Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi girls im new to this site but i been reading most of yall's post ( sorry TX native lol) i can relate to all of you all so i hope yuo all welcome me let me join in and give me some feedback im also dating a cancer man lol and they are very patient for sure and for me beiing an aries its a chalange lol but first @ kaplow i had a similar relationship as your but with a capricorn not a cancer so i think just men in general sometimes go MIA it dosent matter what sing they are.

  • I was dating this guy on and off for 3 yrs or so and i say on and off because he would do the same thing to me your cancer guy does to you we would be good and see eachother one day and then after that i wouldn't hear from him anymore for days, weeks sometimes months no calls no emails no nothing he would completly dissapear he wouldn't return my calls or text eaither and mind me that we live in the same city 10min away from eachother. Then out of nowhere when I was about to give up on him he would call or text me and say "Hi baby how whats up?" like nothing like we just spoke the other day or something UUUGGHHH that would drive me crazy but of course I wouldnt say anything because i was just glad to hear him.

  • Sorry girls im going to have to write several post because everytime i try to send a long post it wont let me send it and sorry for my typos lol either way with capricorn it was always like that and he was a big mommas boy i tell yall he sounds more like a cancer then a capricorn lol but finally after 3yrs i had to let him go he said he wanted to be with me but he was never there it was himself first, his job, his family, his friends, then maybe there was me. It was partly my fault to for not saying anyhting and being patient and for me being an aries thats abig deal lol but i finally got tired of it and lost my patients and had to let him go and focus on me insted of him. I figured why shoul i try go out of my way to spend time with him when he dosent even appreciate it or is even there most of the time when he is not there for me.

  • So yhea kaplow forget him its his loss not your its all about you now girl. So yhea for sure go to this game and have a great time rub it in his face that its not just about him anymore and that you are fine just with out him oh and if you see him dont ignore him say hi to him like nothing be very indiffrent that will trip him out lol he will do the same show no emotions but i hope his insides are turning lol SO enjoy hope to hear from you mon with the update OMG and that woman from your work forget her glad you told her that you should never settle for less she is the one that needs to raise her standars for sure!!! You allready did more than enough by being there all this time for him.

  • Hi Zizzlegirl- Welcome!

  • @ redleo hello, like i said im new but i been reading all the post and good for you for getting it of your chest what you felt to the cop lol im a fire sing too so I can realte it feels good when we let it out and i bet you he dosent even know what hit him i swear men like a tough sometimes when you are there for them they tret you like crap and when you flip the cards on them thats when they want to be there lol so keep it up dont bend let him see how it feels to be on the other side now lol

  • @ scorpionlove first off CONGRATS!!! on your baby best of luck for you and for the donor (lol that funny my friend had a similiar expierence and thats what she calls the baby daddy lol ) dont give up on him to quickly being a cancer that he is he is probably hading in his shel trying to figure things out so if he does come around and wants to seriouly talk to you at least hear him out you don loose nothing by hearing what he has to say. If not and he completly dosen't want to be there then forget him his loss not yours.

  • @scorpionlove I know it hard being a single mom not a mom my self but i have plenty of friends that are and have made it on their own so you can do it girl!!! specially if your friends and family are backing you up and you have the gov on your back too lol and you go with that frech gem i would give him a try go have dinner with him just to distract your self it always good to make new friends like i said you have nothing to loose..and you never know it might work out lol

  • Still @ scorpionlove again sorry for so many post like i said before since in @ wrk it wont let me send one long post at a time sorry : ( either way my freind got prego her donor lol skiped out then on her ex came back in her life wanting to get back with her she didn't want to at first she didn't know how to tell him she was prego thinking he wouldn't understand. but he did now they are married and he giving the baby his name : )

  • so see Scorp im not saying that necesarly has to happen with french gem but im just sayin there is still good guys outhere that dont scare easly wheter you are pregnat or not and those are the good dont give up on men just yet lol goodluck keep us posted

  • @ etheral27 hello i read your post i can totally ralate with all you girls goodluck with your taurus guy tonight or this weekind and i had a similar thing happen to me like with your gem with the emotianal pmsing thing lol i was dating a capricorn if you read my previuos post im done with that now im dating a cancer guy so we all need your and your bros advice on that lol its being about 2months and its great i really like him he hasn't gone AWOL on me lol but i do have to iniatiate most of the time to go out wich i dont mind doing being an aries lol but when i do he is allways there and when he cant he will tell me not just stand me up wich is good because that capricorn would do that.

  • back to the pmsing issue lol im really starting to like this guy and im starting to let my guard down and i hadn't relized it and one day we met at this club and it was all good and we were on the way back to his place and i statrted crying out of nowhere i didn't know why lol he was rally worried he thaught he did something or said something i said no either way i told him that maybe its because i really liked him and i hadnt felt like this in awhile he really didn't buy it but we left it a that and at least he didn't run he still in contact. but i was freaking out the next day on my own i thaught like you did etheral27 that i was falling for this guy lol then i got my period so it was just hormones lol

  • But i am really statrting to like this cancer guy so for this i need all of you girls feed back he seems to like me to but sine the crying thing even if he still there phisially i can tell he kind of withdrew a bit into his shell emotionaly. because he listened to what i said of how i felt but he didnt't open up him self its like i have to pushy the words out of him when it comes to his fellings wich i guess its natural for cancers but im also worried of being to pushy and scare him off so im taking it really casual right now.

  • but the thing is he is moving in a month or so to another state he has a better job offer so we allready talked about keeping in touch and maybe me going over ther to go visit him. but my question is should i tell him before he leaves that i i do really like him and that i would like to consider something more serious with him in the future wheter hw moves or not? but that i want to know if he feels the same so we can talk about it and try to figure something out since he is moving.. I really want to ask him now, but since the crying thing lol i think i should wait to maybe right before he leaves for sure what do you all think?

