Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oops, I think I was posting on the wrong thread. gosh I am sorry, there is another thread on Cancers, and passionate's name was on that one too? not sure...

    anyways, my FIL prognosis is not good, as there is not a lot they can do for him.

    now I need to find the other thread lol

    Ms Sunny

  • Hey Girls ! Today has been a really hard day for me. I still have a terrible mirgrane, im starting to second guess sending the message. Right now I really dont know what to think. Pray for me yall !!!

    @ Ms, Sunny - I hope your Father in Law gets well soon !

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi everyone!

    Sunny- how is the FIL ?

    Kaplow- hold your ground.... sending that text was FINE....... and it was PERFECT. Wouldn't you rather he be aware that you know what an ASS he is being??? I would, but that's just me... and you have kept it together fine thus far... and your text was point on! Don't seconf guess yourself.. that's what they make us do...

    Passionate- how are things?

  • Hey Girls ! I posted this comment yesterday but I see it did not go through , so Im gonna post it again .

    I just found out that my job is starting to block all chatroom websites ! I do not except to get a new computer at home until Christmas. In case this does happen I would love to keep in contact with you all here's my email : Im not sure when there gonna do this , but ill keep posting on here until they do !


  • Miss you girls ! whats new with everyone? I broke up with my cancerian I am sure he loves me but he doesn't want a relationship. it's like some kind of phobia he has. he never been in a relationship before he says whenever he gets in a relationship it is like he is engaged and he feels he is too young for that 😕 weird but I think I have to let him go this time.. who knows maybe he'll come around one day.

    how about you girls? troubling with your cancerians?

  • Hey ! They havent cut me off yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    Nothing new over here ! I still haven't heard from mine. I can't believe he gonna let out friendship ( Childhood at that ) go down the drain ! Funny thing is I don't think my guy has ever been in a serious relationship either .I hope I did the right thing 😞

  • OMG !!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS TOOOO FUNNY!

    So, I have a therapist,,, and obviously I talk to him about my cancer. After explaining how he treated me, the chick I saw the "I love you card" from and probably everyone else in his life, my therapist told me he is a commitment phobe. Something called avoidance addiction. Girls, I have googles the shit out of it. I even went and bough a book called 'Men Who Can't Love' by Steven Carter & Julia Sokol yesterday. Now, I am not saying that this is just a cancer thing, however I think it definitely may be a man we are dealing with thing. You may want to look into it.

    Makes me realize all over again the HE is the one dealing with someting and it is NOT me...

    Just wanted to let ya'll know... lol

  • Ommmmg how i have missed you girls !!

    I have soo much to update and by the looks of it, lots to catch up on also .. oh my all these pages !!!

    Ahhh well.. 😞

    My taurus is eating up alllll my time, like you wouldnt even believe. Hence why i've been so m.i.a !

    I let him though and thats another issue that is slowly arising here.

    Oh my.

    Infact i think i;m seeing him tonight and i'm all anxious.. ugh.

    seems the aqua in me is slowly starting to rebel against his conventional ways.. yesterday i made him cry by suggesting we go on holiday, alone and have no contact with each other ! I wanted some sort fo adventure that would be so diverse but at the same time, we couuld share the experience !? Bad move. He got all upset and sobbed.

    I sat there all awkward, not knowing what to think. It wasn't my intentions to make a grown man cry !?


    What do i do now ?!

    And he totally has not seen much of his friends either cause hes allllways at mine.. i dont see much of my friends cause i am constantly running away to find space to be alone. Oh my god.

    Then he says he wants to include me in his activities with his friends. Tonight hes seeing his friends. And found it to be too awkward to have me there too. This reminds me of my previous taurus+aqua relationship ! But im happy hes with his friends atleast. Hopwever, he still wants to see me later. Ugh.. this is so petty yet its bugging me ! i'm scared if i ask for space hes gonna cry or something or i dunno. He already told me yesterday that I AM the one who doesnt let on how i feel.. hahaha.

    I feel a quick exit will be forming soon, if i can't figure this thing out..


    hugs please 😞

    And i'm gonna catch up with all your updates this week, even if i have to look myself away in hibernation !!

    Hope you're all going great.. and your crabbies aren't pinching too much of your time ! 😛

    x o x o x o x o

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  • OMG

    Ethereal---- U DO EXIST! !!!! lol lol lol

    Glad to have you back girlie!

  • Hey Girlies.... They still havent cut me off yet lol !!

    I hope you all are having a wonderful week ! Unfortunatly IM NOT !!!! Im still feeling Blah about my situation. Im having a hard time shaking this. I talked to his Mom yesterday ( for the first time since the trip ) She kept going on and on about him ! I never responded, I changed the subject very quickly. I am really starting to wonder if these cancer guys even realize when they have done something wrong!! Do they even care ?

    @ Ethereal -- I don't know either what I would have done if a grown man started to cry in front of me. Then again with my situation being so messed up right now , im in no position to be giving anybody any advice !!!

