Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ scorpioinlove - My birthday is Oct 24th. Good idea double booking ! ( I need to try that ) I think I need stop being the " Nice Predictable Girl " It seems like when I act like a Beeacth I get a better responce ( Weird Huh ) !

  • @kaplow-Its sad to think that to get a good response from guys is to act aloof and beetchy- and they say we are confusing! But for the meantime- get your beeatchness on! 🙂

    is shellshocker still around? he actually had good insight.

  • Hello ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, work is CRAZY... and I am getting ready to leave for FL on Wed.. so if you don't hear from me, that's why...

    @ kaplow- you felling any better? girl... men suck.. plain and simple. right now everyone besides ethereal's tauraus is a jerk.. It's your birthday MONTH!!! Go out, let your hair down, have some fun !!! Party like a ROCK STAR!!! YOU be the center of someone's attention. YOU DESERVE IT. BTW, happy early birthday!

    @ ethereal- things still going good with the only man I like right now? lol lol lol.... hope so 🙂

    I am so happy/excited for you... AND he likes chick flicks.... how DID you get so lucky??? lol

    @Scorpionlove- I am here chickie... and I am so glag you are back. Double booking. What a wonderful idea?!? So, how did that work out? It was GREAT that you had a dinner to attend afterwards... and your comment above.. it is SAD that we have to act beetchy and or ignore to get a response from men. Crazy actually. I love when they say they don't want a woman who 'plays head games' or is immmature.. HELLO???????? what do they think this is? They LITERALLY make (not really, but you know what I mean) us act the way we do in order to get a response from them. It's like one big freaking HEAD GAME! But we're the one's who have issues and are crazy.... lol. Yeah, OK! Talk about being hypocritical and then deflecting the issue on us.. Ok, I am done venting... lol.. I just SERIOUSLY don't know if I have it in me to keep up communication with my cancer. It's exhausting. Yet, exhilirating... like I want to know more, figure him out... does that make sense to ANYONE ELSE BUT ME???? LOL. I know I can't change him, but I he intrigues me... I can't put my finger on it.

    So... my cancer cop # 1 is still in the game. (number 2 & 3 are gone). Whether we are friends or whatever, he says he can't stand people who are 'controlling' yet he doesn't realize how he needs to constantly be in control of our (whatever it is we are doing) relationship. I haven't called him out on it yet, cuz he's a guy, older than me, a cop... oh, and did I mention men know EVERYTHING? LOL. He also has NOOOOO idea how freakin smart I am and that I know ALLLLL about him. That, I think I will keep to myself for now (commitment issues, unable to be honest, etc). Not to sure how well that will go over. I am also not sure if I should feel good- that he considers/wants me as a friend cuz I will be a 'constant' in his life- something his is not used to, or if I should RUN and never look back... What do YOU all think? I will take any and ALL of your wonderful input !!!!


  • lots of updates!! been missing you girls

  • Hi passionate! How are things with you?

  • I don't know, I mean he called and confessed that he loves me a lot but he is too scared to get into a relationship since that makes him feel like engaged at this early age (22 )

    so he asked me to take my time and think it over whether i want to be with him in this ( more than friends less than lovers ) kind of relationship.

    I don't know what to do i am meeting him next week and still haven't figured out what I want. he is the closest person to me so it is hard to decide. I know it is early to think of marriage since we're both are 22 and studying so I don't know. it sucks

  • Well, good luck to you! Keep us posted!

  • passionate87


    Go with your gut!!

    If you decide yes, just take it slowly, get to know him.

    That is a good starting point in a relationship, I think anyway.

    All the best girl!

  • Dear passionate87, you wont like this but here it goes. I think it;s a mistake to go there simply because if he really loved you he wouldn't expect you to accept anything less than what you deserve. he would tell you to move on. He will get all the benefits of this Friends/lovers but not quite"relationship... and you will get what exactly? what he is asking of you is for a friend with benefits, do you deserve that? Think about it.

    Peace 🙂

  • Passionate>>>>>so he asked me to take my time and think it over whether i want to be with him in this ( more than friends less than lovers ) kind of relationship.

    you 2 are so young and you are very naive. I know before you told me he is a virgin. ok, I have stopped rolling on the floor laughing my a s s off.

    translation>>>>> he wants to be friends with you and the s e x comes with it. no commitments, no strings attached, just come easy and go easy.

    learn to read between the lines lol

  • Hey Girlies .....

    How was your weekends? Mine was ok. Im still feeling blah. The more the time goes by with no responce from him the more I get sad. I don't know why I can't shake this !!! I need to find a Distraction quick ! Not nothing serious, but someone who I can just chill and have fun with.

  • Hey girls . I have a question . Have any of yall been running into Married Guys ? Lately that's all ive been attracting ! Then the guys get upset when I turn them down WTF .... Weird huh ? Is this only happening to me ? I think my Cancer guy has put a spell on me . Like he wants me to be alone .LOL

  • The healing takes time.

    The longer mine hasn't communicated it actually helped me walk away.

    I don't even have an urge to get in contact with him either.

    Its still a little raw, (but thats just my pride more than anything).

    I am getting on with my life.

    Keep telling yourself you deserve better, and the truth is you really do DESERVE better!