  • Im really dont want to let my guard down completly but i aslo want to know how he is feeling and you know cancer men they are so hard to read...i know i have to be real patient with him wich i guess thats the good thing that came out of the capricorn he thaught me how to be patient lol but any suggetions maybe your bro etheral27 has an aidea on how to ask him in a casual way with out being to pushy how he feels about me? I really dont want to wait as long as your scorp friend mellove for him to open up to me lol

  • Hope to hear from you all soon kaplow, redleo, etheral27, scorpionlove, and mellove sorry for somany post but i wanted to give all of you my feedback and get yours that way we can help eachother out so i hope yall read all my post lol ill be posting mostly overnight that when i work and i use computer here i dont have one at hm now 😞 got a virus. so have good weekend and ill definatley drink for one for each one of you all tonight lol Talk tou yall soon :0

  • Zizzlegirl,

    Welcome to a place where extraordinary people frequent.;-) Have you been into astrology for long? I ask because often an Aries/cancer relationship is tricky business. I'm married to an aires and have friends who are aries. However, I think it works because i have a lot of air and fire in my chart and the aries i'm close to have a lot of water or earth signs in theirs. Even with that in our favor, the relationships i have with these bold, fiery, mars people are not laid back or easy! They are exciting,adventurous and push limits of understanding. Lol.

    So, i guess my question to you is..Do you know what both you and this cancer guy are looking for in a relationship? If you think you are looking for similar things then please get your charts done. Honestly, it will give you a lot of insight into what you would both be in for. Remember water can douse a flame and fire can evaporate water. Good luck

  • Zizzlegirl-

    I think my biggest concern right now would be the fact that he's moving to another state next month. Is that something that you think you would be able to handle if he were to tell you he had feelings for you today?? Would you want to be involved in a long distance relationship? You, very well may, it's just a question, and something to seriously consider. I have to say, I REALLY wish I chilled in my situation and let my cancer man know how it was he felt.... I'd probably still be waiting, but I think my point is, things happens in their own due time...

    Mellove- I wish I knew about the water/fire thing a little earlier.. I think I definitely evarorated the water with my fire....

    Girls... I know that I am emotional right now (having a little monthly visitor) but in reading everything everyone has posted... it sounds like basically I was just impatient in my situation. Which makes me second guess myself and everything I did... Wondering if the 'can we just e friends for now' statement is becase I was too fast & too furious (note to zizzlegirl). I can totally be reading into this too much... but what to you think? Maybe I'll feel better in a few days when Aunt Flo

    I cannot wait to get updates from everyone!

    kaplow- um, update on the game please!

    ethereal27- how was your weekend with taurus boy?

    scorpionlove- how are you feeling? all ok?

    TTYL 🙂

  • Grrr i totally wrote HUGE messages to each of you, and my computer crashed !!! 😧

    I'll try to remember everythign and type it all again ...ahhhhhh ! E-LIFE !

  • Lol firstly,

    @kaplow hahah what redleo said "speaking of which, what's up with his mom??? Making all of those weird inuendos??"

    To me, his mum sounds rather

    1- controling, 2- oddly suspicious, like as though she knows of something, or else what an odd specific interest to take hey ? 3-Kind of nosy, and ahhh.... let me explain my point of view..

    (You see with my brother and I, i still havent had a chance to speak much with him, he works late hours at the weekend and i party all weekend LOL

    Hes a lil off with me atm, because of some unnnessary(not to mention exaggurated) crude gossip that a gemini ex of my scorp bestfriend has been spreading to my brother about the hottub night, to make him think i was up to no good that night. What a nosy jerk, firstly, and wow some people sure know how to stay bitter their whole lives hey.)

    I'm sure my brother will get over it, he always does.. but hes been veeeeerrrrryy moody with me this wkend, hahaha i've just laughed it off. So instead, hes been trying to get me in trouble with my mum(a capricorn)...whom still nags nags nags at me at any given chance.

    So mature of him... sigh its a good job that my cup of care is currently empty. _/

    Anyway, what i wanted to say was my brother rants and raves about his relationships to my mum, bragging mostly. And she, being quite controling, will use all of her tactics up to keep her nose in his business as much as she can help it. She attempts this with me too, but with much less success cause I was always more of a daddy's girl, than a mummy's girl. That part was my brother's role lol. My brother will whinge and whine how he hates that she is so controling etc when hes not getting his own way, but he at the same time, milks it for all its worth, wittering on and on to her(when he feels like it) about girls hes dating, whilst noone will ever be good enough for her golden boy who can absolutely do no wrong. And I'm sure he loves stirring the drama and having the attention ! So basically... point being, to show you what a relationship betwen a cancerian and his mummy is like.. They love to wallow.. and have feity mood outburts..when things arent so peachy for them...causing mummy to want to make it all better for them.

    Sure he has his mum looking out for him etc, but you're not his mum to cotton his fall when reality hits for him that you have wants and needs also, and high standards to boot too. Its the real world.. and his mum can't go around attempting to settle the score for him. I wish people would respect YOUR needs here in this particular situation. What about what YOU want and deserve !

    Good on you for catching someone to go with, and it sounds like you're in for heaps of fun awaiting, and not to mention great seats ! As though it were simply destined to be !

    Life has its quirky ways of working out, you know.. look for the good, rather than focusing on the bad and the past... just keep moving to the future.. Time waits for no woman, nor why should you ?

    🙂 I hope you have heaps of fun, Its sure calling your name ! Go for it !! BEEEAAAMM !! x o x o x o

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