    @ Redleo -- Hey Girly , How was ur weekend ?

  • Hi ladies!!!

    Hope you didnt forget about me lol!! I havent been able to write because I got lost in all the posts, then work became hectic and can you believe it I had no time during work to write in my fav thread!! hahaha.

    Okay you would not believe what has happened thus far; first off about 2 weeks ago ANOTHER cute french guy asks for my number...can you believe it! I went to my car with my head phones on and he was sitting in his car on the other side and I thought he said "are you moving your car" so I shouted no, he started laughing because all he said was 'Good morning' . Anyway 3 days later he calls to see if Im interested in brunch on Sunday at 11am but will check with me on where to meet.......HE STOOD ME UP!!!! That is the 2nd french dude who stands me up this year. Im still in shock!!

    I met another guy (Pices) and he is quite nice and we have loads of laughs. But he isnt much for calling or even texting. Anyway we are going to watch some college football this weekend. Im thinking this one is morphing into a friendship.

    Finally my infamous cancer guy keeps creeping in....I finally saw him this past Friday. And it was nice as always. But Im so resentful that Im bitchier to him....weird thing is that he likes it! Agh men are so freakin confusing.

    @kaplow- So sorry about 'Auntie' for your sanity you should stay clear of her. Like I said Ive missed out on some posts but what was the last communication with you and cancer man?

    @ Ethereal- Last I remember was things were going well with Taurus

    @Redleo- dont worry Ive always got loads of OJ shots ready! btw I looked into waht your therapist said and will be doing research myself too- thanks

  • Scorpioinlove -- SOOOOOO GLAD YOUR BACK !!! Ive been asking about you ! Well as far as me. The past 2 weeks has been a mess ! I don't know what to do ! I cry everyday . Im gonna repost what happened at the game.

    Hey Peeps. Well as yall know the game was this weekend. I arrived at the game and me and my girlfriend started looking for him. we were prepared we even had binoculars ! I thought that he would be on the field , But I did not see him . Then when the game was over and everyone was leaving that's when I found him . We were sitting in the same section but he was in the 1st row and I was in the 38th row , He started walking up the steps , My girlfriend was the lookout , He does not know her . She had on her sunglasses , so she had a clear view of him . and he could not tell that she was staring at him . I had my back turned to him . He did not reconize me at all . We walked out of the alise and by that time he was DIRECTLY BEHIND ME !!! I started talking to my friend . He realized it was me by my voice . I was waiting to see if he was atleast going to speak . When he didnt I turned around only to see him cutting through another alise walking real fast ... ( Remember he does not know I saw him do this ) My girlfriend said She know he saw me because he looked right at the both of us , ( Remember my back was turned to him ) So he thinks I never saw him. My girlfriend said " Why didnt you stop him " I really flored . I could not believe he would do something like that. We continued to exit the stadium , while we were walking we ran into some of the football players who told us that it was a after party downtown ( Oh they did win the game ) we exchanged numbers . After we left the stadium I was still upset . I wanted to call , but I know he wouldnt answer . My girlfriend said you know all the football players are gonna be at the after party so well catch him there . I told her that I didn't think he would come because he's not a club person . We go to the party and it was cool . My mind was still on him though. Right when we were getting ready to leave the players started showing up . We hung out with the one who told us about the party . Next thing I know His Brother/roomate walks in . Of course no sign of him though . We left , went back to the hotel . I could not sleep , I could not believe he would do that . OK ignoring phone calls/ text mess is one thing , but to just act like you never saw me ! That really hurt !!! The next day comes and were on the road going home . When I got home that's when I broke down . I decided enough is enough ! I was gonna just let the whole thing go and totally just stop speaking to him / cut all communication but I had to let him know that I saw what he did and it really hurt my feelings. I called him ( Of course no answer ) I could not leave a voice message because his mail box was full . so I sent him this Text - I was calling to let you know that I saw you at the game and I saw you dip out reall quick.. Now I would have called your **** out at the stadium but it was your school/workplace, it was not the right time and I would never do anything to embarrass/jepordize your reputation at the school. Now if I have done anything to upset/ offend you I apologize, but what you did at the stadium was **** up. I thought we were better than that. Friends don't do each other like that . I would never carry you like you carried me. Now let me know what's going on . Let me know if I need to fallback . If I don't receive a responce it will really let me know what to do because actions do speak louder than word and that is what you displayed yesterday " Of course no responce yet !!!!!! My girlfriend said I should have been more harsh. I thought what I sent was cool right ? I just can't believe he would do something like this considering our history . Weve known each other since childhood ! Iam soooooo upset about this . I ve been crying all day . But I know that I had to let him know what he did was not right . What should I do now ?