  • Kaplow- Piscesstar is right- you DO deserve better. I don't even know your cancer and I want to smack him upside the head and be like "HELLO??????? Do you know what you COULD have??? " Good thing I am not ther, cuz I soooo would 🙂

    And yes, there are actually 2 married men in my life right now. Don't get me wrong I am not doing anything with them, just guys who have come back over the years (like 12 years). One met someone while he was dating me & married her 3 months later (talk about shattering my ego). To this day he still tells me he married the wrong person... OH WELL !

    The other one is more of a friend than anything, although I dod have feelings for him before he let m know he was married..

    I'm sure you are not even considering it... but if you are... think twice. They will just cause you pain just like your cancer...

    xoxo to all!

  • Hey Girlies ... Once again Im having a bad day !!! His mother emailed me all these pictures and articles of him , so you know he has been the talk of the day . The whole Fam been praising him all morning. Even one of my older cousins called me up and asked me " Why havent I scooped him up yet , He is the perfect catch blah, blah, blah, " I don't know how much I can take !! Now I want to really cuss him out face to face !! You know we scorpios need closure ) But I know it wouldnt solve anything , But hey It would make me feel better than im feeling now

    @ redleo - Well I thought i was the only one who was a married man magnet ! LOL . Don't worry IM NOT CONSIDERING GOING DOWN THAT ROAD ONE BIT !!! Im having a hard enough time dealing with this BS I have now . I was asking cause I have a friend that we use to be cool with about 5yrs ago , he is married and a cancer ( Go figure ) I saw him in the mall about a month ago . We talked for about 10 mins . He said I looked like I saw sad inside ( HAHAHAH) I told him I was fine . He been calling me off the hook ever since !! I ve only talked to him on the phone twice . His convos were so x rated ! So I told him to stop calling me . Like what happened to being faithful to your wife !!! These men are a trip !!

  • Hi Girls!!!

    @kaplow...keep your head up and stay strong! Its very true- us Scorpios need a definite closure but our idea of closure is a guy running back to us and begging us to get back with I right? In my experience the only times I feel that closure is when Ive broken it up, but there have been two times where they have broken it up (or not reciprocated) where I just cannot cotinue to talk to them and still need to know why! You have to let it go...very much like I do.

    Thats right ladies- the double booking didnt work....they outsmarted me those sneaking jerks-offs. So Cancer guy and I were texting smack and right up to 1pm (game time started at 3:30pm) he was still game. I told pices guy I wasnt feeling well. I get to the its freaking 4pm.

  • Ooops I submitted last post without finishing....

    Now its 4pm, Im so unbelievably msg he is late or even an apology. I left the bar and asked where he was, he said in the cab. I wrote so many texts saying what an assshol-e he was that I cant believe I considered this and that to really not ever contact me again. No response....shocker!!!! But that night I went to the dinner party and had loads of fun with friends. But I got home at 2am and only then did I cry. How could you be so mean for so long....does he not know how mean he has been all these months? Ladies if I ever mention that Im making plans with him- PLEASE STOP ME!!

    @kaplow- there has been a guy living with his GF who showed interest in me and actually sends me poems. I just find it terrible and told him we could be friends and no more. I never liked the idea of seeing someone that I would not have total access with.

    @redleo- I wouldnt let him know quite yet all the secrets you know. This is to your advantage and as far as he knows, you are a free independent lady who could care less what he is worrying about. (At least let on that kind of vibe!)

    @passionate87- take it slow girl, you and him are way to young to start considering that. Enjoy the moment and your life.

    So the aquarius guy popped up again. All i see is how bad this combiation is, I just think I need the distraction right girls? Any one with insights on how to keep an aquarius guy interested?

  • Hey Scorp !

    You re right about the closure thing. I start taking a class on the 11th so that will help me to get my mind on other things . Im going back to another football game the first week of Nov. I have a strong feeling that were gonna run into each other again. I have to prepare myself for that. Here we go again !!!

    That little sneaky SOB !!! It sounds like he already knew in his head that he wasn't coming so he starts calling you crack of dawn being all sweet to you in hopes that you wouldnt be that upset when he didn't show up cause he atleast talked to you earlier that day. GUYS SUCK !!! i HOPE A BIRD SHITS ON HIS HEAD !!! ( And my cancer guy too ) So what did he have to say about standing you up ? Did you meet someone new at the bar ? Can you reschedule with the Pisces guy ?

  • @Kaplow

    LOL!! I laughed when I read your message.

    You are right I also hope a bird shits on both Cancer heads!...and then they trip fall on their face and realize what they lost- because we dont go back right?....right!!!

    So I didnt reschedule with Pisces guy- he isnt very proactive in tryingt o see me- and I hate doing all the leg work agh.. He did ask me if I was free next fri or sat and I really did have a wedding to go to but he didnt ask for another day hmmm.

    There was a guy at the bar chatting me up, but I was so upset and not even close to being polite...oops.

    Like I said Aquarius guy did pop up asked me to see a movie with him he really liked and it was great. But like I mentioned a while back- there is something I just dont trust the guy- no real reason but something is off.

    Anyway you all have a good weekend- hope to hear about it soon!!!!

  • Kaplow, Thanks for the laugh!!

    scorpioninlove, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT!!


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