Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @scorpioinlove... uhmm haha.. yea.. the sucky side to an aquarian.

    I told you they like open relationships but what i forgot to state maybe was that ..sometimes they like it open to them, but not open for you. lol.

    That is until they really seriously are into you. And that alone(emotional commitment ?), would take a lot.

    Perhaps, he was just trying to move on. Of course, without himself getting hurt.

    Sounds totally selfish, cause it is.

    The lies ? .. Uhm he's living in tomorrow, not today or yesterday. If hes telling some girl who doesnt want him, that he loves her, yet hes moving on to you ? Its just a backwards messed up way of accepting it wont work out with her, while he mentally moves on. That's my guess anyway !

  • I meant run for the hills when a guy acts all inconsistent/being hot and cold, and plays stupid mind games on me. I won't write them off simply bc they're a specific sign, though I'm alot more wary now. I know I deserve more than that kind of treatment, and I ain't putting with with that crap ever again. Lesson learnt. HUGE BIG painful lessons learnt.

    My happiness comes first 😃 I no longer am gonna bend over backwards to cater to their selfish needs.

    Why men love bitches, lol Im gonna go read that book.

  • REAL men don't play games. They don't need to bc it's a waste of time manipulating and testing. If they want to be with you, they would.

    ^ and ethereal, your brother is a gemini moon, so he's different from a scorp moon for example.

    Gem aspects freak me out, if I see another guy with gem aspects... eh. Gem aspects make them fickle and flighty... Which I'm not.

  • I dont think they mean to go out of their ways though, to destroy lives or anything 😕

    I mean, for real, maybe some random needy guys do this, but i dunno, maybe i kind of understand through the weird games ?

    My brother is a crab lol(whoops, i meant with gemini ascendant, not moon !), and i'm part crab(ascendant). I'm also an aqua.

    what may seeeem like games to some, is merely an inconsistent way of dealing with how/what we feel, and the stupid thing at times is, we're willing to sacrifice not letting others know how we feel, so that we just don't get hurt. And everyone has their own ways to protect themselves, you know ?

    Theres no excuses obviously. Though, we all live with the consequences of our actions, and as do they.

    Haha Gems aren't toooo bad, they play those mental games, sure. My current bf is a taurus with gemini moon, also. He's quite sensitive, and really honest so far about his negative feelings, if any. My brother is the same that way, except for (whoops my mistake) he's gemini ascendant.

    And I'm always on guard, whilst still leaving myself to be open, like bait lol. But tbh, i don't find my bf to be flighty at all.. as of yet. ?

    The whole flighty aspect.. is much to do with the need for space / solitude really.. A common misunderstanding i think for both cancerians, and the other air signs. Mostly he just talks talks and talks.. and as does my brother when he wants to lol like theyre hooked to phones !

    Oh scorps have their moments too, right ?

    i know a good few that are always mentally dualing over something hahah, don't me wrong, i get the "be straight forward with me", and appreciation for loyalty. In fact, that is why i think gems seem to be quite attracted towards the scorpio vibe !

    It seems that gems crave loyalty and yet cant help but tease scorpio's inspective mind !

    If however you mean, cancerian with scorpio moon, hmm that sounds like an intense brooding lil crab, that is gonna question and analysis everything until it's sure about you. Kind of cute ! lol

  • Nobody goes out of their way to eff up somebody's heart. But by consciously doing hurtful things and not stopping when they get found out, it does make one believe that if they come across somebody with a similar personality (or has similar aspects then they would run)

    my ex had gem venus and merc.

    -_-. Witty yes, charming? Hell yes. Reliable and honest and loyal? EFFFF no.

    cancer sun + scorp moon+ gem venus and merc = ouch

    I'm sticking to earth and airy people lol. Over water signs. Over all the bs.

  • I like tauruses 😃 and if they had an air moon like me it'd be great.

  • PASSIONATE 87!!!!

    I only checked this forum today and saw your msg 😞 Im sorry hon but with the way the Cancerians mess with our hearts it is probably best that they finally stop the back and forth and let us go. However it doesnt at all take away the pain and hurt even though he doesnt deserve it. Having said that I really hope all is better now- only time will heal (so freaking tired of hearing that too). And remember there are always OJ shots. Plus there are many men out there (non-cancerians) who would be lucky to get any kind of attention from you- Im saying this because you sound like a very kind and compassionate person.


    Yup it seems that is the case with the Aquarius- but know ones to know they are second choice. Besides I just had that feeling that he (not because of his sign but him as a person) is just not the loyal type. He is very good looking, charming and young in mind- he is just a sneaking type.

    Oh well- had fuin while it lasted I guess.

    Slight update not sure how to handle it.

