why ? She said she was just wondering. Then she started talking about how she's ready for him to settle down & meet someone nice , so she can have some grandbabies ! BTW ( He's an only child just like me ) then she started asking why we wern't close . I Just told her because were both into our careers right now ( even though in my mind im thinking " If you only knew we did the DEW ) Goodness Gracias . Finally I said to her " Auntie for real What's up " She said nothing , she was just thinking about some things. OMG what is she thinking about ? .........If she only knew !!!!! As for the Twit/ bald head scallywag on my job, Im not thinking about her ass, I told her if anything you need to raise your standard cause all she deals with are no job bumbs !! She did not take that to well cause she rolled her eyes at me ther morning . LMAO

    @ Ethereal - Maybe I missed that post but " Who showed up at your job "

    @ Scorp - Girl ain't nothing wrong with going out to dinner . Hey the baby gotta be fed lol . French food is manific ( I hope I spelled that right ) LOL . Im with redleo with this one ! Sounds like he is a very deep intelluctual guy . Single moms ROCK !!!!!

    @ redleo - What the hell did he have to say when he called ? I know you told him like it was ( Shock & Awe boo )

    Well I wont be back on til Monday cause my computer at home caught a virus, so I have to wait til I get to work . All my girlies have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND !!!!!! and remember we all have each other , and none of us are alone ....... Go out Get wasted ( Not you scorp , you can have straight cranberry juice lol ) And just enjoy being drama free for the weekend !!! Smooches Girls >>>>>>................

  • Hey Kaplow,

    I haven't been on here in a long time but the plea for cancer help drew me in. Lol. I responded to your original post along with Brian Tristan. I don't know everything that has gone on with you and cancer boy but it sounds like things have NOT gone like we all had hoped.( His loss for sure.) Kaplow, I stand by my belief that this guy really does see a future with you. Astrology people say cancer represents a young teenager. Lmao. What they are referring to is our inner emotional workings and in that sense they are not far off base. When things are going wrong in the life of a cancer, they will dive into the safety of their shells and analyze, hash over details and sulk til they feel they have found a way to turn things around. Think back to when you were fifteen... If a boy didn't like you, it would drive you crazy and you would obsess about it. If you were a cancer, my scorp friends were similar, you would do all this without even your best friends knowing about it. @ 15 if a boy you liked DID like you, you would feel about the same. Lol. The difference is that you would be on cloud 9. Thinking"This is great! Finally, someone who gets me & loves me for who I am." But then you start to think, is this guy really the one? Will he always love me? Will he love my family and friends? Will he understand when I'm hurt or scared by something and need to hide in my shell til I feel better?

    The problem is ladies, that many cancers stay @ this emotional level in relationships. One of my good couple friends are scorp girl and cancer boy. They didn't marry til their late 20's. He said he wanted someone who, in all aspects, would be a great fit for the life he envisioned for himself. Even after they had first started to date and things were great with them he would go m.i.a. The courtship took about two years. At first, my scorp friend was patient then, about 14 months into it he did his disappearing act and she blew her top. When her cancer boy came out of hiding, she told him," Look, I love you. I think we are a great fit. I'm not playing games with you to break your heart. But when you pull back emotionally or just disappear for days on end, it breaks my heart and makes me feel like you are playing with me. If you want to honestly pursue me and be available to love me back, then we can keep seeing each other. Otherwise we need to end this because you hurt me when I think things are great and you disappear." This seemed to have backfired because he went into his shell to analyze what she said. The cancer boy realized he didn't want to lose this girl though and stopped his disappearing act.

    This long winded story has a moral.. The Cancer man craves a little drama and also loves to test the strength, intellect and moxie of someone he wants to be serious with.

    Best of luck to you. Can't wait to hear about the game! My guess is he will be supper cool and act like nothing has gone on. He will def let you know that you rattled him in his own sideways crab style. Gotta love it.

  • Oh so much to update you girls with !

    @Kaplow : The guy who showed up at my work.. is this taurus guy whom i got with last weekend.

    Hes in the same-ish circle of 'acquantences' that i go party with now and again.

    Well.. yesterday evening, out of nowhere he messaged me asking if i wanted to go party with him, and it was a work night, bearing in mind i also had work the next day... but i figured what the hell, lets do it ! It was at a club with a hot tub and free champagne ahaha, how could i say no !

    And.. we talked lots, got along great, danced, got with him again, went back to his..which consisted with a bit of a detour of laying in a random field watching stars lol..and once we got back to his, we watched a movie, joked around,-i haven't laughed soo hard about soo much stuff in a long while. It was refreshing. (And there wasnt even any S e x, which is rad cause im not the 'sleep-around' type at all)

    He hugged me soo much, and didnt really want me to leave in the morning.. but i called a cab and was out of there by 9am lol ! And off to work i went.. ahhh lonnnnng day and running on NOOO SLEEP !

    But hes been txting me, asking how i am, and infact i just recieved another txt asking if i had the energy to see him again tonight. Ahhh not sure girls.. what should i do ??

    I kinda feel a lil standoffish right now..

    And I may be seeing him tomorrow night anyway, cause i'll be out with my friends + one of his..and i invited him.