  • Right now I'm listening to Rock to the rhythm - by Lexicon while replying lol, so @scorpioinlove, it cracked me up when reading your comment ahaha I can just imagine you shouting NO ! to him hahaha

    Yeah.. i think i was just maybe pmsing, i dunno, i freak out when guys go all weepy on me, 😕

    Anyway.. i woke up today in a much better mood, and he seems the anxious one now lol

    But hopefully we can make that pass !

    Honestly, its like living with ten people in my head, i dunno which one i'll wake up as, and thus will never know what to expect for myself.

    Hence i need heaps of space in solitude, so i dont go all cerazzy 😕

    Haa did you not know scorp, that men love it when women go all mean on them !? They may whinge about it and do the lost, sad puppy eyes...... but i think it turns them on, mostly 😕 hahaha

    Ew at the standing upness though from the second french guy.. You know, just to switch things up, maybe you should do the french accent and approach someone, and see how that fares ! I can teach you a few sentences ! 😉

    @Kaplow.. jeeeeeezzzz that woman does not give up !!!

    yuck at your cancer.. ugh .. don't wait for him. Seriously. why are you giving him the option of "Hey treat me like S*** but just let me know why you're doing it "

    Cut the cord. You're much to blame as he is, for his cowardly attitude, because you LET him be like that with you. You need to look after you and remember what YOU are looking for.

    He will maybe learn the hard way or he will just hide back in his shell, whatever, thats his loss.

    But you.. ou gotta look out for yourself, and realise that it is ultimately your fault that a man is treating you that way. And it's only ever gonna stop, when you know what is good for you and act on it.

    Serious homework for all you girls.. watch "Hes not that into you". Its cheese on toast and everything. But it signifies a point. Blame my taurus for my knowledge of this movie.. did i mention he suggests alll the chick flicks you can imagine, to 'bring out the lil girl in me' 😕

    (it doesnt really happen.. but uhm, i get to see the lil girl in him lol - and then we watch creepy thrillers.. my kinda movies !)

    x o x o x o love and hugs x o x o x o

    ps @redleo hahaha yep i'm still here ! 🙂 hows your story !?! hows the three crabbies doing ? 😉

  • hey girls i also spotted this to the side.. uh -oh..

    "As the Moon shifts into emotional Cancer, we may be at risk for hurt feelings. Find out what else to expect and how to deal:"

    Ekkk.. be wary ! x o x o x ox o

  • Hello Girlies !! I am feeling a little bit better today ! I guess you do have to take it one day at a time ! Also it is the beginning of my Birthmonth !! ( I celebrate my Birthday for the entire Month ) Everyday I do something special for myself !! I hope all my girlies have a wondeful weekend .......xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • @ kaplow- just finished reading your post, Im so sorry you went through that with this jerk-off Cancer guy. Im thinking there still isnt any response from him right? Even if there was a response- under no circumstance can you go back to having any kind of relationship. He was disrespectful and mean. Agh! Now you need to take care of yourself and recooperate. So first things first- no more Auntie!! The lady is toxic..unintentionally...but still toxic! And if you are stuck with a situation you cannot get out of, I would mention that you are not too happy with her son. And it doesnt have to be all that mean, just an off hand comment "Oh I saw him at the game- but he dodged me which I thought was weird" or "Can you believe it Auntie, I think he saw me and walked by without saying anything, why do you think?" she will give him so much grief lol!!

    You are better than that, and you know it- you would never ignore someone who you've known most of your life like he did. Im glad you going to do something special everyday!!! Oh btw when is your birthday?

    @Ethereal- Nice to hear the taurus is still around and likes chick flicks!! I've only met one guy who likes chick flicks....the Cancer dude (his fav movie is "The notebook!"). Glad you are feeling better- I also get very weepy before my period, one time ( band camp lol) I tried to cook a chicken stew and it came out terrible and I burst out in tears, ah the joys of being a woman. Any plans for the weekend?

    As for myself, my Cancer guy was writing up text msg like I'd never seen before last night. So much Im inclined to say he must have been drunk but Im not sure. Anyway during that I folded and asked if he wanted to see a football game with me on saturday (at a bar). Of course he has a race on sat morning but said he may still be up for it in the afternoon......what do you think ladies? Another stand-up? I I took a preventative action and double booked. I asked the Pices guy if he wanted to go and he said yes. So i figure in my head 2 things may happen 1. Cancer guy is too tired and cancels in which I wont be bummed out because Pices guy will come or 2. Cancer guy does come and I cancel with Pices guy and tell him Im not feeling well (yes no more nice girl!).

    Now you may ask why am I choosing Cancer guy over Pices guy? When it comes to watching sports, Cancer guy is just so much more fun, and Pices guy not so much.

    Now heres the real kicker....I have a dinner to go to at night so whichever one does show up for the game I will kindly so goodbye after the game and go about my business :D. Yes I am feeling better and more in control. I figure let me use and stand themup before they do it to me!

    Wish me luck and have an awesome weekend!!

    PS redleo where are you?

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