    Im not sure if you remember but there was a Pisces guy- but he always was busy and so we decided not to see each other anymore (very amicable and at the time I appreciated our honesty) thats when Aquarius guy moved in. Anyway the other night out of the blue pisces sends a text oput of the blue "Can I please see you tinight I need to talk honestly with you"

    Im totally intrigued, so I say yes. He came over said how much he misses just hanging out with me- but the reason why he wasnt too available was that he has a daughter and didnt know how to tell me and if I would be ok with it................of course I am okay with it. So we talked a little bit more and he asked if he could call me some time to go out--- I said yes. So Ill give you the updates. This guy is super sweet by the way, and most importantly I have a good feeling about him.

    what do you think?

    Kaplow- where are you ?

  • bump

  • Hey Everybody !!!!! What's up !!!! Im still here !!! Nothing nuch has changed on my end. Cancer Guy still not speaking to me . His mom still calls everyday etc.... lol Ill definately be back tomm to give you guys a full update & to catch up .

    Smooches !!!!!

  • hello? anyone there?

  • Can I join? 🙂

    I am a Cancer, and personally, I have been attracted to but it has never worked out with a Cancer man. They are so wishy washy, where as I feel the females are not. Females generally tend to be more expressive though.

    I am with a Taurus now, its amazing!

  • This is what I don't understand, as I worked my way through my personal experience of dating a cancer male. I was confused by the withdrawal and while other people explained it as his need to retreat...I just wasn't satisfied with that answer.

    I searched for answers on this site and found one thread with close to 200 pages. I think it could be summed up with several women bonding over their mishaps with various cancer males in their lives.

    I actually felt angry for them, because they were putting up with too much angst and drama. I think needing time for oneself is ok, I can give a Cancer that but a Cancer who leaves and sleeps around or is confused and keeps stringing you a long isn't the trait of a cancer it's the trait of a man that needs to be kicked to the curb.

    Cancers may be overly sensitive, they may back off as they think things through, but I think as long as you are upfront and say, "when you need time to yourself just let me know so I don't bother you," and he reciporcates in kind then you did your part.

    If he's evasive, leaves you hanging, or his emotional hurdles are causing you to become emotionally insecure and unsure of yourself its time to let him go.

    I really do hope everyone is able to make the right decisions with their respective Cancer males which may be, being more direct, leaving the cancer male in question, or any other option that in the end leaves you guys happy.

  • Hi everyone,

    Not sure if any of the old group are keeping up with this thread anymore- but all I can say is I miss the discussions :).

    As for DivineMuse- I agree with you that after a while of complaining about my cancer, it seemed ridiculous that we try and try when it may just be a man trait and being upfront seems like the best route to go. But sometimes depending on the relationship it is more complicated than that, but perhaps like in you last paragraph seems to lead to is if he is really worth the effort and patience and will it ever be reciprocated.

    Clearly it was not with my cancer which I finally understood, thank GOD! Anyway Ive been seeing a pisces for the past 5 months. He is wonderful and we both seem to be faling for each other- things seem so much more simple and less complicated and Im loving every moment of that. We have hit a few bumps but he as well as I seem to be more than eager to fix them. I wouldnt say every cancer man is not worth it, that would be ridiculous- but I will say MY cancer guy was totally not worth the aggravation.

    To all the other ladies- what is up with you!!!????

  • Hey I have had years of experience with a cancer fella and my God there was so much confusion and hurt feelings. I decided at some point to give up on him and move on to someone else. I have been dating for a while all different types of men. If you want lots of communication go to a Gemini, they never shut up. lol But dont expect the communication to be accurate because its merely an expression of how they feel at that moment or an attempt to be charming. Either way all men of all signs are capable of pulling away just when you think you have something solid. If a man does this to you please do yourself a favor and let him go and move onto someone else. No one deserves this silent treatment which cancers seem to be so good at while making you feel guilty for wanting contact. Its like they have this sense of entitlement like hey Im mending my emotions here back off but be ready for me when I decide I want some attention from you. My last experience with a cancer man ended badly. After almost 20 years of friendship and a couple attempts at a relationship then friends again, I finally threw in the towel with a few choice words for him. The feelings were intense between us and there was a great amount of caring but when it came down to it he was treating me like a puppet on a string and as long as I played by his rules and was tolerant of his disappearing act then things remained peaceful. any attempt to share my emotion was quickly rejected and dismissed. Thats not good enough. I want a man's devotion and respect. If a man is doing this to you then you have neither. Move onto someone that will give the attention you deserve and not ignore your texts and so on. Another thing I have realized is most men are lazy. As soon as my cancer guy moved an hour away our relationship suffered immensly. He chose to be with someone who lived much closer that had way less going for herself and thats not meant to be insulting its just the truth. If you live far away dont expect much to happen with this guy. He wants to be close to home. Just saying.

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