    Scorpioinlove.. hahahaha oh man, geminis are full of that sweet talk ! They know exactly what to say to get what it is that they want 😛 Be wary, they have such a thing for scorpios.. and they love to try and get under your skin !

    The thing is.. the more you say no, the more he'll chase you. Its all about the thrill of the chase.

    I'd have fun with it lol.. but take all the fancy talk with a pinch of salt ! They have

    My gem simply won't talk to me any more hahaha and his friends too are completely shunning me. Thats A-Okay with me, he's 20 yrs old, and i always kinda felt awkward being around his friends 'cause there was no shifting past feeling like i would be hanging out with a bunch of 12 yr olds. As Kaplow said hahahah dry as hell !

    Oh as for the taurus showing up at my work.. i kinda dont like it if he really were asking about me lol 😞

    I like to keep focused on my work, / it would make me feel reeeeeaaallly shy hahah

    Plus he keeps denying that he asked about me anyway loll !

    Hmm and it seems within our circle of friends, i'm not very liked nor trusted by the females of that group, but he said he likes getting to know me and finding out for himself. He too, has not got a good reputation.. but last night/this morning.. there was sommmmething there, i'm just not certain what it is or if it could develope into more. So far, we seem to be keeping it to ourselves, however,a few other friends did spot us out together last night ahah

    Its all fun atleast !

    Ahhh.. don't know whether to go outtttt... my hair needs re-colouring LOL. and not to mention, I don't know what to wear..

    Oh by the way kaplow, your work collegue sounds like a vacuum.. I would have told her "Then YOU should date him hey. One woman's trash may well be another woman's gold !"

    Well it sounds like you already shut her up anyway. 🙂

    People can be so superficial and ridiculous, they should definately hear themselves.

    Goodness, seems as though hes got the cover over everybody's eyes.. at the least, you're no fool of his !

    Oh and.. the only contact i've had with my brother was him whining at me for dancing in the hot tub, at his work place LOLLL ! Apparently he heard all about it this morning hahah

    he doesnt seem too impressed. He really hates when guys say things about me or make any sleazy comments, he gets really protective.

    We still havent had a chance to catch up or talk 😞

    Sorry girls ! On the other hand, my cancerian guy friend totally blew me off last night, i invited him to come party, he agreed and everything.. only to not show up or even let me know aha.. hes got a gf though, and she seems really catty towards me., so it would not be too suprising if that caused a lil riff.

    @Redleo hahaha what did you say to him !?

    😄 i bet it was all fiery and like a hot knife through butter !

    I'll reply some more to everyone when i have a lil more time than rushing around ! Weekendddddd .. hehe Drink up girls !!! 😄 Have one for me, I'll have one for each of you ! x o x o x o

  • Hello !!!

    TGIF and not a moment too soon!!!!

    @ kaplow- oh, I am so glad to hear that you have a boy to take to the game with you. It may sound juvenile, however, I think maybe that is what your cancer man needs to see. Especially if it's someone he knows. Call me crazy, but a little jealousy never killed anyone... OR maybe in this case, will help him realize what it is he really wants.. speaking of which, what's up with his mom??? Making all of those weird inuendos?? (sp?) That would make me feel a twilight zone too... hmmm..maybe she sense something.. I mean not that you did the DEW.. but something.. lol. Let us know how the game was 🙂 oh, and good luck with your computer!!!

    @ scorpionlove- how are you feeling? have you decided whether or not you are going to meet the french photo man for din din?

    @ Ethereal27- girl---- you know how to paaaaaaartay! dancing in a hot tub? laying in a randon field watching stars? Damn.... jealous! Honestly... if you did all that with your taurus friend in one night, I really wouln't worry about your hair needing coloring or what your going to j/k... us women always worry about stuff like that. I hope whatever you did this weekend you had a ball !!!

    @ Mellove- hello, nice to meet u!

    Ok, so me & cancer boy communicated again today for an hour and a half... you know yesterday, I think I was in shock... today.. I think I was pissed. Yesterday I bit my tongue and was short, unsure how I wanted to play things... but today....Today, the LEO in me was back... and it was SO refreshing. It's like I have been walking on eggshells around him, always trying to please, wanting to make a good impression. Not even being me. Today, I called him out on so many things, let him know that I was aware of the fact that he was dishonest to me, didn't treat me right, yada, yada (and of course his response was... WTF are you talking about?- asked him how long he had for me to Told him I didn't understand boys and the games they play. (yes, he's 42 ans I told him he was a boy and not a man) ESPECIALLY when he specifically told me he wasn't into games. Told him that I was not trying to get back together with him, he was the one who asked to be 'friends' & that I was basically done... Take care. He told me to stop, calm down.. WHATEVER!!! UGH !!!! I do have to say... I was nice being in control of the situation though.. I wonder if he thinks I am Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Ethereal27- my words were definitely my weapons... especially my lack of words when I chose NOT to respond to him ... give him a taste of his own medicine..

    I hope you all have a wonder full weekend and got your drink on... I know I will (or hope I will) it's the weekend before my b-day!! Drink for me girls!!! Scorp- shots of OJ for you 🙂


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